Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pretty Pink Pout

Jerrid and I went to go see Sex and the City 2 tonight. A group of my friends were coming as well, and even though we all decided that we wouldn't get all dolled up, I still wanted to throw on some makeup. I've been on a beauty hiatus lately, mainly due to the heat, but laziness also played a role.

With the afternoon sun, I found perfect lighting to snap some pics.

My makeup consists of:

Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation in #30 Classic Tan

Mark After Glo blush
Mark SunGlo blush mixed together.

MAC Bronzescape all over lid
MAC Black Tied eyeshadow on outer V crease
NARS cream eyeliner in Onyx.
Avon Astonishing Lengths mascara
Revlon self-adhesive lashes

MAC Lipstick in Angel
MAC Dazzle Cream in Perfectly Unordinary

How was the movie?

It was fabulous, none the less from the chic foursome from New York. Of course you do have to walk through the theater doors with a sense of humor, because Samantha is on a roll in this one.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tech Talk - MacBook Pro 13"

I've become a bit of a geek lately with all my technological obsessions. I value it beyond entertainment and find it be a fitting piece in our technologically growing puzzle that is Earth. Whether it be photography, which I find so precious, or computing to edit these photos, store them to cherish forever, or just keeping in touch with friends via social networking sites, it's important for me to get the most bang for my buck.

I thought about it long and hard.

Should I get a Mac?

It felt like such a groupie thing to do. Everyone drools over the aesthetics of a Mac, but for me it was going back to an old friend. I grew up with a Mac. My first computer was a large framed gigantic desktop that I played Nickelodeon games on using the AOL internet free trial CD's to access. I was probably no more than 7 when I got it. We used them at school, and so it was the cool computer.

Of course, time went by, and more and more computers came and went through our household. we probably went through hundreds. Who hasn't. I had plenty of Mac laptops, PC desktops, and was accustomed to using the layouts in either one with ease.

Since my recent obsession with photography sprouted into a full blown daily necessity to me, I figured it would be a good idea to upgrade back to a Mac and use the design aspired specs to help me out with getting my photos to where they needed to be, if they weren't already straight out of the camera.

So here it is...

The buying process is easy. You go in, listen to the sales pitch, deny all the extra add ons, and get sent out with a sleek and pretty box. Very appealing! It's nice to walk out the mall or continue shopping holding your pretty white box. You feel eyes on you...hoping you set your white box down and walk away from it so they can have a field day and run with it. Apple's done a fine job with their marketing...very mouth watering to the consumer.

What's in the box?

The computer is very safely packaged. A thick layer of foam sealed to the top of the box protects your MacBook Pro from any bumps that may incur on the trip home. The neat packaging get a bit obnoxious, yet so intriguing. They care this much for the beauty of it, beyond just the body itself.

Thick foam padding

In the box you will also find a few rebooting CDs in case your MacBook goes hectic on you, which shouldn't happen as long as you don't go hectic on it yourself...who knows what wackiness some like to download. The good thing about having a Mac is that you have much more of a safety spectrum when it comes to downloading. Since Mac users do not make up the majority, many viruses and trojans are not created for Mac's, but be aware that they do exist, but you have less of a chance of getting them. If you are a smart downloader, you should remain safe no matter what, so make sure you stay safe, always read user comments if they are available, and ask around if you are not sure. In this day in age we are all so connected you are bound to get helpful advice even just asking your friends!

MacBook Pro 13"

  • 2.66 GHz
  • Intel Core 2 Duo
  • 4GB Memory
  • 320GB Memory Slot
  • SD card slot
  • Built in Battery
  • Uni-body Aluminum frame
  • NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics
Price - $1,499

There is a cheaper option at 1,199 also available with slightly less GHz and less GB of memory (240).

The MacBook pro has a uni-body aluminum frame. The batter is not removable, but instead is built inside the uni-body frame. This gives the MacBook a sleek and slender yet powerful look. It looks like it can handle a few bangs, yet, you would never want anything to tarnish it's perfect build.

Aesthetics - 5 out of 5

Driver ports located on the left side of the laptop.

The MacBook pro 13" comes with drivers which are compatible with numerous pieces of hardware such a printers, cameras and so on. 2 USB ports allow for accessibility to use 2 accessories at the same time without having to surrender a port while in use. You have the choice of using your Ethernet port or built in AirPort wireless. Apple also included a slit for SD cards to suit us digital savers, for easy on the go photo or document importing, or to give us a break if we can't access our camera import cords.

