Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spotlight on Talent - Jeff Creech

We humans are blessed with 5 senses that primarily rule our world. Each sense has it's attractive and unattractive features. We can feel touch, soft touches and rough ones. We smell delicious scents and unwelcoming odors. We hear relaxing or motivating tunes as well as shrieking and alarming noise. Our taste can lean us towards sweets or the preference of salty steak for dinner, but its our visual sense that I will be focusing on.

Visuals are very important to us. Just opening our eyes in the morning to the bright sunlight of the sun and being inspired to accomplish something for that day. Seeing the bright blue summer sky or the dull grey of winter. Vivid colors that can each set their own moods. Everything is a visual.

Photography captures these visuals. Some of them that inspire us, some help us remember, some set a certain mood, or just promote a product...they all have a meaning.

We're all familiar with the saying "A picture says a thousand words", and there you have it.

Photography is one of the finest forms of art. A form that many appreciate from the outside and many find a knack for participating within.

I recently found a deep passion for photography within myself, and after making an investment for a camera that can expand my horizons, it only deepened my passion and opened the door for me to explore a whole new world.

Back in college, Jerrid and I were surrounded by a countless number of talented people, one of them being Jeff Creech, a numerously publish photographer, who took his steps in college shooting the football team along with other sports teams at our University events.

Here are some of his shots of Jerrid during games.

Seeing how far Jeff has come since our college days makes me proud. This guy went to my school and he's published on the cover of plenty of car mags on the racks of big name stores!

If you think that's good, you should see his commercial work for products like food and beauty stuff. Simply amazing.

He even gives an entire tutorial on the shoot and photoshop he does to the photo on his blog.

Head over and check it out at

Look out for more work from the amazing Jeff Creech!

Hopefully that sparked some inspiration in you as well!



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