Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I felt electric today, not hot like red, or cool like blue, but perfectly in between in an eccentric purple.  Spiritually alive and mysterious, purple evokes the queen within us.  No wonder Cleopatra had a strong liking to the color.

I turned right to my brand new 120 color Sedona Lace eyeshadow palette and started swatching purples until I landed on two that I just had to blend atop my lid and create a super purple rockstar smokey eye.

This was my first time trying the Sedona Lace palette and it's marvelous.  The color payoff is great and the color choices are so wonderful.  The purple I chose was a purple to similar to MAC "Stars & Rocket's" but deeper in payoff since the MAC eyeshadow is pretty sheer in comparison.  The black also worked great as a blender to create the smokey eye, and I had plenty of other purples to blend in to the middle to give a very neat gradient.  I chose to use two different colors as a highlight, simply because I did have the option to, and to brighten up and tone down the metallic of the usual silver highlight.

No flash...the Lavender Whip lipstick really shows.

Matchy matchy nails

The colors used from the Sedona Lace 120 palette marked with a star.

What I used:

Smashbox PhotoFinish Primer
Revlon ColorStay Foundation - #330 Natural Tan
Applied with Sedona Lace foundation brush and duo-fibre brush to blend. (12 brush kit)

MAC Gingerly bush to contour
Buy here - Mac Cosmetics Sheertone Shimmer Blush Gingerly
MAC Springsheen blush to highlight
Applied with Sedona Lace blush brush from 12 brush kit.

Sedona Lace 1st edition 120 palette - 5 colors used. 
NARS cream eyeliner in black
Shiseido mascara topped with MAC Zoom Lash mascara.
Elf Falsies
All applied using brushes from the Sedona Lace 12 brush kit.

MAC lipstick in Lavender Whip (LE)
MAC Viva Glam VI Special Edition (LE)



Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sedona Lace Cosmetics

Avid beauty blog readers will be likely to see Sedona Lace, a new colorful make up company taking over the blogosphere.  Sedona Lace may very well be a small company as of yet, but big things are sure to come quickly.  I was lucky enough to be sent two of Sedona Lace's best selling items for personal use and review right here on my blog.

This is just a quick photo post to give you an idea of what the products look like and a short overview of Sedona Lace as a company.  I have yet to really be able to use the products on myself so my review so far will be very basic.  Your eyes are in for a treat though!

To start, I was sent the beloved 120 1st edition eyeshadow palette. The palette is very sturdy and the shadows are bigger than the Coastal Scents 88 palette shadows. On the website, and from reading a couple of blog reviews on it myself, the colors are said to be extremely vibrant and can be applied both wet and dry.  A definite plus! 

Buy here - www.sedonalace.com

The palette opens up to show one of the two palettes which is stacked atop the other one.  Neatly, to ensure that colors stay in tact and don't endure wear from being shut or carried around drastically.  A little ribbon, and divot are located on one side of the palette to make taking the above palette out and placing it neatly into the ridges of the cover, to form a two faced palette and exposing all 120 shades. 

The second product I was sent was the adorable 12 brush kit which is adorned in pink! It's like they made this with me in mind...I can keep dreaming.  The brushes feel so soft and put together nicely, even adding a great duo fibre brush for that airbrushed foundation finish. No brush kit is complete without a foundation brush and duo fibre brush. 

Buy here - www.sedonalace.com

Neatly packaged


Products sent complimentary of the company for consideration.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eyes like green leaves.

I went for something new today.  I felt green. Unlike my usual hazel colored eyes, I wanted to finally pop in my green colored contacts which have been sitting in a box stashed away in my drawer for months, they were brand new, so don't worry.

The day was gorgeous, the sun was out, and the grass is holding on tight to it's green before the heat eventually gets the last laugh.  In honor, I looked through the world with my grass colored eyes. 

How cool these contacts are...I may go for a turquoise or blue tomorrow!

I paired my shiny green eyes with a gorgeous peachy lipstick - MAC Pleasureseeker from the Spaced Out collection. I underestimate this color too much, it's perfect. 

(Sunlight & flash)

(Artificial light & flash)

I wore a bright blue romper as we three set out, one which I had originally bought to wear in Vegas, but couldn't resist the cuteness that stared back at me from my closet. (Romper from Forever 21)  Before we headed to where we were headed, we stopped to take some photos in the warm light of the sun. 

and in the shade...

My Makeup:

Revlon ColorStay #330 - Natural Tan
Avon concealer under the eyes

MAC Gingerly blush to contour
buy here - Mac Cosmetics Sheertone Shimmer Blush Gingerly
MAC Spaced Out blush to highlight

MAC Black Tied to line
MAC Melon pigment
MAC Femme Fi to highlight
Ardell #105 lashes

MAC lipliner in Subculture
MAC lipstick in Pleasureseeker

FreshLook Contacts in Gemstone Green.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mama Africa

Sugah Clothing, a new and hip clothing line designed with the streets in mind, and add a little bit of that Dancehall flavor.  I instantly fell in love with the designs after hearing about them. 

Here is one of the designs I got, out of 5

...the Africa tank.  I love it!  So simple, but tells such a deep and rich story. 



