Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spontaneous Consumption

Probably the most useless and useful thing at the same time - making plans. I don't think plans ever work out most often than not, at least not for us...I can't even figure out what to wear unless the time runs out and I'm dragged out the door.

Today was one of those days.

Cheesecake Factory

The sisters. Also my sisters...I love them like so.

Mel's Shrimp & Pasta

Jerrid's Shrimp Jambalaya Pasta.

He got his plate before mine. I'm greedy. I plummeted my fork into his food. Yums.

Jerrid is convinced there is a difference between "spicy" and "hot".

My shrimp scampi.
Delish...I recommend.

Doesn't it look like you could just reach in and grab a shrimpy?

It seemed like it was one of those Saturdays that everyone headed out to party. We scampered around the house and got ourselves together real quick. I threw on my AA dress, curled my ends, threw on some makeup, in record time. I hate being rushed, but who cares what you look like as long as you got something to look forward to.

For some random reason...we ended up going down the 95 South to the Hard Rock to get a table at Opium night club...which of course was sidetracked by dinner #2 at Johnny Rockets. We like to eat...even if its a drive.

My handsome.

That didn't last...

Not gunna's weird walking around with the a big ol' DSLR camera around your neck. People look suspiciously at you...unless of course it's some big tourist location. I need my LX3 to get here already so I can get great quality photos without the smirks...ha.


Since my new expensive photography hobby has sparked, I've learned how darn much equipment you need to be able to get different photos, sharper images, great effects...etc. I really want to get a new lens, one that accepts more light into the lens so my night photos look better. Right now I'm using the regular kit lens which is a nice lens, but I want to have and explore my options. We stopped by Wolf Camera because that's really the only place I know that has a pretty nice selections of lenses and I wanted to play around with them and see how much they cost. Those lousy random electronics stores around the mall are such rip offs...tried to tell me the 2nd kit lens (55-200mm) was $460...but for us he'd give the discount of $350...for a $250 lens haha! Anyway...back to Wolf Camera - the same guy was there from our last visit. He was great. Let us try some great lenses and I found one I really liked...but I still want the 2.8 over the 1.8 which the photo below is taken with.

See how much lighter the pic is?
Perfect for night photos...but I want the 2.8 which is great for both day or night.
2.8 lenses are pricey as heck, but so worth it.

Of course I fear that this will start some kind of snowball effect and I'll end up with every lens ever created because I'm a freak like that.

and I leave off with...

A sneak peek at an upcoming post!



  1. Looks like you had fun. Spontaneous nights are the best even if they dont go to plan.

  2. I love spontaneous nights too, I hate to rush but I love to rush when I know I am going to have FUN !!!

    oh and you look beautiful by the way


  3. Congrats on the new photography addiction. It's expensive, most definitely, but when you see the pictures you took, it's worth it, isn't it?

    Looks like you all had a nice time out!

  4. Everything is so pretty down there! warm too..

    I had Korean BBQ last night. You guys should try that one day if you haven't already! It's ridiculously yummy. :)

  5. i love reading your blogs.. my sis got those big ass camera as well.. but i love having her around so she can take photos of me.... and i just steal em from her..... almost all the pics from my blogs are from her..... lols

  6. Mmmmm....I love the shrimp scampi from Cheesecake Factory too!!! You guys all looked like you had a blast. Your hair and makeup looked fab for doing it in record time!

  7. Your camera is great. Which one did you get again and exactly what lens did you use for these pictures? they look wonderful.

  8. Your smokey eye look is amazing!

    I don't even like seafood, but your pictures made me want some. LOL!

    Can you please tell your guy that I hate him? His skin is flawless! Not fair! ;)

  9. Hmm the shrimp..look so tasty ..u look gorgeous!!

  10. Looks like you had a terrific night, even when it didn't go as plan. You make me want this camera more, I checked it out and gosh, it gonna take me some time to play with it before I even get it right, if I buy it. But just viewing your pictures is definitely encouraging me to. The best best quality ever.

  11. everything about you is just so glam. I am also curious tho, what lens did you get or whats your secret to your super clear and fab photos? You guys look great. Jerrid's skin is literally the definition of flawless. Glad you had a great night.

  12. Awwww, you look so great!!! I too hate being rushed but when I know it's gonna be fun and spontaneous, I don't care!!! I'm just glad to live in the moment :) I love Cheesecake, there's one a few blocks from when I reside and I loveeee it, along with PF Changs and Bertucci's, really the list could go on, I'm such a fat kid!

    I can't wait to hear about which lens you choose, I will need to save for a different lens, haha.

    I get the strange looks everywhere I go with my camera, people swear I'm working for someone! I went to a restaurant in Rockville and the waiter asked me to not take photo's per the owner's such sign was placed in sight at this establishment. I was quite irritated b/c all I wanted to do was test my skills with the lighting, argh.

    btw - feels like FL here this morning, woke up to humidity, 20 mph winds and 61 degrees! Sadly it goes down to 34 again today :(

  13. Looks like you had a fun night.
    And that pasta looks soooooo yummy!! We have Copelands here, which is pretty the Cheesecake Factory. lol

  14. mmmm the food looks deeelish'! love your dress. you & your friends r so beautiful!

  15. Amazing post!! You & ur man look so good and the food looks amazing!!

    P.S: I just featured you on my blog today, so you should check it out ;)

  16. You are an inspiration. The way you live your life to the fullest should be the way everyone lives. Keep being you.

  17. Aagh, your shrimp scampi is hypnotizing me! I've been staring at it for way too long LOL...I just started eating low-carb to pare off a few pounds before an upcoming vacation. Can't wait to hit up CF and order this dish...

    Love the pics of you, Jerrid and your friends! Happy and beautiful people :)

  18. You and Jerrid are so cute together. Most beautiful couple ever. I can't wait to see what lens you got and your Lush goodies.

  19. Cheesecake Factory is the best!! i love the Chicken Madeira there, or the Marsala..... your pics are gorgeous!!! i need this camera :) xoxo

  20. Hello,
    I just found your blog and became a follower. I literally just spent two hours looking so far back in your blog, I just couldn't get enough. You really are such an amazing blogger and photographer! You keep your blog posts so neatly organized and pretty. Definatley one of my favorite blogs now!

  21. Hellooo,

    Great photos ... your sooo pretty!!

    Don't forget to follow back, if your not already & also enter my competition to win 2 tickets to beauty UK show :)

    Lots of love,

  22. Hi Katrina!
    i just came across your blog recently from DSK and omg you're SOOO BEAUTIFUL! like DSK said you DO look like kim kardashian but 12329342304 TIMES MORE BEAUTIFUL!
    PLEASE do a hair tutorial from this post, i ve been wondering how to get that perfect curly look with long flowing hair. i really hope you can help me out witht that! :)

    lost of love xoxox

  23. Your Jerried is soo hot! You are lucky ;) In Poland we haven't got that men like yours! ;p


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