Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Conceal Me

I got a package from Sedona Lace this morning.  I opened it and found my 10 camouflage concealer palette, which I have been lemming for,  and 2 mineral foundation jars. 

I finally have a concealer palette that has a whole bunch of colors! Nice for different needs. Lighter colors to bring out the brightness in eyes, darker colors to contour...or even to get artistic!  I've been talking about how I want to get more creative with my looks, so this will come in very handy. 

I want to give mineral foundation another shot, especially since it is summer so thick coverage isn't too comfortable for wear in the heat.  Since my skin does seem to be a bit more oily during this time of the year, mineral foundation probably won't feel so drying on my skin. I also wanted to give it a shot, since the last time I ever purchased a mineral foundation was from Bare Escentuals, and this was before they removed a certain ingredient that would make my skin itch.  Other than that, I loved the mineral foundation...and so, I had to give Sedona Lace mineral foundation a shot.  I love all of their other products, so I know they won't disappoint.

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Here's to more looks!


Products sent complimentary of the company.


  1. I love your reviews on Sedona Lace. Esp. the metal palette. I've been wanting the metal palette from coastal scents but its expensive espeically with the shipping costs, thanks for the promo code now I'm going to have a metal palette too! You're the greatest :)

  2. can't wait for more of your amazing looks ;-) I think I might just indulge on sedona lace products!

  3. ok you makes me want to try it =^^= and the wonderful blush you got from mac too by the way =^^=

  4. aww want this but they are out of stock :(

  5. i actually got the coastal scent version, looks the same... anyways its a decent concealer - i like it for my makeup kit tho.

  6. thats a great palette to have. hmmm maybe i'll try the mineral foundation too. it's too hot for foundation so i've been using concealer around my eyes and on blemishes then dusting a matte powder all over. it works pretty well but maybe the mineral foundation will give more of a finished/polished look...


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