Monday, January 11, 2010

Janie and Jack

I think this has got to be the cutest children's clothing store I have ever stepped foot into.

I wish I would have snapped pics of the's freakin' adorable! The cutest neutral wood decor painted with neutral greens, blues, and whites. Each little section of the store holds it's own little collection of clothing whether it be - cowboy themed, or golfer themed.

The prices might be a bit high for children's clothing...they do grow out of these tiny things within weeks, but Janie and Jack forks over some great sales. One of which I had taken advantage of yesterday.

The quality of the clothing is superior to most similar brands. The sweaters have hand stitched embroideries and the fact that they come with matching pieces to complete the entire outfit is just darling.

JJ the model in his little Wolf sweater cardigan and corduroy pants.
Big boy wears 18 month old clothes at 7 months.

Strike a pose!

Showin' off his chubbers cheeks and hat.

We kind of mix and matched pieces from each collection, but we'll be back for more. He basically needed more sweaters for the cold, but they carry many other things such as onesies, overalls, jeans, shoes, girls dresses and clothes... all kinds of children's necessities...but in matching collections!

Check out their website -



  1. Your little man is too, too, too cute for words! I love the expression on his face in the last picture. He's kind of looking at the camera like, "Yeaaah... What up?" LOL!

  2. JJ looks sooo cute in his little corduroy's!

  3. I LOVE Janie and Jack. Did you know it is actually a Extension of Gymboree? kind of like the banana republic for Gap. I also love the sales there all the clothes are adorable! JJ looks so handsome in his new clothes! he is a big boy (and I was saying how big my baby girl was!!) but so adorable you have a beautiful baby!

  4. so adorable! i've walked into that store and walked out because of sticker shock. They do have amazing clothing and JJ looks soooo dapper in that ourfit! LOL. I wanna just smush those cheeks! and OMG! he wears the same size as my 17month old!

  5. JJ is a cute lil model!!! no kids here but i do know that place is pricey. anywhoo love the last pic!!

  6. He's so precious!! And I LOVE Janie & Jack too! My cousin has an 11 month old and my niece is a month and a half and...I've lost a lot of money to this store. Especially since there's one 5 minutes from my house! haha. It's a great place!

  7. sooooo adorable! i wanna pinch his cheeks! he has such good genes ;d <3

  8. Oh my lawd!! LOL...JJ has got to be the cutest thing in the world! You can tell that's your baby...both of yall are such models!

  9. He is soooo adorable! His lashes are so long and cute!

  10. Oooh...he is so adorable! Gosh, I remember when my Gia was that little :'(

  11. OMG Katrina! he is so cute! i am at a loss for words. he takes after his beautiful momma.

    -Jaime aka J.Doll

  12. hey your blog is amazig! :) and the little one is too cute :D A
    lready a follower :D Yay


  13. awww, super adorable outfit! I love that last one where his face is all confused. :D

    I don't think I mentioned this before... but welcome to the dsk fam. ;)

  14. I just want to eat that baby cheeks! TOO CUTE!

    He looks FLY in them clothes, Mama you better watch out girls will be on him in NO time!

  15. JJ is just too cute for words!!! I just wanna hug him! I heart Janie and Jack, I catch myself wanting to buy clothing all the time (but I don't have any kids, lol)! I love his little outfits :D


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