Friday, July 30, 2010

Lime Crime

"So bright it's illegal"
Lime Crime cosmetic's has been on my radar for months.  Ever since Doe Deere, the creator and mastermind behind Lime Crime cosmetics, launched her Candyfuture lipstick line, I was all about it!

Check them out on the Lime Crime website HERE!

The package came in an adorable bright blue box with green tissue paper neatly holding my lipsticks in place.  For as far as the eye could see, Doe Deere goes all out to gain your satisfaction.  These are very appealing from opening the box, to uncapping the tube!

Inside the green tissue paper lay three lavender lipstick boxes. Adorned with a unicorn, since Doe Deere, Queen of Unicorns, favors these mythical creatures who are as wondrous as the colors you get to choose from when shopping this line. 

Melt my heart with cuteness!
Holographic unicorns!

I love the packaging! Adorable lavender tubes with holographic unicorns and Lime Crime spelled across one side. 

From the website:

In typical Lime Crime fashion, this lippy is bursting with pigment for criminally bright, opaque results! Smooth, creamy formula is long-wearing but won't dry out your lips. Luscious low-sheen finish can be worn alone or played up with clear gloss. Each lipstick comes in a bright purple tube adorned with a holographic unicorn - the ultimate accessory! Lime Crime lipsticks are not tested on animals and PETA-certified cruelty-free.

From left to right: Contessa Fluorescent, D'Lilac, No She Didn't. 

Contessa Fluorescent

Contessa Fluorescent is a super bright neon pink ready to give you a Malibu Barbie pout.  The color is very opaque, as are the other two lipsticks.  Lime Crime prides itself on the opacity of their lipsticks, and they should be.  The colors are extremely bright, and the creamy texture gives your lips full coverage within a few swipes.  I would compare the texture and formula to MAC's Amplified Cream lipsticks.  This color can stain your would any lipstick that has a lot of pigmentation in its formula no matte what brand the lipstick is made by.  MAC's lipstick in Gladiola or Russian Red also stain lips, so to say this is a con for this product would a ridiculous opinion.  If you look for deep and intense color, you have to deal with the payoff.  Slightly stained lips until you wash your face....big deal.  


D'Lilac is a beautiful opaque true lilac shade.  A very creamy and easily applicable formula which completely covers lips to a full color within just a few swipes.  This color does not stain the lips. I didn't notice any staining.  The color payoff is incredible and the lilac shade Lime Crime has created is wonderful.  

Maybe it isn't a color I would wear to go to the grocery story, but certainly something that is nice to have in your stash...never know when it may come in handy.  It would be spectacular for a photoshoot!

I compared this shade to my previously purchased StarGazer #115 and noticed that the Lime Crime is a bit of a deeper color and is more opaque, which blew my mine because I ad already though the StarGazer was opaque.  This should give you a good idea about how opaque these lipsticks are.  Lime Crime lipstick color pay off is no joke!

2 Swipes up and down each.

No She Didn't

Who can resist! I just had to have it.  Blue lips are not the norm, and of course, even I am not daring enough to wear this our of the house...but it doesn't mean it won't look insanely interesting in photos.  

Raquel Reed, an icon in the makeup world, has reached to Lime Crime when it was time to shoot some jaw dropping photos with "No She Didn't" on her lips. 

It's a shade of blue that isn't too common even in the unusual makeup realm. It' something that Lime Crime must have taken a while to come up with.  A bright neon blue...appealing and eye catching. 

The color payoff is great and the opacity is also very satisfying.  I could not be any happier with these three colors.  The lipsticks are not drying, but just like any lipstick, if you find them to be drying, you should apply a lip condition beforehand.  MAC, Avon, and EOS make great and affordable lip conditioners which don't come on to thick or reduce color payoff from lipsticks. 

They smell so good too, just like MAC lipsticks.  That vanilla scent is so familiar and charming.  Definitely a nice detail added to these lipsticks.  It shows that Lime Crime has taken the time and effort to go a little bit farther. 

Lime Crime is very easy to get into contact with.  They have numerous e-mail accounts on their website as well as an active Twitter account and respond to queries, comments and questions very promptly.  Their customer service is also very responsive. 

I can't wait to do creative looks with these!

