Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where's your Sleeve

For centuries the left side has been associated with evil. It is said that most ghosts are seen if you look over your left shoulder. The devil is associated with the left and usually portrayed as left-handed. Throw salt over your left shoulder to ward off the evil spirits. Wedding rings worn on the third finger on your left hand is to ward away the evil spirits according to Roman legend.

The right symbolizes "male", while the left symbolizes "female".

So there is femininity in exposing the left shoulder. Usually one shoulder dresses and shorts are left exposing the feminine left shoulder. Oh how naughty designers can be.

This weekend was a good friend, Marlene's birthday and Melissa, Jerrid and I went to to Atlantic Ave. in Delray Beach to try out a new Thai spot she wanted to eat at. I love these girls like they are my sisters. They basically are since they are the my best friends.

I wore my new one shoulder white dress that I had received from my sponsor, Hot Miami Styles. The dress is so chic and feminine and hugs your curves. They sell out of sizes fast! I was sent a large because they were out of sizes and I had to get my tailored to fit. They have this dress in both black and white. Also keep in mind that if there s ever a dress you h ave seen on a celebrity and must have, Hot Miami Styles can make it for you! Just contact them and let them know the dress, they may be able to create it and shoot it your way and quickly. Remember to use code "KATRINA" for free shipping on all of your orders!

Dress - Hot Miami Styles
Shoes - Betsey Johnson

None of us were ready to take this photo...

The sisters

We ate at House of Siam down Pineapple Grove on Atlantic.

The waitresses wore pretty traditional gear.

Dumplings & spring rolls for appetizers.

Fried brown rice and chicken.

Chicken Pad Thai

My fried white rice and chicken.

I was in Thai heaven, and felt pretty guilt free since it felt so light. Not greasy like usual Thai can be.
I hope you all had an amazing and fun filled weekend.

Stay glam.



  1. Great post!!! You all look fantastic and the food looks delicious!! I love your dress & shoes!! You should take close ups of your shoes when you do outfit posts ;)

  2. I love the white dress! I have a very similar one shoulder dress except its in black...I wish I had one in white! White is hot! You guys looked amazing and I LOVE Thai food!!

  3. Lovely dress, looks good on you!


  4. You and your Friends look stunning ! Your white dress is just FABULOUS! and these Betsey Shoes are so CUTE.

  5. You look lovely! That dress looks fits like a glove on your body! And thanks for the mini-history lesson in the beginning of the post. Lol, I never knew all that. :)

  6. you look so pretty in your white dress. Your friends looks so pretty as well ^_^

    yummy food post.

  7. you look gorgous as always and the food looks delicious!

  8. that thai food looks so yummy :)
    and u look beautiful in this one shoulder dress its nice <3

  9. Aww you and your sisters are all so cute, ya'll all have that same nose CUTIES! A close up pic of your shoes is a great idea when posting lotd type stuff. How is your weekend going girl?

  10. haha thanks Darling V, but those are not my sisters...well they basically are since we have been best friends for so long. I grew up with these girls, but they are sisters...I'm just the wannabe-sister hahaha

  11. u look gorgeous!!
    omg im s jealous!
    ur betsey johnson shoes is fabolous!

  12. i love the white dress on u ,really nice !!!
    u look pretty
    xo mw

  13. I love the dress! & the off the shoulder trend <3 it's so sexy yet not too revealing. I like your makeup too, wish you took a close-up though =]

  14. Fabulous pics!! I have almost the same shot of Chicken Pad Thai from a couple weeks ago (trying to keep up with Project 365). The thai food looks very yummy and the dress is fabulous!

  15. You all look gorgeous.

  16. FOOD PORN!!!! I love that dress!!! I can never wear white!! I always get a finger smudge or mess it up before I leave the house :(
    I'm a LEFTY!!! When I was little my g'ma flipped out and tried to make me change but my mom wasn't having it, lol

  17. You look gorgeous! I have an honest question though: where is your son every weekend? I'm just wondering because I have a one year old daughter and I never get time to go out! What's your secret?

  18. Thank you all so much! I love my ladies!

    Brooke - my son is with my mom on the weekends. She gets my baby and my brother's kids for the weekends or else she would go crazy! It's really nice to live so close to my parents!

  19. You look sooo gorgeous Katrina! My bf glanced over and was like, "Kim Kardashian?" LOL.

  20. you look great in that dress!
    n gawsh the thai food looks so delicious!

    your friends look like they're twins :P are they?

  21. You're so beautiful and look like Kim Kardashian slimer :D

  22. Gorgeous white dress!! I was thinking of ordering a dress from Hot Miami Styles as well, but I was hesitant because I wasn't sure which size to pick. I have a similar body type as you, so could you please tell me which size you got? If you don't want to reveal it here (lol), please email me at! Thanks so much =)

  23. Thank you so much! :) ahhhh you guys make me blush. I love that dress so much!

    Rita, Hot Miami Styles is actually out of any sizes except for Large in the white one shoulder dress. I was sent a Large but I had it tailored, or else I would have wanted a small. I'm a size 4 in dresses so the large was VERY large but my tailor did a great job bring it in. They have the black one in all sizes I think...but if you really want this one, then just get it tailored, it cost me like $20.

  24. Kay, no they're not twins...but close! 18 months apart. They're such a beautiful family. They also have a younger sister who is just a doll!


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