Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Fever

Sun kissed shoulders & cheeks.

Urban Outfitters denim romper
Belt - one of those things I didn't even know I owned...
Stuart Weiztman studded wedges
Wooden bead bangles.

This weekend was beautiful. The weather felt like spring has made it's appearance for good. We had a few showers here are there, but typical to Florida, they lasted for a good 10 minutes before the sun shined through.

With the hype of the weather reaching close into the 80's, Jerrid and I packed our beach bags, dropped JJ off with Grandma, and hit up South Beach. We rarely ever actually go to the beach there since we usually just go to a closer beach...but since it's Spring Break for some college people, we knew something would be up down there.

The Spring Breakers

The Spring Breakers were out!

There were a bunch of fraternities dancing and having a good time on the beach,
but it got out of hand and a huge crowd swarmed to follow one of the guys running from the cops.

This guy walked around with a lemur on his shoulders, and a phony alligator he would scare people with. It was hilarious walking behind him and watching people jump out of the way with loud shrieks! I don't know what kind of joy he got out of doing that, but it was fun to watch.

Everyone talks about this place, so we had to see for ourselves.

Usually when the bag is this greasy, you know you're in for a treat...

The burger...BLAH
The fries...greasy and tasteless.
I was pissed.

Greasy suckers.

Peek into my bag.
I bought my denim jumper at Urban Outfitters.

Back in Fly Boutique, the vintage gem on Lincoln Rd.

Faux fur.
Don't trip PETA!

Hot shot

I'm not good with candids...can't ya tell?

The new MAC Pro on South Beach...
all the way down Lincoln Rd.

How lovely is she!

Give Me Liberty of London Collection

The only thing I want...Peachstock lipstick.
I'm still thinking about it...all these colors are just so similar to things I already have.

Fireworks by the AAA Arean just in time to bid us farewell on our short trip home.
It was so fantastic.

Jerrid didn't leave empty handed.
He came home with a new G-Shock watch.

Just like his other half...he likes rare stuff!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!



  1. Hi! Great post and great photography! I am SO jealous of the beach. (I live in Canada so we're still dealing with snow/rain at the moment) I can't wait for Spring!
    The MAC store in Miami looks SOO nice! by the way, I posted some portraits of my puppy on my blog and would love it if you would check it out sometime!


  2. That is sooo funny about the man with the fake alligator! We saw the same man with a fake baby alligator on his arms the last time we were in South was quite funny watching people jump and scream....and then laugh after they realized it was a fake. Lol.

    We have Five Guys here too and people claim they have the greatest burgers. I ate there once and wasn't impressed either...maybe because I'm not really a burgers kind-of-girl.

    You looked beautiful. I'm loving the denim would be such a cute bikini cover. All your photos are great as usual, especially the shot of the guy getting arrested. Wow!!

  3. you are beautiful

  4. aww great post. awesome pictures. i lovee how you looked on the one with your white tank & pretty scenery in the back. relaxing.

  5. Gah I am so envious of your shots makes me want to get a new cam so badly!

    Liberty of London seems to be hot right now, Target just launched the line as well for clothes too.

  6. you are just naturally beautiful! all ur pictures are amazing! i like the boutique and the leg pictures... great stuff babe

  7. Haha, you see all kinds of stuff in Miami! I love all your pics, the jumper looks great on you (especially b/c of your long lean legs!)! Glad you all enjoyed the weather, I was stuck with rain all weekend, :(

    We too have a Five Guys (actually...several) and it's okay, the burgers are so-so and I don't buy the fries, ever. If I'm in the mood for the worst thing I could possibly eat, I go there, haha.

    I picked up a couple Liberty of London eye shadows, thankfully I don't have any colors like them and I get to have them in the cute packaging!

  8. Miami looks so lively! The MAC store is so beautiful & so are you!

  9. Flawless!! love your photography skills, you've got a great eye.

  10. cute jumper and great pics..i love Miami

  11. great post and you look pretty in your jumper, as usual.

    the burger/fries look gross. lol. reminds me of elementary school food. *dry heeves*

    i love the pictures tho, can't wait to visit miami one day.

  12. awww looks like so much fun!
    u look gorgeous!that burger makes me drool!lol

  13. south beach looked amazing ! makes me kick myself for not going this weekend ;[ & omgg i'm shocked you don't like five guys ! i love that placeeeee. you look as lovely as ever :]

  14. great post!!!!nice pics!!!!nice blog honey... i like it ;O)

    i follow you, i hope you follow me toooooo????

    i`m happy if you follow me toooo with bloglovin ;)

    KISS ;*)

  15. you are gorgeous girl. Lean, long, classy and curvy. A mans dream girl.

  16. Love the new post! Can I first just say how amazing your body looks! I needed a new K.Lo post. Beautiful pictures - looks like a wonderful time. Can't wait to see more of JJ.


  17. LOVE YOUR BLOG CHICA!! DID YOU GET ANYTHING FROM THE MAC give me liberty collection?

  18. i bet its annoying getting a bunch of spring breakers in Miami!

  19. awesome pics.. I love your outfit it looks great on sun looks good right now i need to get there asap! lol

  20. you are funny, girl! takin pictures of runaways and

  21. Hey lover! I like how we still have the taste for the shortest dresses and skirts (tennis for life!) haha and no more sock lines! yippie :)
    You look beautiFUL! as always :)


    xxx suzanna

    p.s Chris and I might come to the south for a cruise soooo I hopeeee we can meet up to see you all and my lil JJ pookie face! :)


  22. Are you trying to tell me that you had a baby just a little under a year ago and you have that tiny little petite figure back so fast? You look amazin.

  23. that MAC store is so nice! and that lemur on that guys shoulders is funny lol!!

    <3 the pics... and clothes.

  24. katrina!!! omg you look perfect everytime ^_^

    i dont mind greasy burgers and fries but it has to taste really good though lol.

  25. love the posts...and that denim jumper. i bought a bunch of denim pieces but haven't even touched them yet. the vintage store looks like a whole lot of FUN..which reminds me i need a new purse...

  26. omg you look like kim kardashian
    this photoshoot is amazing

    i'll be back here for sure

    cheeky girl

  27. Everything in your life seems so cool!

    Keep on being fantastic.


  28. OHHH WOW YOU look amazinggggly beautiful hon!! and the fooodddddd soo yummm!! :) loved looking at the pics!

  29. Enchantée Katrina

    One of the most beautiful blog i have ever seen. You're a beautiful woman, a beautiful wife, a beautiful mother with a perfect family wow...and your photos are all so beautiful ...i wish all the look so happy ...


  30. Miami is one of my absolute places to go. Me and one of my girls went three times in two years- but skipped this past year. We have vowed to go back- regardless of the circumstance, and take our men. lol.

    We have Five Guys here, they came recently, and she told me I just had to try the burgers. I was uber disappointed- they were so greasy!!!! I guess I'm into the neat little soft McD cheeseburgers. lol


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