Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Trendsetting Since '98

Me and some tennis friends!
(I'm in the middle)

One of my friend's (the girl on the right) recently tagged a picture of us from way back in the day on Facebook. I almost fell of my chair in laughter. Look at my over-sized t-shirt...and I'm wearing it with no shame! You can see the other girls' shorts but you can't see mine because my shirt is so big! I just look so awkward! Not to mention those bangs...

Now you know where the whole shirt/dress look started! LOL

It's amazing how much time has gone past the day that this picture was taken. This has got to be about 12 years ago, when I was 12 years old. I probably didn't even shave my legs yet...I was such a tom boy!

I used to live in Queens, New York before moving down to Florida to pursue a better chance at achieving my goal of being a professional tennis player. It's easier in Florida...much better weather to train, more accommodations and facilities, more tournaments and camps.

This picture was taken when I attended a free tennis program for kids who made the try outs - New York Junior Tennis League (NYJTL). We had so much fun and got to travel all around the tri-state area playing tournaments and going to watch local professional tournaments such as the US Open and the end of the year matches over at Madison Square Garden.

I love remembering good times with good people! They will always have a special place in my heart!

Here are the coaches!
Gus, the smiling one, is the head coach and was so much fun!

I may need to break open my vault of oldie pics and bring it back old school up in here!



  1. I grew up in Queens too! Forest Hills to be exact. The tennis courts were right behind our house! I remember our neighbor selling our parking spots in front of our houses when there were matches going on! lol

  2. Ha ha ha! This is great. Was your hair pulled back with a scrunchie? That would have really completed the look. LOL!

  3. awe cute :)
    I like the bangs haha

  4. very cute ^^
    i suck at tennis :(

  5. I love looking back at old pics!!! Seriously, isn't it amazing to see how far we've all come and changed since then? Such a short amount of time really... If you look back at where you were then would you think you would be where you are today??? Loves it, and you look great, tomboy or not (I was a MEGA tomboy too... lol... I remember promising on my life that I would never EVER wear makeup... yeah... that really stuck!)

  6. I didn't know you were so serious about tennis! that's so awesome :) I love tennis!!!

  7. old school pics are always fun to look back @.

    Question!! How was it like living in NY?? I really want to know.

  8. cute mamas! tennis is a good game :P

  9. Cool flashback pics! They make you remember all those good times*_*


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