Thursday, February 11, 2010

The 4 F's.


Twin Connection

Jerrid's twin brother, Jerrod, came to visit over the past weekend. These two look nothing like twins...nor do they act in any way similar, but both are fun guys and such sweethearts. You can always expect a good time with both of them. The love they share for one another and the bond they have is so strong.

Jerrod wanted to see everything. Who wouldn't! We did our best to show him a good time, and stuff the best food down his throat. I think he enjoyed his trip here...and probably put on a few can't hang with Jerrid and I and not expect to chow down.

I think its hilarious when people who have never seen a palm tree constantly ask if those things are real! Yes, they are real trees...they're funky, but jeez, so fascinating to tourists. Jerrid finally got over his palm tree shock, and we had to go through the whole thing again with his brother. Besides that...he's never been to the beach.

Here are some pictures from the weekend. I'm sure I left some out...and they don't exactly go in a specific order, but they'll do. We took Jerrod to South Beach, the Hard Rock, Fort Lauderdale Beach, City Place in Palm Beach...literally all over.

Jerrod and his favorite tree.

City Place
700 South Rosemary Avenue
West Palm Beach, FL 33401-6337
(561) 366-1000

Sloan's Ice Cream & Candy
112 Clematis Street
West Palm Beach, FL 33410
Tel: (561) 833-3335

Rawr Melissa.

She wishes...

It's a tough decision.

The Breakers Hotel
1 South County Road
Palm Beach, FL 33480-4024
(561) 655-6611

Rafael's Restaurant
530 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach FL, 33139
(305) 673-1139

Sitting at Rafael's on Lincoln Rd. waiting for my food.

Ahi Tuna

Most of my pieces are missing from the photo...they were long gone before I could ship the camera out. Besides for the bland rice...this meal was a mouth watering one...the tuna was on point, and none of that blood taste that some seared tunas could have. Just yums, and a great sauce along with it.

Flank Steak & Fries

Looked a lot bigger in person...was an alright steak.

Rafael's was alright. Dwayne took Jerrid and I there a few days before and we ordered from the pasta menu...but this time we ended up wanting other things. Overall the food is good but the prices are a bit steep for the portions. We had a good time and good conversation so it was all worth it.

Street art.

Everyone's got their hustle on South Beach, especially the artsy fellas. We saw a homeless guy selling palm stalks made into animals and insects to the tee. He had a palm stalk grasshopper sitting next to him...we thought it was real. Just incredible.

This guy was doing spray paint art. He was amazing and could finish a piece in under 10 minutes for $10.

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Can't get away from all the Super Bowl hype...

What I wore.
Grey off the shoulder sweater from Hot Miami Styles.

My Makeup

  • YSL Teint Resist Foundation - #6
  • MAC Pink Swoon blush
  • MAC e/s Knight
  • MAC e/s Black Tied
  • The Balm Illuminator used as Highlight
  • Stila Kajal Liner in Onyx
  • Lancome Hypnose Mascara in Onyx
  • MAC Lipstick : Hue
  • Milani Lipgloss - Glitz and Glam

Outback Steakhouse

Bloomin' Onion.
A best seller for a reason, but I think I killed it all on my own.

Victoria's Filet.

Some more pics from the B-Day celebration. It never ends. Jerrid's birthday was all out.

Shopping Haul

I gave in. The cold made me do it.

I got Uggs...not just one pair...but two pairs.

I loved these. They're not the traditional type of Uggs, but a sturdier suede style with zippers! I dunno why so many people knock on Uggs, they need to put these on their feet and feel the heavenly softness before they talk all that crap. Uggs are so comfy and make my feet feel so toasty even when it's chilly outside.