Battery charger port.

A fun and very modern idea Apple added to the MacBook Pro was a magnetic Battery charger port. The battery charger piece actually snaps right into place magnetically once placed within close range of the port. Makes charging your batter a fun task.

Want to know how much your battery has charged without opening the screen and waking your computer from sleep mode? You can now access that information with the press of a button. On the left side of the MacBook Pro, towards the front of the computer is a button that when pressed, lights up a battery charge status bar.

Simplicity and compatibility - 5 out of 5.

Battery Life

Apple promises 10 hours of battery life on a single charge with the MacBook Pro 13". With this said, they seem to keep us from the fine print. You may be able to get 10 hours worth of juice on a single charge, but you would have to use your laptop offline and with your screen brightness set at 50%. So unless you need to research online or fool around on Twitter, you'll be able to access and use all your internet free programs within said time frame, saying you set the screen brightness down.

Regardless, the batter life is still outstanding. You can get up to 5 hours on a single charge using the screen at 100% brightness and working online. I haven't actually timed my play time online before the battery goes into reserve, but I don't think I've ever stayed online for anywhere near 5 hours anyway.

I've never used a computer that had as long of battery life, or longer than this, so it's outstanding.

Battery life - 5 out of 5.

Large Mousepad

One of my favorite features on the MacBook Pro is the large and in charge mousepad. It doesn't look like it but the bottom half of the mouse is clickable, and you are also available to the option of enabling both a right click by clicking the right side and accessing a typical right click menu, and left click, by clicking the left side of the mouse pad button which also does the typical click. A long way for Mac's which were so limited with the no-right click curse they suffered through for so long. CTRL & click had just become too much of a hassle and it's nice to see that it is now replaced with an easy to click and clear clickable solution.

Built in iSight camera

Every single Mac comes with an iSight webcam. No worries whether or not you would have to make a Wal-Mart run for one, especially in our age where Skype and iChat as well as numerous other video communication programs are so prevalent and for some, the only way to communicate to loved ones for long periods of time. You always want the best and in good lighting, just like any other camera, your loved ones will be very happy seeing your gorgeous face clear as day! Of course it can get grainy in low lighting, but its nothing to worry about, it's a webcam, it will always be limited, and your loved ones will love you still.

The MacBook Pro, as with any other Mac product, comes with PhotoBooth, a fun and wacky photo taking program which works hand in hand with your built in iSight webcam. Photobooth gives you many fun options for your pictures. You can get really silly with gooey flexions of the photo to squish your face, stretch it, change colors and backdrops, and so much more. It's fun and definitely one of the many programs that can have you hooked for hours.


Backlit Keyboard

This should be standard on any computer. One of the best and most useful tools ever invented, a backlit keyboard. Now you can type in the dark. The MacBook Pro has a built in light sensor that knows when the lighting is low enough to allow the backlit keyboard to light up, without wasting any extra energy by constantly staying lit, even in substantial lighting. You can adjust the brightness of the keyboard by the easy accessible F5 and F6 keys to lower and brighten the lighting.

This gets a 5 out of 5 hands down.


I love my MacBook Pro. I'm glad I decided to get it, as random as a decision as it was, I instantly fell in love with the computer and back in love with the OS X layout. I had to get used to the slight bit of a saturation to the colors, but I find it to be more of a pro than a con. When editing photos, I like to steer clear of over-saturation, so a slight saturation base start can keep me from over-saturating a photo and making it look more on the orange side.

My rating - what can I say, I'll give it a 4.7 out of 5. It can tend to be a tad bit slow while browsing online. Pages do take slightly longer to load than on my previous PC, but I will let this slide. It's nothing to complain about especially when having to wait for literal minutes for a page to load back when I was a kid and using AOL trial CDs to access the internet.

Another reason for a score lower than a perfect 5 is the price. It is expensive and if you want to be fancy and get accessories for your MacBook, you are looking to spend a good amount of money. Of course it is worth the price, the build and power you are handed all bundled together in the uni-body aluminum frame is fantastic.

Another quality of the MacBook which is both good and can be bad is the super glossy screen. It really gives a high tech feel to the computer and is much more durable than the matte LCD screen that was on the previous model, it can be tough to view in high lighted situations such as in direct sunlight as you would experience outside.

