Friday, February 5, 2010

Deco Drive

Can you smell the pigskin in the air?

It's Super Bowl fever down here in Miami. Everywhere you look, Saints or Colts all up in your face. Cut throat fans, decked out from head to toe in their team gear.

Jerrid and I headed down to South Beach with baby. We wanted to check out the things they had set up for kids, walk around and breathe in some of that good ocean air and watch the Fan Jam.

I'll let the pics speak for themselves.

View of Miami off the bridge.
The traffic helped me get a great shot out of the car window.

The nocturnal city wakes up for the night.

The blimp. For some reason, I was so fascinated by that thing and taking photos of it.

Statue lady.

Just the beginning of the crowd.
Gorgeous blue skies on their journey to darkness.

A pretty neutral place...

Ocean Drive.

Brings back those Scarface memories.

Tide really stepped out of the box with their advert idea.
They handed out free boxes, and provided a pretty interesting display of hanging laundry.

Versace's House

Rihanna rehearsing for the Fan Jam.
We saw her rehearse on the first day that we were down on South Beach.
It was the day before the Fan Jam.

We didn't originally have tickets for the show. They were free so we blindly showed up hoping we could see the show on the big screen like we had watched Rihanna rehearsing. We would have been completely satisfied with that, but when we got there....dug through traffic and FINALLY found a parking spot, the whole strip was so loud and lit up, we could barely see anything.

We thought we could scalp some tix and be on our way, but we got handed two tickets for free by a nice couple who had too many extras.

We waited in the line with all the psycho Justin Bieber fans who probably hadn't reached puberty yet had the guts to shove their way to the front of the line with no remorse.

When we finally got to the front of the line and got our tix scanned, the guy told us that we couldn't bring our stroller in. I threw it into the bushes right by him...walked in...and reached back to grab the stroller...handed it to Jerrid and we ran off.

All that work just to stand around like a moron on the beach, surrounded by tons of people, get beaten by the wind, and not be able to even see the stage one bit.

I mean honestly...

That little kids got some lungs on him...he really can throw it down on the mic, but we weren't enjoying the whole experience...especially not with baby. I think he had the most fun though. He was pulling all kinds of random people by the hair, kicking them in the butt and cracking up.

We jolted out of there and headed across the street to eat at one of those outside restaurants and enjoy what we could from the rest of the performances.

JG watching the big screen.

Lemon's make for fancy water.

Don't be fooled...JG got the good side of the table. I couldn't see anything,
but I did get to listen to some great live music by some amazing performers.

Salmon Pasta Alfredo.

I was nomming like it was my job. So yums.

Pigskin fever.

EVERYTHING is Super Bowl themed.

Light up memorials and statues.

Lincoln Rd.

I yelped some vintage clothing stores down here to see if anything was around and luckily, I found this little gem. It's a vintage clothing store with great brands, and incredible pieces like hats and bags from designer lines for great prices. Certainly a must-visit if you're into the whole vintage look.

Right next door was this. Typical South Beach store...I just like how the lights came out.

He brought a lot of New Orleans flavor to the strip...
playing "When the Saints Come Marching In".

I'm an Art Kid
at heart.

I dragged Dwayne along with us. I missed that kid and it's been too long since I've seen him. It's always a good time with him...he's the sweetest. Now you know Dwayne doesn't leave the house without his camera, so he snapped some pics of me. That guy just has it...talent is in his blood.

J-Brand Tie-Dye Jeans
Hollister White Tank
Current/Elliot denim jacket.



  1. You look fabulous and your man is pretty good at taking picture of you. Love love the jeans =}

  2. Katrina! You look like an absolute artist! :) I love all your photos! You really captured Miami beautifully. Thank you so much for sharing such an grand experience! I've never been to Miami, but I'd love to visit one day & meet you! :)

  3. I LOVE your pictures!!! Gorgeous, you are getting a real feel for your awesome new camera :)

    Even though Superbowl is really not a big thing in Canada (I know right... we be a bunch of LOSERS... lol)I've always adored the crazy commercials. Superbowl ROCKS!!!