I stopped by the Ulta on South Beach and saw the Napoleon Perdis display and couldn't resist the cutest shade of baby pink lipgloss...very similar to NARS Turkish Delight but more solid of a color, not as sheer as TD. This lipgloss came in a package with a mathching nail polish...the shades both "French Pink" from the Chandelier Shine line. The lipgloss applicator is a brush, not a doe foot applicator like the NARS gloss has, but the gloss is a thicker consistency, works better with this brush.

Jerrid's brother arrived home safely...and I know I will come up with more pics from his trip down here.



  1. you always have the bestest pictures! jerrid's bro is kinna cute! nudge nudge lol! You two are such a beautiful couple! you belong in Miami lol!

  2. nope they look nothing alike...those are some gorgeous photos ..yummy@ the candy shop photosssssss making me hungry lol

  3. My BF is a twin too but they're fraternal and just like your hunny, he's NOTHING like his twin! Personality, looks, etc. ;]

    Love love your makeup! So pretty! & that shade of pink of the NP gloss & polish is pretty too...

    & one day... I'll probably give into the whole UGG fascination hehe

  4. love the pics mama! the food u guys eat always looks good!!

    your face always looks sooo great and clear. Mine as broke out so bad all the way down to my neck because... mostly because hormones from the switch in birth control but i hate it!

  5. That was so sweet of you guys to show Jerrod around! You guys were great hosts! I still can't believe he's never been to a beach! He's been missing out!

    You guys all looked like you had a great time and you looked gorgeous as usual!

  6. City Place is so nice. Have ya'll been to Downtown at the Gardens in Palm Beach Gardens? It's nice there too. BTW your makeup looks absolutely gorgeous in the pic :)

  7. Hi,
    I've nominated you for a blog award, on my blog ....

    The beautiful blogger award :D

    Lots of love,

  8. Your photo skills are getting so good!! Plus everytime I come to your blog I am wanting that Nikon so much more!!

  9. As always, you're pics are on point, ma! The food looks fabulous and I can't get that ocean water out of my head!! You look super duper fabulous in your pics too!! I esp love the first one!!

    ooooo, pretty chandeliers!!

  10. looks like you guys had such a good time! :).

    by the way, your hair is so long and gorgeous!! jealousss.

  11. Your camera is seriously so amazing!!! I love all of these photos!! You look so gorgeous and I love you're make up and what you're wearing!!

    P.S: I posted pics of my new pumps on my blog you should check them out ;)

  12. wow you guys really know how to eat! food looks amazing. where was my invite?

  13. Good food and handsome men...what more could you want? LOL!

  14. Amazing photos and being they ae twins they really dnt look nothing alike, it's great to know they still have a terrific @ the beach because for the first time ever being in South FL for more than 5 yrs have I been to Ft. Lauderdale beach and it was this pass Tuesday for my friends b-day celebration. You definitely know the terrific spots to chill.

  15. Your camera takes the best pictures ever!

    If I were in that candy shop, I would seriously eat everything in site. My husband says I have sweet teeth, not just a sweet tooth. ;)

    It looks like y'all had a great time! I need to get to the beach ASAP!!!!


  16. i need to save up to get your camera! i love your pictures

    u look gorgeous as always =]

    and the inside of that icecream/candy shop is sooo cute!! i wanna go!

  17. I'm loving that Outback Steakhouse food and Jerrid's bd cake too! The pics you took of him and his twin are hot! It's cool that you guys were so inviting and were good hosts to him on his visit! I guess the twins weren't able to spend their bd together, huh?
    I really like your outfit and makeup too. All the best to you and yours:)


  18. You look amazing. Great photos and I love thos Uggs. I actually like those better than the originals. those are sturdier and the suade is much nicer. Love the fashionable zipper on the side. So cute! Where di you end up getting them from?

  19. Beautiful photos and beautiful people. You beautiful folks must stick together...I need to start hanging with you and land me a bloke like those handsomes you hang with!

  20. i love the candy shop pictures, they're funny! lol glad you were able to show Jerrod a great time, cuz i know i hate when i go out of town and am BORED : )


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