This laptop is both technically and aesthetically complete for anyone and any need. Design, photography, or just average Joe Shmoe stuff, this really is a fine machine! You will find your money well spent.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Favorites

Just thought I'd shoot my photo of the day of the three items that I have been using like crazy. MAC lip conditioner in Feelin' Good, Lipstick in Peachstock and lipglass in Florabundance. I dunno what happened but my other nudes are washing me out lately, maybe because I'm working on my tan and seeing improvements! Peachstock is a touch of a darker nude, love it!

I'm working on my review of my new MacBook Pro as we's a sneak peak photo!


J-Work Limited Re-Vamped

Photographed by DT

14 days until the launch of J-Work's new website featuring new designs, new updates, and more fashion for you. Looking for a tee to help you stay stylin' on those jean wearing days or father's day gift for your man or even your youth seeking dad, get them a funky and crisp J-Work tee!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sachet Cache

Today was beautiful. My family and I went to the park to join in and celebrate JJ's buddy Eli's first birthday party. JJ's is coming up soon and we have lots of planning to do, but most of the basics for the party are taken care of already. It's gunna be a personal affair.

The sun was beaming, the mosquitos were biting...and I have proof of both of these. A nice golden tan emphasized by some beautiful big red itchy spots and since I'm allergic to these bites, they look so much more fabulous! Ok, joking. The tan looks great, but the bites are making me itch my skin off. I'm holding back, but it's hard. Have you ever heard of the X trick? You use your nails to dent an X into the middle of the bite. Works for a good 2 minutes, then you're back to square one.

Bring on the hydrocortisone.

JJ had a fun time. He ran around in the bounce house, ate some burger, and played with some of the other kids.


It was a Mickey Mouse themed party, and thus we learned that JJ can spot a bad costume. Look at him clearly not approving of this Mickey.

JJ does not approve.

I invested in another lens. Since the 55-200mm was such a disappointment, I just couldn't waste my money on another slow lens, especially since I really want my low light photos to come out better looking. I threw my money into a great portrait and macro lens - 17-70mm F2.8. I can't wait to get it in my hands...just up to the post man to get it to me safe and sound. We don't appreciate the post man like we should...goodies don't just appear at our front doors!

I'm working on my review on the MacBook Pro. I'm blogging on it right now, LOVE this thing. Much more powerful than any other Apple computer I've ever used, and being a PC girl for so long really made me miss the simple Apple layout and navigation. I still switch between the two, but I'm loving this computer all around and the battery life is outstanding.

Ok, ok, on to the beauty stuff.

SkinCareRx sent me a press cache which includes some of their best selling items in sample sizes. I haven't given most of them a try yet, but some of them have been smeared onto my face.

Here they are, take a look.

I'll post some short reviews on them when I get to know the product a bit better. So far, I've used the Peter Thomas Roth lotion and an eye cream which I had not zeroed in on in a photo.

You can always head over to and check out their lineup of incredible and award winning skin care products, even the most exclusive!

I'm off to bed. Jerrid has been gone for the weekend on business. He's coming home tomorrow and I can't handle him being away from me like I used to.


Friday, May 21, 2010

A quick "How'd Ya Do"

Just a quick hello and update.

Had a few setback with the blog since making new plans. Dwayne and I are going to collaborate again for another shoot and blog template remodeling. I feel like this layout is great for fall/winter, and now I need to update to introduce and welcome summer! (the most popular season). I want something very light and I'm stuck brainstorming most days.

Being so used to posting at night, it's been hard since I've been such an early nighter lately. I always assume that it hasn't been so long, and then I realize that a whole week just flew by. Boo me!

Summer is here. After coming in from the hot sun, even A/C doesn't help cool you down soon enough, so I've gotten hooked on these natural fruit sherbert scoops inside of real fruit shells. They're very tasty and pretty much guilt free. Costco, where else.

That's about all that's going on right now.

I still need to get started on my MacBook Pro review along with a review on all the goodies sent to me from SkinCareRx in their press cache.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

One with the Earth

Spending time together as the sun goes down beyond the horizon is a memorable experience. Just watching the minutes pass by as you have fun together in the saturated light dancing upon your faces. Camping is one of those experiences that brings you closer together as a family, as well as making you as close to the earth as many of us urban dwellers can get.

The tents at the campgrounds.

Inside the teepees and we realized why no one really camps out in them.
Better hope it doesn't rain.

These odd looking green sort of vegetation ends up growing into a very unusual flower.

With still no idea what it could possibly be.