Let's Get Serious

I was recently introduced to a new skincare line from a good friend of mine.  She recommended Serious Skincare as a woman who is experienced with results from different products and found this particular line to be very gentle and pertain to her needs.  

I am always up to try new things, so I gave Serious Skincare a chance.  She recommended the Glycolic Cleanser specifically as something that stands out among the rest of the line of products.

The Glycolic cleanser is a creamy cleanser that I use to melt away my dinginess at the end of the day and is the perfect cherry on top of my cake.  Of course exfoliating twice a week is also an important key in glowing, smooth skin. 

The Serious Skincare Glycolic Cleanser, which is oh so gorgeously photographed by me above,  if I do say so myself...is one of a kind. It is very gentle yet strong enough to be super effective without leaving your skin dry.  The Glycolic Acid in this product is activated by water and has a low pH balance.  You also have a choice to rub this product on dry skin, leave it on for a few minutes and wash it off, or just wash it off instantly.  

According to the website: (www.seriousskincare.com)

Refresh and renew your face on a daily basis with Serious Skin Care Glycolic Cleanser. The oil-free formulation is extremely gentle and suitable for any skin type. Utilizing a low pH for deep-pore cleansing, the Glycolic Cleanser dissolves and dislodges the cellular glue that contributes to abnormal buildup of dead skin cells leaving your skin clean, fresh and healthy looking. Use morning and evening. Each order includes one 12-ounce bottle of cleanser in a convenient pump dispenser. About Serious Skin Care... The Serious Skin Care line of skin care, beauty treatments and color cosmetics are developed by our team of Cosmetic Chemists, formulators and the SSC Management group, along with Jennifer Flavin-Stallone, to address a multitude of skin care needs. From adolescent to adult acne, fine lines and wrinkles to dull, sagging skin, Serious Skin Care offers a cosmetic solution. Discover a new way to treat your skin, at any age, any stage of your life.
This gentle oil-free cleanser is suited for almost all skin types. It can be used both morning and night or in conjunction with any of your other treatment products. This cleanser helps to remove the build up of dead skin cells which can dull your complexion. The low pH balance and natural glycolic exfoliators make it perfect for deep pore cleansing, dissolving and dislodging the cellular glue that contributes to the abnormal build up of dead skin cells. 

Serious Skincare can get pricey and is not as easy to find since it is usually hosted on HSN, but there is a chance that you can come across the line at your local skincare store or beauty supply.  You also have the choice of buying a variety of sizes of this product at increasingly lower prices as you get lower in size...duh. 

Overall, perfection in a bottle and a must-try. 

Buy here - http://www.seriousskincare.com/the_cart.asp?compid=1&tid=178


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Melrose Mood

Live life, bright.

Today I felt funky.  I skimmed my lipstick collection and just rubbed on the brightest color I could find.  A bright pink looked just right and the hot pink packaging of the lipstick just made it all feel complete.  

Contouring cheeks is my new thing.  
Makes your cheekbones pop!

What I used:

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer 
(buy here - Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, SPF .98 fl oz (28 ml))
Revlon ColorStay Foundation in #330 - Natural Tan

MAC blush in "Springsheen" 
(buy here - MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush Springsheen)
Contoured cheeks with MAC blush in "Gingerly"
(buy here - Mac Cosmetics Sheertone Shimmer Blush Gingerly

Avon eyeliner in Black
Covergirl Colossal Lash mascara

Jordana lipliner in "Nude Rose"
MAC Lipstick in "Melrose Mood"  (Limited Edition)
MAC Dazzleglass in "Sugarrimmed"


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spotlight on Talent - Jeff Creech

We humans are blessed with 5 senses that primarily rule our world. Each sense has it's attractive and unattractive features. We can feel touch, soft touches and rough ones. We smell delicious scents and unwelcoming odors. We hear relaxing or motivating tunes as well as shrieking and alarming noise. Our taste can lean us towards sweets or the preference of salty steak for dinner, but its our visual sense that I will be focusing on.

Visuals are very important to us. Just opening our eyes in the morning to the bright sunlight of the sun and being inspired to accomplish something for that day. Seeing the bright blue summer sky or the dull grey of winter. Vivid colors that can each set their own moods. Everything is a visual.

Photography captures these visuals. Some of them that inspire us, some help us remember, some set a certain mood, or just promote a product...they all have a meaning.

We're all familiar with the saying "A picture says a thousand words", and there you have it.

Photography is one of the finest forms of art. A form that many appreciate from the outside and many find a knack for participating within.

I recently found a deep passion for photography within myself, and after making an investment for a camera that can expand my horizons, it only deepened my passion and opened the door for me to explore a whole new world.

Back in college, Jerrid and I were surrounded by a countless number of talented people, one of them being Jeff Creech, a numerously publish photographer, who took his steps in college shooting the football team along with other sports teams at our University events.

Here are some of his shots of Jerrid during games.

Seeing how far Jeff has come since our college days makes me proud. This guy went to my school and he's published on the cover of plenty of car mags on the racks of big name stores!

If you think that's good, you should see his commercial work for products like food and beauty stuff. Simply amazing.

He even gives an entire tutorial on the shoot and photoshop he does to the photo on his blog.

Head over and check it out at

Look out for more work from the amazing Jeff Creech!

Hopefully that sparked some inspiration in you as well!