Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Jerrid and I both have become huge addicts of Lush products and rushed back to Lush as soon as we needed a backup of one of our favorite products - Fresh Farmacy calamine facial cleanser (the pink one on the right). This stuff is great...removes all kinds of gunk from your face and the calming calamine helps even skin tone.

While at Lush I also grabbed Coal Face facial cleanser. They claim that Coal Face is for blackheads and oily skin, and Fresh Farmacy works well for white heads and dry skin, but I have oily skin on some days, and dry skin on other days...I got both. Coal Face is cool, it comes out as a soft exfoliator as well after you lather it up a bit before application. It leaves skin feeling fresh, dry, exfoliated, smooth, and ready for moisturizing!

We opted for the smaller size portions this time. This is another reason why Lush is such a great place to haul from...you could get so much for a small amount of money. You have the choice between sizes, which gives you a variety of price selection, so if you're not willing to spend a lot, you can still get the item you wish without breaking the bank. It's also great if you just want to test something out.

Have you guys tried these products?
Do you love them?



  1. the closest lush store is like 100 miles from me lol :(

  2. Coal face is for VERY oily skin, it is VERY drying. So if you use it on dry skin it might make you break out. It works really well for back acne and for oily t-zone.

  3. Yes!, because of your recommendation of fresh farmacy my boyfriend and I are also hooked!

    I switched from coalface to FF because coalface ended up drying my skin (oily) and my bfs skin too (combo).

    I'm a lushaholic myself and I'm currently hooked on Fresh Farmacy and Dark Angels.

    I prefer Dark Angels rather than coalface because it helps the oiliness and exfoliates better without drying out my skin.

    I hope things work out better for you! I'd never wish dry skin on anyone =D

  4. I have tried both and they didn't really work for me... I found them to be a tad too aggressive for my sensitive skin :( boooo for me, but hope it works for you!

    Lush rocks though!!!


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