Sunday, January 17, 2010

Child of the 80's

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Image Artist - John Lautermilch

One man woke up a world with his voice,
and with his voice, we grew.
More than noise, but opinion and choice.
Humanitys' a brew.
Hands held across the world,
brothers and sisters are we,
Doctor Martin Luther King,
your dream is now reality.


I was born halfway through the 80's, but most of my childhood memories are from the 90's, obviously due to my age. There aren't too many of us that can remember anything before the age of 3.

I played with My Little Ponies for a little while, I did own L.A. Gears, but I didn't want to be the Hulk for Halloween. I made Ken fall in love with Barbie, and snap bracelets got me in trouble in school. Sad to say that leather jackets were quite a nuisance to me back then since all I wanted to do was trample around on the play ground, any extra clothes weighed you down.

I'm a Rocker Baby now. Watch me roll.

Jacket - Hot Miami Styles
Body Suit - American Apparel
Shoes - Aldo

Aldo "Perrin" cage booties.

Tally from Hot Miami Styles sponsored me and with that she sent me this great faux leather jacket along with some other clothes from They say that you get what you wish for if you wish hard enough, and this leather jacket was quite the catch I've been expecting. Too many faux leather items are put together rather cheapish so I always pass on putting down the cash, even if it's only asking for a 20. This particular jacket is well put together, even presents itself almost as genuine leather, very soft to the touch and not sticky.

I have a post coming shortly with all of the items that I was sent.

Use code KATRINA for Free Shipping
on your entire purchase from Hot Miami Styles!


Project One-a-Day

I want to start a 365 day project with photography. My goal is to take at least one photo everyday. Not necessarily of me, but of anything. In this instance, I took a photo of my makeup brushes drying after I washed them today. I pulled a smarty and washed them prior to makeup application. It's at those times that you realize how important every one of those brushes is...even if you have 100 brushes, you find ways to make them work, then they become very important in your regime. I still managed to find a way to splat what I wanted on my face. I made it work.

It's a Monday to be off, relax and kick back. Hopefully the sun will be shining so the beach will be poppin'. Jerrid's driving me nuts with requests to the beach. I could use the tan and be done with this ghost pale thing I've got going on.



  1. I wanna go to the beach w/ y'all!!! I'll play with JJ!!!

  2. Me too! Love the shoes honey, and the last pic is my fave! <3

  3. very sexy! this look totally suits you. I wish I could wear heels but then I'd tower over my bf.

  4. happy birthday mlk jr.
    ur the cutest...kardashians lost sister perhaps? lol
    and those shoes are cute as shit

  5. The faux leather jacket looks VERRY good am surprised it's not leather lol (wish I knew earlier so I wouldn't have spent 200 on a real leather one lol)
    I think your body is incredible its' not even fair <3

  6. Love the outfit. It's so sexy badass!!!
    Which bodysuit is that from AA? I've been looking for one just like that.

  7. wow I love love love the outfit!! u look gorgeous in it

  8. LOveeeee the shoes!! u look hot mami!

  9. the outfit

  10. oh mama youre so beautiful! i love how soft and flawless your face looks. and the outfit <3<3<3!!! i want you your cam!! but the d3000

  11. Katrina has haters! You go girl thats when you know you doing something right.

  12. Trina, damn, you trying to be Kim K and a sista? Geez girl. LOL. I hope you know thats your #1 fan right there. I bet that chick stays on your blog like all day. Hope she finds a cure to her jealousy. Good luck with that hater.

  13. Jealous of what? Honestly stop kissing Katrinas ass and look at her from someone else's point of view. She seems so conceited and annoying and she;s just another average looking girl with too much makeup on trying to be a model. Pathetic. PHOTOSHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I've missed my Anonymous commenter! How are things in San Diego? Kisses to you dear. Thank you for raising my blog stats with your views.

    Also, thank you for the compliments! Thinking my photos are photoshopped is the biggest compliment you could tell to someone! I am really thinking of putting down the cash for Photoshop, but its so pricey.

    I may also put you screen shots of you stalking my blog for 23 hours today...sheesh, you make me feel like a queen! Thank you!

    If I'm so average looking and annoying I'm sure it won't be so difficult for you to stop spending all day and night on my blog. Maybe you could gather up all the strength within you to do so...but probably not.

    Comment all you want! I'm not going anywhere. I love myself and my life too much! har har!

  15. what a fantastic photo of the brushes! it looks sooo professional! great job :) you look fantastic without all that eye make up.. seriously!

  16. Thanks Lizz! :) I've been lazy lately! haha I'm trying to get up on taking photography a little farther...but all the equipment and stuff is so expensive! Lol

  17. I absolutely love the shoes.


  18. Your shoes are to die for. You look so pretty. I love that body suit from AA. I am waiting for it to be shipped to me!

  19. Katrina you look so pretty. Anonymous commenters who try to put you down don't realize how they're comments are only compliments. She says you wear too much makeup, and we can all see that's not true. You have pretty natural features. If she wants to go on about how you wear too much makeup or have too much photoshop., thats just a compliment. People would rather see you down than see you succeed and happy. I would love to know what makes a hater do what they do? Why would they come to terms with being such a hateful spirit? It's such a wrong way to live life. Oh well, thats why you're YOU and thats why they're just another outsider looking in and trying to put you down. How much does your life have to be a bore to you that you find the time to stalk someones life and try to put them down because they are doing something that irritates you in envy and jealousy?

  20. love the outfit! very sexy and you look gorgeous!

  21. the clothes and shoes are really suits on you ..the camera is just's super clear !!!

  22. Katrina, you look beautiful and your camera takes splendid photos. Great outfit with the leather jacket. It is very retro looking and the way the pictures came out is very ultra 80's. Great job.

  23. Thank you! Getting compliments from the most gorgeous gals! Ahh, life is grand!

    I love these shoes so much! To be honest, they're kind of tough to walk in. I'm thinking of lowering the heel. I don't want them to collect dust in the closet :(

  24. A wonderful woman are you dear. Many hellos from Qatar!

  25. hi love the jacket they only have large left online :( just wondering what size you are wearing in the pic? thanks :)

  26. Brittany, I'm wearing it in a size Medium.

    Thank you all for the compliments on my $$ spent! lol

  27. I don't think that lippie looks akward on you at all! You look pretty in pink!

    I laughed when I read your comment about camera whoring. Since I started blogging, I am definitely taking more pictures of myself. Too bad I'm insanely critical and delete 99% of 'em! I don't think I've seen a photo of you where you DON'T look stunning. I hate you! (Totally kidding! LOL!)


    P. S. OMG @ the comment in your chat box... Why are people so mean? :( We've all got your back. Shoooot. LOL!

  28. This is so hot! Love the candid pics and makeup!

  29. Hi Katrina!!I'm new in your blog, and I love it!!I like your body suit, and I'm thinking to buy it, what size you are wearing?It's very tight?Sorry for my English, I'm Spanish!! Thank you!!


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