Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Updated Blog Sale

I have finally got to updating my blog sale. You can see my new click-a-rific blog sale avatar in my right hand side bar which will direct you to the goods. I've got some new limited edition lipsticks, MSF's, and so much more from MAC. I'll have the sale updated with clothes and accessories in a few days, as well as add in some cosmetics from non-MAC brands.

If there is a specific item you are looking for, go ahead and ask me if I have it!

Happy Shopping!


Sorry for the lack of daily blog updates, it's been a little busy over here. I've got plenty of makeup looks, hauls, photo posts and fashion posts lined up. I'm trying to push my limit and go a little further into the creative edge.



  1. Can't wait to see the new posts, hun!!

  2. yay time for me to buy more makeup :) -tingy

  3. i loveeeeee your eyebrowssss!where did you got them done?! :)


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