Sunday, February 28, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, before his book shoot with Scott Kelby, Jerrid shot with a well known local photographer; Luis Rafael. Luis is a talented guy with an eye for photography, editing, hair, and makeup...he does it all! Jerrid had a test shoot with him and is planning his next shoot for the following weeks.

Here is the final product of the test shoot.

Go Jerrid!



  1. Really nice body but this stuff under his arms, no thank youm

  2. Suzanna says, not anonymous...that you are a lucky women! how is his football coming along love!?!

  3. The stuff under his arms is called hair. Most guys have it.....very sexy pic!

  4. LMAO I know right...humans have hair there. I think it would be kind of creeptastic if he shaved it off? lol That would be a no thank you!


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