Monday, January 11, 2010

Reptile Zombie Zoo

That's what I feel like doing in this cold weather. South Florida has been hit by a frost! Temperatures have dropped into the 40's and even as far down as the 30's...even going as low as 20 degrees during the night.

With that being said...I know plenty of you will come out and tell me to stop complaining but I won't. At least when it's cold somewhere where it usually gets cold, it snows and looks's it's just cold for nothing. It's cold and sunny with a bad wind chill. That's no fun.

It's so cold that all the reptiles are going into hypothermia and becoming paralyzed. Iguana's are literally falling out of trees. My backyard looks like a zombie reptile zoo.

Poor thing can't move and it isn't dead.

The big Mama 'Guana

The Mini Iggz.

Reptiles take a long time to heat up their most likely, saying it warms up tomorrow, these guys will be fine. If this cold continues...who knows how long they will hold up.

Last year my brother tried to rescue a few of them by bringing them home and running warm water on them. They scratched him up pretty badly. He released them when the weather warmed up. I don't think I can do all that.

I'll give you the update when it does warm up. I'm sure we'll see them scampering around in their zombie state after a long nap.

It's strange not hearing the frogs croak at night...



  1. OMG! That poor lizard! He/She looks miserable!

  2. hahahahaha i never heard of lizards falling off trees before :D i mean, poor things but i'm cracking up here.. :)
    i hope it warms up soon and they get better :)

  3. The weather has been ridiculous - I've never experienced this in Florida. Gloves, coats, scarfs....this is crazy. Poor iguanas...I don't even wanna know what my backyard looks like...

  4. Snow is not England all the snow has turned into ice and I've been falling over about 25 times a day haha.

    poor iguana by the way. i cant believe you have iguanas in your back yard! how cool

  5. those are in your backyard?????? crazy!!!! they're amazing creatures though.

    it's -30 here in alaska if it makes you feel any warmer. :)

  6. Those poor Lizards!! I hope they will be ok and the weather will warm up!!

  7. First off, I think lizards are pretty cool, but these suckers are HUGE!! I would probably freak out running into one of those bad boys in my yard! Ha!
    Poor little guys though. That is so sad ... I hope it warms up quickly!! When it does, can you send some heat my way? Oregon is not fun this time of year.

  8. oh my gosh i've never heard of this! these poor things look....yikes! hopefully it warms up soon enough and they are okay. gosh knows i'd be terrified beyond belief if i walked into my yard and saw these laying around!

  9. oh no, that iguana really looks dead!

  10. I had no idea it was THAT cold! That's what it's been like here, wind chill = 9 degrees F! That was very sweet of your brother :)

    I hope they're okay by now!

  11. *DEAD*......... Ok I don't know how I feel about your backyard... When I visit can we stay inside?


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