Product: 5 out of 5 - I love the color selection and the formulation
Packaging: 5 out of 5 - who doesn't love lavender tubes and holographic unicorns
Price:  $16 a tube
Where to buy?: on the Lime Crime website

Post update: People need to get over the Lime Crime controversy.  I've seen all the negative reviews, no need to link them here.  They all sound too personal, as if the person has something within a need to make Doe herself look bad. I have found nothing of the similar nature to be wrong with this formula of lipsticks. People complain of them staining lips...what do you expect from pigment? Pigment stains human lip because our skin absorbs anything that is put onto it.  If you have a problem with this, you should stay away from makeup because even if you wear a color that doesn't look like it stains your lips, it does. I even compared a StarGazer lipstick to the Lime Crime and they were completely different in formula, so the rumor of Doe Deere repackaging lipsticks is thus, just a rumor...and a silly one at that. As far as repackaging mineral eyeshadows, nobody knows this as a fact. Even if they say they do, they don't. Doe gets personalized in her cosmetic line, and people seem to take it out on her. You are entitled to your own opinion, and you have heard mine.
Disclaimer: products were sent courtesy of Lime Crime for consideration. 


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lilac Lips

We've seen them on the runways and on our beloved Lady Gaga, but they can be hard to get.

Lilac lips have been somewhat of a trend lately, with many people who wouldn't dare, and other new age trend leapers who take the leap into color.  Walking into Sephora or MAC,  you won't be able to grab a perfect true lilac lipstick which will give you an opaque and rich lilac shade, but don't be discouraged, because they do exist!

Lilac itself has been a color of choice for many designers to display down the runways and shove into stores.  It seems the lightened version of the royal purple is what sparks interest in us in 2010. 

Searching the web there a few lines which carry true lilac lipsticks, along with plenty of other fun colors:

Lime Crime sells an opaque lilac shade in their lime of lipsticks called "D'Lilac" (which is on it's way to me along with 2 other colors, for review).  The line also carries a pinker and darker shade of lavender called "Airborne Unicorn" which is said to be a perfect dupe for MAC's Lavender Whip, so if you missed out in Lavender Whip, this is your chance to grab the shade. 

Another line to sell a perfect true lilac shade is StarGazer, a UK based line which produce such fun and affordable lipsticks in many unexpected colors.  Besides the lipsticks being at such a low cost, the quality doesn't suffer at all, in fact the #115 (Lilac) shade I had purchased is a wonderful texture.  You can take a look at, or buy StarGazer lipsticks at  

Revlon recently launched a lilac shade of gloss within their line of Super Lustrous lip glosses. The shade is called "Lilac Pastelle", and even though it does have a hint of pink, it can give your lilac lips a more wearable look, if thats what you want. 

Stargazer #115 & Revlon "Lilac Pastelle"

When I bought the StarGazer lipstick, I expected shipping to take a while, but my package got to me a lot sooner than expected.  In fact, Amazon UK still insists that my shipment will get to me on the 29th, but it's already in my hands...and on my lips.   

I purchased from seller, "The Pea's Knees", which also have their own website aside from Amazon UK.  

The entire purchase was 7.25 pounds which convert to around $11 US dollars, $6 of which went to shipping and handling charges. 

The lipstick came in perfect condition, and inside it's own box. 

The color is a true lilac, by true I mean that it is not a pink version of lilac, but rather the color itself, and what you see in the tube is what you get in the swatch. It's a creamy finish and has a very nice color payoff.  

You can see the creamy finish of the lipstick.

I expect the Lime Crime lipstick to be a little more opaque, and give more color finish, which would take a bit away from the creaminess...but thats ok.  Usually when you go for a brighter color, you want to have that solid coverage, and it's only a matter of science, that the more you put into something, (in this case it's pigmentation), the more you have to take away from another aspect of balance it out.  I'd sacrifice a little creaminess for opacity, since you can always create a comfortable finish with gloss anyway.

Compared to MAC's Lavender Whip

Lavender Whip is a darker and pinkish lavender.  It's nothing like a lilac.  Something that most people in search of a lilac lipstick try to avoid is that pink undertone.  

Swatch of the two, side by side. 

This post will have a part 2 with Lime Crime's "D'Lilac" lipstick, along with plenty of photos from looks that I do using lilac as lip of choice.   

If you have been on the hunt for a perfect lilac lip, 
I hope I've helped in your search!  


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Every thread of Gold

"As every thread of gold is valuable, 
so is every moment of time"

This week has been all about gold.  Gold holds up such a strong and large spectrum in the metallics realm, so I wanted to try out many different variations. My last 3 posts have included variations of beautiful golds, so I've dedicated this week to golds. 

Photos taken in sunlight (above) and with flash (below)

I didn't film a tutorial for this look simply because I was in a hurry to get it done, take some photos and be on my way to enjoy the Saturday afternoon with Jerrid.   Of course, I changed the lip color from the gold to a neutral nude using MAC's lipstick in "Peachstock" and wearing a MAC Monochrome gloss  over it, but using the gold gloss was appropriate for an artistic touch in the photos. 

