Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I like my sushi RA

It's been a food filled weekend. Jerrid and I went to RA Sushi for a friend's birthday. It was a casual occasion and I wanted to wear my black Betsey Johnson sailor lucite wedges. I didn't know how hard it would be to pair up something casual with these wedges, so I wore Hue metallic black leggings and a Ralph Lauren black v-neck silk blend sweater along with a Hobo International black clutch. Boring, but suitable for a casual and relaxed night.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where's your Sleeve

For centuries the left side has been associated with evil. It is said that most ghosts are seen if you look over your left shoulder. The devil is associated with the left and usually portrayed as left-handed. Throw salt over your left shoulder to ward off the evil spirits. Wedding rings worn on the third finger on your left hand is to ward away the evil spirits according to Roman legend.

The right symbolizes "male", while the left symbolizes "female".

So there is femininity in exposing the left shoulder. Usually one shoulder dresses and shorts are left exposing the feminine left shoulder. Oh how naughty designers can be.

This weekend was a good friend, Marlene's birthday and Melissa, Jerrid and I went to to Atlantic Ave. in Delray Beach to try out a new Thai spot she wanted to eat at. I love these girls like they are my sisters. They basically are since they are the my best friends.

I wore my new one shoulder white dress that I had received from my sponsor, Hot Miami Styles. The dress is so chic and feminine and hugs your curves. They sell out of sizes fast! I was sent a large because they were out of sizes and I had to get my tailored to fit. They have this dress in both black and white. Also keep in mind that if there s ever a dress you h ave seen on a celebrity and must have, Hot Miami Styles can make it for you! Just contact them and let them know the dress, they may be able to create it and shoot it your way and quickly. Remember to use code "KATRINA" for free shipping on all of your orders!

Dress - Hot Miami Styles
Shoes - Betsey Johnson

None of us were ready to take this photo...

The sisters

We ate at House of Siam down Pineapple Grove on Atlantic.

The waitresses wore pretty traditional gear.

Dumplings & spring rolls for appetizers.

Fried brown rice and chicken.

Chicken Pad Thai

My fried white rice and chicken.

I was in Thai heaven, and felt pretty guilt free since it felt so light. Not greasy like usual Thai can be.
I hope you all had an amazing and fun filled weekend.

Stay glam.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Sporty Spice

This weekend was jam packed with tennis and mixed in with memorable quotes, sunshine, and best friends. I got hooked up with a Media pass a few tickets to the BMW Tennis Championship in Sunrise, Florida by one of my great friends. It's an ATP Professional Men's Tennis event down here in Florida right before the Sony Ericsson begins next week in Key Biscayne.

Jerrid, Melissa, and Marlene came along with me and we were in for a nice day out in the sun watching a few familiar faces during their tennis matches.

On the shuttle from the parking lot to the tennis center.

The sisters - Melissa and Marlene

The match winner being interviewed.

The tournament was sponsored by GunnVS clothing, a new line created by a former professional tennis player and current fashion model, Anthony Law.

I got a chance to meet Anthony and ask him a few questions about his line!

As well as check out his Gunn VS company Bentley!

Gunn VS was started with tennis and athletes in mind. The high quality clothing is made for performance but with fashion kept in mind. The designs on the shirts are all created personally by Anthony yet he leaves enough room for customer pride with the personalization of a countries flag to be printed within the signature skull on a t-shirt. Since tennis players hail from all around the globe since tennis is such an international sport, this is a fine way to tennis players to connect with their fellow countrymen and really feel like they are representing their nation farther than just the three letter abbreviation next to their name on the draw.

Check out Gunn VS online at

Afterward, we brought our starving selves to the Cheesecake Factory and munched.

Prepare for the food porn.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010