Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ocean Tides

Don't grow up too fast...
you just may forget how much you love the beach.

Summer is creeping in very quickly here in Florida. The temperatures have gone up and the sun is beaming down it's rays, kissing our cheeks and leaving our shoulders tender to the touch. You can forget how liberating it feels to bury your feet in the sand and watch the waves wash upon the shore, wiping away the stresses from your mind with each sound of a swoosh. Even with the beach just down the street, it becomes lower and lower on the list of "to-do's", but with the summer just around the corner, it's climbed back up to the top.

JJ took an immediate liking to the beach, and how could he not. We feared that with his curiosity, he would sneek some sand into his mouth for a taste, but our clever boy knew not to, and instead is very careful while playing with such intense focus. He fascinates me.

Those who know me, know that my third eye stowed away with us. Here is what we saw.

Old Navy flippies.
Most likely the best flip flops, and even better since they cost about $5.

All shots taken with my 18-55mm kit lens and the camera set on Manual with no flash.

His shirt says it all.

Action shot.

Sandy toes!

Daddy & JJ.

Fan man flying high in the sky.

I've been promising more posts on photography. I'm not pro nor do I know jack-sh*t, but I try and when I do happen to come across something I think it pretty valuable info, I like to share it.

I'll try to keep it as simple as I can and without the obnoxious pish posh photography language.

I recently bought and returned an external speed light flash that I thought would be a great investment for me at the moment, but found it to be a bit much for the kind of photos I was looking for. I did manage to squeeze a couple of good shots out of it, and with that I had ended my review of the item positively, but for now, I can do without it.

Photos taken with flash pointing up towards the ceiling, allowing the light to bounce off the ceiling and light my face in a more natural and appealing way than a straight on burst of flash.

In a small space (i.e. these photos were taken in a car), the flash worked great, but for a larger area, the flash did not perform to par. I may drop a few extra bucks and go for the big daddy flash (SB-900) over the SB-600 that I had to take back.

More will be coming soon...
with better details!

I don't want to stray off too far from from my post showing off my personal photos taken from our day at the beach :)



  1. I love your pictures Katrina! I think you're pretty good at taking great pix :) Alsoooo, I am so happy to know I am not the only fan of Old Navy flip flops out there! Yay! Aren't they so comfortable? I love them. Hate to say this, but they are MUCH MUCH better than Havaianas which I also own and don't wear anymore since I found these ON ones :)

  2. always love your photos.. i want your camera! i need to save up

  3. your camera takes great photos! i love the ocean too...:)

  4. beautiful pictures Katrina! Your skin is amazing!!! What foundation if any do you use?

    Im a follower of yours and new to makeup blogging and would love if you could check my blog out as well if you like :)


  5. Hi Kat! ohh, nice camera.lovely skin and make up =D gorgeous as ever

  6. I miss the beach!!! I like didn't look at a map when I picked Atlanta... There's NO water here
    Give JJ 1,000 kissies from Auntie Kendall!!!

  7. The photos are great! JJ is so cute. You are truly blessed having a family like this!

  8. aw your family photos are wonderful!
    and your skin is flawless. =)

  9. you look hot, Katrina!! and your family is perfect :)

    Hope you find the right external flash :D

  10. beautiful beautiful pictures... I can't wait to take Kailei to the beach. I love reading your blogs... you have a beautiful way with words as well as photography. <3

  11. you and your family are gorgeous : ) and your boy has such a cute mischievous grin! LOL going to the beach this summer sounds like a great idea...

  12. Ahhh JJ is getting so big! Gonna be a muscle man just like his daddy! So when is photography by Katrina gonna be up and running!?


  13. The sandy toes shot is beautiful. Old navy flip flops are the best I'm going to get me a pair this weekend. lol

  14. I love your photos - I also believe I need photography lessons because my photos don't look close to what you've shown.

  15. I just wanted to say that I really love your blog! I love reading it because it has everything from makeup to photo posts, & I like that you talk about some of the newer technology :)!
    Thanks for sharing your blog!

  16. your baby boy is adorable :) and lovin the close up shots u have such perfect skin!

  17. hi katrina! lovely photos at the beach. i was just wondering, have you considered purchasing 2 sb-600 flashes? they would give you more flexibility than having one sb900 for about the same price!

    just a thought!

    xo jo alittlereverie

  18. I have...but the sb600 is not a very good flash. I hated it. It doesnt reach as far as it says when I compared it to the sb900. Id rather get 2 sb900's when I want to than have the sb600.

  19. Your pic would make a beautiful ad!

  20. Your skin is incredible! skin care post please!


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