Sunday, January 3, 2010

Horsein' Around


Not a beauty related post...but looking at some nice photos is always a great way to spend some time. Today was nice. The family and I went horseback riding. I don't have any actual action shots of us...since I stored my camera in the car while pretending to be an Olympic Equestrian competitor, but I got some pretty sweet shots of the horses while we were waiting to be assigned to a horse.

We fed the horses apples and carrots...they were nayin' and clicking their heels - lovin' it. Watching them eat apples is kind of disturbing though...they slobber it all over the floor and the lick it........not the cutest of scenes.

The day was beautiful, but it was a bit chilly. I know...poor Florida girl complaining, but me being the genius that I am...looks out the window to see a gorgeous sunny day assuming its warm, and getting slapped in the face with the wind chill - and it was a cold wind chill.

Can you take a guess what I did later that day?

Action shot in the mall...

Jerrid getting trigger happy with the Nikon, but you know I don't mind.

I guess I'm getting dogged for my lack of beauty posts, but trust me...I have a lot lined up!



  1. I think your post are really interesting and I always love looking at beautiful pictures...


  2. I like your non-beauty related posts :)
    Your camera takes great quality pics.

  3. Lovely photos!

    I swear I want that camera now. It takes like the perfect pictures.

  4. Amazing photos!

    I did in fact end up getting my camera this weekend and like you I can't put it down. I even snapped pictures all the way home from Sawgrass once I realized there was a little power in the battery lol

    Happy New Year to you, Jerrid and the baby!

  5. I love reading these types of posts! You have a real talent for writing and keeping me intrigued.

    I have an equestrian center 10 minutes away but I've been too lazy to take them, haha. I'm glad you took the leap (get it, LEAP, haha).

    Great pictures :D

  6. Aww..very nice pictures of the horses. I actually saw some this weekend and they were so amazing....I love them!

  7. Oh Oh someone is taking there camera out with them taking some lovely photographs that Dwayne is liking :)

    Luv Ya Katrina

    Nassau, Bahamas


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