Sunday, January 10, 2010

TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray

I never believed in these heat sprays. I didn't understand how they work or how they could possibly protect hair from the super high temperatures and the damaging effects of all the styling products that can be used.

From doing some research on heat protectant sprays...because I am a dork....I learned that any kind of conditioning product can be used as a protectant for hair from heat since it coats the hair which in turn keeps most of the damaging effects of the heat from doing much damage.

I always thought it worked the other way around. Its strange to hear that sizzling sound when you're curling or straightening your hair if it wet because of some product or water...but I guess it's a good thing to straighten or curl your hair with some product.

The last time I tried any kind of product in my hair (Kiwi hair straightening serum) while styling, it left my hair looking dull and lifeless. I used a hair serum that was supposed to leave my hair all shiny and it did the opposite. I looked like I hadn't showered in weeks.

TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray

I chose this product after reading a few great reviews about it. It's was around 7 bucks at Target and I liked the pump spray bottle. It comes with a little lock so your product doesn't spill all over the place if you're travelling. TRESemme likes to add that little helpful quality to most of their products and I appreciate the concern.

After using it once, I can't stop using it every single time that I style or even blow dry my hair. It's not that I started being a psycho about protecting my hair from the heat as much as I love how much better my hair looks when I use it...and the fact that it could look better longer and won't get all damaged and split at the ends just put the icing on the cake.

It also helps keep your hair styled for longer. When you do style your hair with protectant or mousse and so locks in the style and holds up longer.

Since the protectant spray is basically conditioning leaves your hair shinier and silkier. Even if you have curls or pin straight, it's shiny, manageable, and you will be less prone to having that horrible frizz.

This has become a little necessity for me. A bad hair day saver...even though some days are helps tame the beast a bit.

1)It protects hair from the damaging heat given off by styling products and blow dryers
2) It leaves hair looking healthier and shinier than if the product had not been used.
3) Does not leave hair looking greasy and dull like some products may.
4) A nice hefty bottle for a good price.
5) Convenient pump spray

1) I haven't found any cons with the product yet...doubt that I will.






  1. I use this every single day. I love this stuff! Glad you ended up trying it. It smells wonderful as well

  2. I've been meaning to buy this, but I'm having a blast with the The Generic Thermal Protectant Spray (from Sally's), supposedly comparable to CHI 44 Iron Guard.

    Glad to see another post rave about this product!!

  3. I use this all the time, and I love it! I love how it smells too :) xx

  4. Oooh, I love this stuff too. I blow out and straighten my hair everyday so this is a lifesaver!

  5. I love this too!! I use it all the time before I straighten my hair and it smells great!! ^_^

  6. I love this! But ran out and haven't bought it again..after seeing it here makes me miss it a little. Lately I haven't been putting anything in my hair but water and shampoo...I'm just too lazy to deal with it I guess. Anyways, great review! xoxo

  7. OHHH MY GOODDNES you look soooo mych like kim kardashian you are veryy pretty


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