I'm slowing trying to learn how to get into that crease, and so far, I'm using slightly darker shades and a fluffy eyeshadow brush to get in there, which gives me plenty of margin for error.  I'm hoping to one day cut that crease like a pro, but since it's a tricky maneuver, I know it will take time. 

I also brought the lid color all the way up to the brow towards the front, because that's been kind of a trend that been going around.  You can see a lot of this type of makeup in music videos now, especially being used by Lady Gaga. 

Fo this look I used my Sedona Lace 88 metallic palette.  I have a wide variety of golds in there, so I wouldn't turn anywhere else. 

50mm F1.4

What I Used:

Smashbox PhotoFinish Primer
Revlon ColorStay in #330 Natural Tan

MAC Gingerly blush to contour
MAC Stereo Rose MSF as highlight

A variety of different shades of gold and bronze from the Sedona Lace 88 metallic palette.
   - Yellow gold for the lid
   - Bronze for the outer V
   - deep bronze for the crease applied with fluffy eyeshadow brush
   - pale gold for the highlight
L'Oreal Collaged infused mascara
La Charme 747S lashes
L'Oreal liquid eyeliner atop lashes

MAC lipstick in "Semi-Annual" (LE)
No name lipgloss in gold.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Conceal Me

I got a package from Sedona Lace this morning.  I opened it and found my 10 camouflage concealer palette, which I have been lemming for,  and 2 mineral foundation jars. 

I finally have a concealer palette that has a whole bunch of colors! Nice for different needs. Lighter colors to bring out the brightness in eyes, darker colors to contour...or even to get artistic!  I've been talking about how I want to get more creative with my looks, so this will come in very handy. 

I want to give mineral foundation another shot, especially since it is summer so thick coverage isn't too comfortable for wear in the heat.  Since my skin does seem to be a bit more oily during this time of the year, mineral foundation probably won't feel so drying on my skin. I also wanted to give it a shot, since the last time I ever purchased a mineral foundation was from Bare Escentuals, and this was before they removed a certain ingredient that would make my skin itch.  Other than that, I loved the mineral foundation...and so, I had to give Sedona Lace mineral foundation a shot.  I love all of their other products, so I know they won't disappoint.

Remember to use my promo code to get $4 off your entire purchase!
Enter code 'katrinalomidze' at checkout!

Here's to more looks!


Products sent complimentary of the company.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Golden Age

I want to thank everyone who has subscribed to my YouTube Channel and has supported my venture into the video community.  You have all made the experience a total pleasure.  I will be recording another video; about whatever, sometime this week.  I'm so exciting about filming now, and just glad that I finally have my first video out there. 

I have really found a lot of inspiration recently, and will be expanding my horizons with looks that may not be as wearable as my previous, but will be fun to look at, I promise.  I just put in a large order for props, wigs, gloves, and other costume accessories on a costume website.   I even have an order in for Derma wax and fake blood, so be ready for some gore. (To prepare you for Halloween!)

This week has been all about gold for me.  Every time I open my palettes, it jumps out at me. Not a bad color to deal with when you want something quick and easy.  Gold is flattering to any skin tone, is a metallic which is easy to blend, and brings out your natural warmth. 

The photo I posted was a failed video tutorial...there was no sound to it.  Golden Smokes.

The photo was also taken with my camera settings on vivid colors...I HATE that setting and was done shooting my pictures when I noticed. Vivid color setting takes away from the quality of the image just to make your photo have more contrast...hence you look more orange, and the photo isn't as high def.  Contrast isn't good for will darken some spots and lighter others making your skin look uneven and discolored, even though it is not.  This can make your skin look horrible.  It also made my eyeshadow look...greenish? Boo. 

Just a little tip to taking photos....if you are wondering. 

Take your portraits on portrait color settings.  If your color is too washed out, you can always edit it back in using free internet programs such as Picasa or Photobucket.  It's easy, and it's FREE!!!

It just wasn't my day...technically

What I used:

Smashbox PhotoFinish Primer applied all over the face
Revlon ColorStay in #330 Natural Tan - A+ full coverage foundation/found in any drug store.

MAC Blush in "Gingerly" - used to contour cheekbones
MAC MSF in "Stereo Rose" - my new addiction. 

3 colors from Sedona Lace 1st edition palette
   - Light yellow gold applied all over lid
   - Black to blend outer V and crete "smokey" look
   - Pale gold to highlight under brow bone.

