Sunday, June 6, 2010

Junebug Boogie

Feeling those kicks in your belly is something you will never forget, and joking about how now my baby kicks me in the head hadn't really gotten to me until his birthday finally came. He's 1! A whole year has flown by since the day that I first laid my eyes on him and fell in love in an instant.

My little Junebug!

JJ had his own personal cake to himself.

Make a wish!

JJ had a blast.
He tore up his cake, opened and played with presents,
and knew it was his day.



  1. The last picture is priceless it is too adorable for words...Happy Birthday JJ =)

  2. gorgeous baby! The cake is so cute too.

  3. You look beautiful, and you son is soooo cute!!

  4. JJ is so cute with the cake all over him. Happy first bday to him.

  5. Awwww! Happy 1st Birthday JJ!

    He is absolutely precious! I think his own little cake was the sweeeetest idea. I have never seen anyone do that before. I bet he must've felt extra special <3

    And you look gorgeous in the picture!

  6. awww Happy Birthday!

    looks like he really enjoyed his cake lol

    Auntie Kendall

  8. lol love that last pic. happy bday to him!

  9. tooo cuteee :) happy birthday JJ!!! ur such an awesome Mommy Katrina!: )

  10. Love your makeup in this pic (what eyeshadows are you wearing?)

    Happy Birthday JJ =)

  11. You have such a cute little boy :) Happy Birthday!! I like your eyes, very expressive!

  12. I really admire you for being such an amazing & doting mother! Little JJ is really going to appreciate seeing all of these pictures as he grows older! I can tell that he had an awesome 1st birthday!

  13. Hi Katrina! I love your blog and you really inspired me to create one. If you get a chance, pls check it out and let me know what you think! I could use some pointers! Thanks <3

  14. Hey there I just nominated you with an " Stylish blogger award" check it out =)

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  16. haha, I am in LOVE with that last picture. I can't believe it's been a year myself, I still remember the blog posts that you announced you was pregnant you kept it quiet for a good while.

    He's a lucky little boy.

  17. Love your makeup here! Love the touch of glitter on your lid! Can you do a tutorial soon?? thanks :D


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