Sunday, April 11, 2010

Swatch & Such - MAC Peachstock

I did such a good job convincing myself that I didn't need anything from the Give Me Libery of London collection from MAC, but somehow I ended up wanting Peachstock so badly, I just had to have it. I guess I can blame all these other bloggers who ended up getting the color and swatching it, making it look so perfect that I needed to join in on the fun.

Strangely, it hasn't sold out at any MAC store or booth that I have visited recently, but the other colors have...hmm. I would have thought Peachstock would go first, it's lovely!


Peachstock is a matte peachy comes on as a nude, much lighter than Brave New Bronze (from Style Warriors), but more of a wearable shade than most find Fleshpot (Heatherette or Pro) to be.

Swatch it out

It's been a while since I've showed off my fabulous lip hair in an up-close and personal lip swatch! It's so liberating...the perks of being human!

If you missed Peachstock from this collection, have no fear. It's a Pro color, so all MAC Pro stores will carry it. No need to go pay ridiculous prices on eBay for it, unless you specifically want the packaging for it...which holds no shame, we have all went to the depths of our wallets to have that lipstick packaging of our dreams! Like I said though, I have not found this color to be sold out anywhere near me, maybe its a different story by you, but it never hurts to try. I know there are a few MAC Collections coming out in the future that will suck me dry for a while such as the MAC To the Beach Collection (shown below).

Will be released on May 27th.
I'll be there, credit card in hand!

Ok, ADD aside, back to Peachstock.

The's perfect. Great for tan skin tones as its a very wearable nude that doesn't give you concealer lips or wash you out. I'm sure fairer skin tones may also work with this color. I really liked wearing "Brave New Bronze" when I was paler, and this is a lighter shade, so I think it could work, but it's not as pink toned, so it may look very bland.

Let's compare Peachstock to Brave New Bronze

Peachstock (top) Brave New Bronze (bottom)

I have Florabundance lipglass lined up for an upcoming swatch!

Till next time...

Keep those kissers puckered up!



  1. i love my Peachstock!!! I will also with my plastic when the MAC To the Beach Collection comes out!

  2. I'm glad you got Peachstock, I think everyone needs it! I've been loving mine, or maybe more like obsessing with mine since the day I got it! It's just perfect, looks beautiful on you as well! :)) Can wait for MAC to the beach collection, how will we wait til May??

  3. I'm a huge fan of Peachstock too and can't believe I almost didn't pick it up with this collection. I am glad it's a pro colour as well, in case I ever run out. Love this!

  4. Peachstock is pretty! I havent bought it yet..i think i should!! & im so excited for the beach collection! I already have a list of what i want! hopefully ill have enough money for all these spending i do! hehe

  5. Both are great nudes. Peachstock kind of reminds me of Nars Belle du Jour- which is my go-to color. I ♥ the packaging for the beach collection!

  6. I didn't pick up Peachstock, I will have to take a second look! Great swatches!

  7. I loveeee peach stock it's so pretty!


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