MAC Lipliner in "Subculture"
MAC Lipstick in "Hue"

If you were lucky enough to pick up Stereo Rose from your local MAC, or if you were lucky enough to grab a hold of it within the first 2 hours of it launching online (since it sold out in that time), I bet you're loving it.  I was never a big fan of MSF's and in fact, whenever I did buy one, I would return it the second day.   I hated the greasy shine they gave my face, especially since I find that Revlon ColorStay doesn't really need to be set with any powder.  I would prefer to add color to my face with a plain powder, like a Smashbox or Cargo bronzer that has absolutely no shimmer or sparkle to it. 

Stereo Rose is a color I have a hard time sort of peachy and pink, but has a weird sheen to it.  It's not shimmery, and it's different than other MSF's in the sense that it blends so nicely with your natural skin texture without making your pores look like a turtle nesting area.  I love it. 

I will also be giving you a detailed review of the Sedona Lace 88 Metallics palette with photos of the colors so you can get a good idea.  I also have the 10 pan camouflage concealer palette on the way from them...can't wait to get it!

Looking to buy from Sedona Lace
Save $4 off your entire purchase by using my promo code! 
Use code 'katrinalomidze' at checkout!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Golden Goddess

I checked the mail and had a pretty packaged box waiting for me by the door.  As soon as Sedona Lace launched their 88 metallics palette, I was all over it.  Metallics are so easy to blend and manipulate on your eyelid, perfect for a quick put together.

The first color that popped right out at me was a deep golden orange.  I wanted to do a look using that color, and I did.

The color reminded me of the first peachy golden rays of the sunrise.  Perfect for summer.


A cute detail to the lips, adding a stripe of oranged gold to the middle of the bottom lip.

What I used:

Smashbox Photofinish Primer
Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation in #330 - Natural tan

MAC MSF in Stereo Rose (LE)

3 colors from the Sedona Lace 88 palette
    - Metallic orange
    - Bronze
    - Light gold
NARS cream eyeliner in Onyx
L'Oreal liquid liner
L'Oreal collagen infused mascara
La Charme false lashes. 

MAC Lipstick in Semi-Annual (LE)
Brushed a stripe of the orange eyeshadow down the middle of my lip.

This look is very easy to do.  Dealing with metallics gives you plenty of room for error. 

I also filmed a video tutorial for this look.  Excuse the horrible quality and sound...this is my first video EVER...of many, so please bare with me. 

I hope you've enjoyed!


Product sent complimentary of the company for consideration.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Despite horrible lighting from the sun, hidden behind a cloak of dark clouds, we continue.  I continued, posing affront my bedroom window longing for every ounce of sunlight to illuminate my skin and be captured with every snap of the shutter.  

It's been a gloomy past week here in South Florida.  Not much to do, only because there isn't much want to do.  It's so easy to forget the whole world out there when you seclude yourself and consume your world with minuscule home entertainment. 

I'm wishing to go far, far the mountains of Peru.  To feel my feet land upon that soft green grass of the ancient ruins. To smell the moss, wet with dew, around me.  To feel the healing powers from the turquoise and quartz that grows beneath. To breathe in the cool, crisp air and feel replenished with life. 

So, I've been inspired.  

I found two colors in my Sedona Lace 120 palette that made a perfect match to my handmade Incan style earrings.  I finally found these earrings after digging through my stash for hours, which is a tough endeavor when you have a 1 year old helping you. 

The darkness from outside made it tough to take photos.  I usually se the natural light from the sun to light my portraits, but this time, it was tricky because I had to use a much longer exposure and boost the ISO, which isn't very flattering.  The lighting was horrific, and so, the photos aren't my favorite, but fit into the persona of this post. 

What I Used:

Smashbox PhotoFinish Primer
Revlon ColorStay Foundation #330 - Natural Tan - 
Foundation was applied all over face with foundation brush and then patted and blended in with a stippling brush, both from the Sedona Lace 12 brush kit. 
Avon concealer stick in medium.

MAC Blush in Gingerly.  I've been obsessing over this blush lately, its so perfect!
Blush is applied to shadow of cheek bones to contour and shape the face. 

3 Colors from the Sedona Lace 120 1st edition palette. 
2 aqua shades and a silver to highlight. 
Colors are blended using a soft and long bristled eyeshadow brush, also included in the 12 brush kit from Sedona Lace. 

L'Oreal Colagen enhanced mascara - Blackest Black
L'Oreal liquid liner in black
NARS eyeliner in Onyx
La Charme falsies in #747S
FreshLook Color Contacts in Ice Blue - they look Greyish.

MAC lipliner in Stripdown - blended in with finger tip
MAC lipstick in Close to Real (LE)
MAC Monochrome lipglass (LE)

Stay inspired!