Saturday, January 16, 2010


The cold weather is finally over! This means I will be getting out of the house more...besides just for work. Yes I am a hibernator...just can't stand the cold.

I'm working on a post for my thoughts and prayers on the situation in Haiti. As a South Floridian, I see the pain this has caused so many Haitians who reside here. I see the images in the news stations and the news online, and it burns my chest to see my fellow man in pain.

There are plenty of donation sites and they stay packed with people who are willing to give generous donations to help, and it melts your heart to see these kinds of acts!

I wish we didn't need a catastrophe to get people to act this generous, but it is so needed right now. We all need to pray and do whatever we can.

This week has been rather slow around these ways.

I've got a few blog posts lined up but just need to get them written and posted. The hardest part is taking the pictures....well, only because it's been cold, but now that's passed and we're back to normal! In fact, Jerrid and I are off to the beach tomorrow. I need to get started on my tan again, I am too pale for my own good.

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