Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mama Africa

Sugah Clothing, a new and hip clothing line designed with the streets in mind, and add a little bit of that Dancehall flavor.  I instantly fell in love with the designs after hearing about them. 

Here is one of the designs I got, out of 5

...the Africa tank.  I love it!  So simple, but tells such a deep and rich story.



  1. Three posts in one day. i am in heaven. Your so beautiful.

  2. The lighting of the third picture is incredible I love it !!!! You look stunning as always =)

    Go Africa !

  3. great outfit. i really like the headband.

  4. You look so HOT!!! Great outfit!

  5. Wow girl, you look so GORGEOUS! I can't get over it <3 I've been hella happy lately because you've been on a roll with your post haha.Your definitely one of my fave blogs.
    I've been looking for your baby blog (hope you still have it) I would love if you can link me.


  6. that's the first time i've seen a headband like that look good and i think it's because you don't have it over your hair! it's different and it works, yay = ]

  7. Thanks for sharing mama Africa nice lovely pics in these mama Africa was looking so beautiful little bit sexy and romantic i like all pics.

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