  4. Wow your photography skills are terrific, you definitely take great pictures and you have a great eye. I try to stay away from all that crowd, so this weekend with all that's going on. I'll just stay home. :)

  5. Ahh, Miami! I have to get over there one day.

    LOL @ Justin Bieber comments!!
    If the Saints win, all the people in Louisiana are going to go even more nuts. :/ I'm sooooo tire of hearing "Who Dat, Who Dat..." everywhere I go.

    The pasta looks extra yummy!

  6. I knew i was gonna be soooooooooo jealous when i saw the first glimpse of the pic of miami by the bridge! I haven't been since 06 but i am going this year for spring break with my sis. Can't wait! Loved the post.

  7. great photographs and I love you outfit ^^

  8. I miss Miami!!!! I must plan a trip soon! Esp with 30 inches on ground, I need me some sun, lol. Really awesome shots of your night out! Looks like you all had a great night :)

  9. I swear you have me wanting to take photography classes :). Great great shots of Miami.

  10. waw its very good share. thanks my friend

  11. awww your pics make me miss miami so much! You look so pretty too! I have that camera as well but hate dragging it out everywhere :( I want one that is the same quality but smaller version. Do you know of any???

  12. Amazing pics. You look gorgeous. What lens did you have on your camera? It looks like a pretty big one. I also would like to know if you know of any cameras that may match in quality to your nikon but come in a smaller size? perhaps a compact? Thank you and continue to be a doll.

  13. Looks like so much fun, I love your casual outfit, & the pictures of you are beautiful!

  14. Omg! I saw the same statue lady the last time I was in South Beach!! I think we saw her outside of the Loews Hotel. She was kinda scary to (I'm such a wimp). Anyways, I love all the excitement surrounding the Superbowl! The people, the energy, the anticipation...I love it all!

    I miss Miami especially eating outside on Ocean Drive...I've got to plan a trip down there soon! All of your pictures are amazing and you look gorgeous hun!

  15. Great pics :)

    Lots of love,

  16. omg Katrina!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures, their sooo professional. omg u have to ask dwayne to take some of me whenever I come!!!

  17. YOUR PICTURES ARE FREAKIN AMAZING! and ur gorjuz sounds like you and the family had a hectic but fun night =p

  18. love your photography! and the salmon pasta looked great =]

  19. Lucky you K!
    Looks like you had a great time!
    & Im hella laughin at you guys runnin off with the stroller! LMAO!

  20. You are spectacular. beautiful photographs and wonderful post. Thank you for sharing.

  21. I WANT YOUR CAMERA! Even if I did have it I still would never know how to use it. It all seems so difficult. Darling, you look beautiful. I constantly come back to your blog and you just get more and more fabulous over time. Love you K! Keep it up and kiss the baby for me!

  22. You photos are the best Katarina and your personal touch is what makes your blog one of my favs. I really want to come to Miami now after seeing all the scenic shots you do. In fact I might visit Fort Lauderdale next month to get away from the cold. I envy your location :-)...Jen

  23. you look so gorgeous i wanna see pics of your beautiful baby too!

  24. morgan45y@gmail.comFebruary 9, 2010 at 7:32 PM

    Amazing pix. U look so pretty. I was wondering if you can let me know what foundation you use and what blush you're weraing. Also where did you buy your jacket and jeans? I need thos ein my life. Thanks hun

  25. Gorgeous pics K! Love the candids that Dwayne took of you! Those clothing stores seem real cool, and living in South Beach seems very exciting! Something is always going on!

  26. You are so damn pretty.

  27. Love these street images. Makes me want to take my dslr out more often. Sigh.

  28. Katrina, love your photos, just a bit curious ... what kind of hood is that on your Nikon? Standard with a kit is a crappy hood. Was this purchased separate? Would you happen to have the item #? I just love that hood .. thanks

  29. Love the shots of you with your camera! Did that hood come standard with that lens? I own a D5000 and came standard with the 18-55mm DX VR, the hood sucks, not as cute as yours.

    Can you tell me if that hood was standard or if you paid additional for that one? Item# would help. Thanks lady.


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