Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Friday

Just a quick post...

As most make their way to church to pray and make their amends to the ultimate sacrifice that was made for us, we also attended and had our quiet moments to pray and be thankful for all that has been given to us.

It was a beautiful day, as have been the past few. Finally the showers stopped and the sun came out to play. Florida is Florida it feels like it.

Time to rotate the closet...just like you rotate your tires, you bring your summer clothes from the back of the closet to the front, and vise versa with the winter clothes.

It was another one of those no-makeup was A) too hot, and B) too early for me to care, and since I've got so many sweet comments from you lovelies from my last post where I went to dinner bare faced, it's given me a pretty big boost of thank you and I love you all!

Don't fear though...I won't stop the makeup posts, even though it seems like I've slowed down on the blog so much, I'm still trying to update as much as I can...just been a bit busy lately. JJ is walking now!! It's like he's skipped walking and went right into running so he is ALL OVER the house! I'm such a proud baby boy is growing up! I'm snapping photos of him like it's my job...and really, it IS my job since he is my precious baby!

I also made a tasty yogurt pie (recipe courtesy of ...Love Maegan one of my favorite blogs). You can find the recipe on her blog HERE and make it yourself for Easter Sunday. It takes 5 minutes to make, tastes wonderful, and is healthy! You can use any flavor of yogurt or pie crust that you like. I used Strawberry yogurt and shortbread pie crust. I will make another one for Easter Sunday since this one was gone so was a hit at my house!

Here are some pics from today...

Talking to the neighbor...

After dinner we stopped by Orange Leaf, which is a sister chain to Yogurtland. I've become addicted to the "tart" flavor. I'm not a sweets fan but tart is like the ultimate flavor for me. It's like a plain yogurt taste with a little bit of a sour and sweet punch...but just a bit. It's perfect!

You can't really see the yogurt cuz I jammed fruits all over it...

That place makes a killing too...look at the trash can right outside.



  1. Hi Katrina. Your hair is so gorgeous! It reminds me so much of Kim Kardashians hair. But I bet you get that a lot huh? Anywhoodles, have a great weekend sweetie!

  2. You look gorgeous!
    The yogurt sounds heavenly and looks that way too :)

    Happy Easter!
    ♥ Michelle

  3. Looking fabulous with or without makeup you are such a natural beauty.


  4. I'm loving the bare faced look. You look gorgeous. Cherish every moment with your baby boy, it goes by so fast. I feel like mine were just born yesterday and they are not 14 and 9!! You can NEVER take enough pictures. Love the white tank and purse. Where did you get them, if you don't mind me asking. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  5. gorgeous even without makeup! =]
    cute bag and i love your hair

    awww @ JJ walking!!
    we haven't seen pics of his adorable chubby self in a while =[ lol

  6. Thank you so much everyone...there you go again with all the sweetness! Makes me want to go bring cookies over to your houses...ahh I love you girls.

    Yeah, we were at church and JJ touched the holy water...and its like he literally skipped walking and went right to RUNNING back to the little pool of holy water so he can splash lol

    Nicole, thank you so much! That tank is from Old Navy! I love was like $15 bucks.

    The bag is a Balenciaga city...(my moms...its pretty worn. Balenciaga now has kind of gone down the toilet...the bags they make are a lot crappier in quality. The color is castagna. The other browns just seem out of whack...castagna is like the perfect brown! lol

  7. I love all the yogurt places popping up around here, there's one called SweetGreen that also serves all organic custom wraps and salads. In the summer it's my one stop place for lunch, I add a double serving of Mango (super tart, not gushy and sweet) and one serving of strawberries to my yogurt). The line is ridiculous, you wait at least 20-35 minutes to get food/yogurt there, but it's well worth it!

    Lovely bag! Sometimes I feel my older ones are the one's I prefer to carry around.

    Honey, I know the bare face all too well. I practically go bare faced every day to work...haha.

    Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend, love!

  8. If you look like that without makeup, why would you ever wear makeup? Isnt makeup to enhance your looks and make your skin appear better? Your skin is so flawless already.

  9. 1. You do look gorgeous sans makeup!

    2. I'm so glad you made/loved the yogurt pie! It's SOOOO EASY, right? I mean like 5 minutes. Our is almost gone too ...I'll have to make another one for Easter.

    Happy Easter Weekend!

  10. It's wonderful to see someone as beautiful and blessed with such a wonderful family and friends and life - give all of it back to Jesus. What an inspriational post, I love your heart and how you incorporate your relationship with God into such an AMAZ(NG beauty blog.

    Like I tweeted. *YESSSSS* another Trina post! I've been waiting! Have a wonderful Easter, and although I do miss your beauty posts A LOT A LOT - it's great just to see you and the fam and your camera is BANGIN!

    The food you take pictures of is exactly what you said "food porn" - maybe share some recipes with us? Especially with your figure I would LOVE to know how to make some of the things you cook and eat.

    Love it all!
    Bond Girl

  11. Gorgeous Katrina! And I'm sure we all understand how precious these moments are when your son is at this stage. They grow up sooo darn fast! Can't wait to have one of my own some day. hehe

  12. Happy Easter darling!!! Much love to you and the fam :) Love Maegan still remains a daily stop for me :) Loves it!

  13. Your purse is so cute, and that yogurt pie recipe sounds really yummy :) Happy Easter!!

  14. Are you the same ethnicity as Kim Kardashian?


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