Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Relived! - Part 1

Memorial Day is the day we all take off from all of our daily rituals and routines to settle down and remember those who have perished for the sake of our safety. We are thankful for their lives which they have given up so that we can enjoy the things we do on a daily basis and never realize the cost.

We are thankful and we will never forget.

Down here in South Florida it gets rather wild. South Beach hosts the annual Urban Beach festival and there is always a large show out of people from all over. This is the time when they let it all hang out...literally. If you ever thought South Beach was ridiculous on a regular Saturday, you'd be surprised at what goes on during Memorial Day weekend.

Jerrid and I drove down to see what we could get into to, maybe grab some lunch. We knew we would run into some people we knew, and Jerrid spoke to a few friends who were coming down.

These photos are from the first half of our day.
I will have photos from this night coming up tomorrow!

Prepared for the trip, even though it's just half an hour.

I-95 South

Strange makeshift local cruise. Party boat, ahoy!

Driving over the bridge.

Stopped at a red light we look over at the attention grabbing car parked at the gas station. I pull out my camera to snap a photo of those obnoxious rims and then this happens! The car had some liquid fountaining out of it! The owner was soaked in that stuff.

Then we also ran into this shuttle at another stop light. Couldn't quite figure out the point of it and then settled on it being a place where you could cheat on your spouse. The back of the bus read "Checked in Friday morning. Used a fake name. Drank wit a local. Danced with a stranger. Ate something delicious I couldn't pronounce. Partied like a rockstar. Slept like a baby". The whole "fake name" thing made me assume it was some kind of sleaze spot. The models on the side of the ad even had their eyes blocked out. Anonymous creeperosity. Sick.

The crowd.

Finally parked. Outside the lot.

I had a lil' Captain in me...it was that exciting to find a parking spot.

My sombrero saved my life!
It was hot as balls and that hat shaded me all day. Coy but cute!

no comment...
I had to pixelate it and make it work safe.

The car that just passed them, looking back. Just to make sure they did see what they saw.

Jerrid has his own way to show off.

Right on Ocean they had a Memorial set up.

Family members signed the symbolic tombstones.
The ages were all so young. It breaks your heart to see.

Thank you all American heros, those who have fallen,
and those who are still fighting in the name of freedom.



  1. love the pix!! i just got a nikon also and im soo excited!! how do u get the blur effect on the backgrounds of your picture?? its really nice!

  2. happy memorial day!! looks like the hott couple had a good one ; )

  3. Looks like you had a pretty exciting holiday. Very nice opening and reminding us why we celebrate this day.

    I absolutely love the pics, was this the D90?

    Could you also share the make-up used for your day look? Lovely as always.

  4. Thanks guy! Yes I love the D90! I havent gotten mine yet, but have been using a neighbors of ours. It's great but different than the D3000, much more powerful and I now have a lot to learn about it.

    Shabie, you have to set the aperature on the SLR. Or you could just zoom in, the aperature will automatically adjust.

  5. Hizles, I just had eyeliner (NARS liner in Onyx) and foundation along with Angel lipstick. Oh and of course mascara!

  6. you look adorable in the sun hat = ]

  7. love the shots of you in the hat, you look adorable! x

  8. Looks like fun and the D90 looks like a great camera. I'm thinking about buying the other one you had the D3000. Its in my price range and your photos looked wonderful. I cant wait to see part 2!

  9. That's so crazy! I was in Miami from last week Thursday to Sunday and I saw even more crazy nonsense! I didn't take any pics of them cause I didn't know how I could get away with it (people not seeing me)...but all in all I had soo much fun!

  10. Lauren. the D3000 is great. You will love it. It is a beginner DSLR so if you want more low light performance with a higher ISO it may get a bit grainy. I would have stayed with the D3000 but I'm upgrading to get more out of the specs..the guts of the camera, I've always been satisfied with the photos.

  11. LOVE your shorts!! Where did you get them?

  12. love the pics and the sour patch lol! u two are such a great looking couple.
    i was showing my man that car blurred out pic when u put it on twitter because he wanted to go to miami.. and i told him "see this is what you missed out on" LOL!

  13. yea.. ill try to play around with the aperture... what lens are you using? I'm not to fond of the kit lens.. btw, thanks soo much for the advice!!

  14. I heard to stay far away from Miami on Memorial day.... All the fools from ATL trek down & act a damn fool. I refer to them as "y'alls cousins"... Ask Jerrid about "y'alls cousins" they are the other black folks that are acting a fool that we don't want to be associated with, lol.
    P.S. That bikini hoochie mama stole your hat :p

  15. i had seen that memorial setup the weekend before--had to do a double-take, as I had forgotten the holiday weekend was coming up. Looks like you had fun :)

  16. you are so gorgeous and it looks like it was a crazy day out there on South Beach.

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