Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday Funday

I woke up with a purpose today, and that purpose was in the name of photography. Yes people, I'm not over it. I don't think I will ever get over it, which is a good thing for blogging since everyone loves great images...and lots of them!

If not, what is there to look at? All the words?

One thing I learned from blogging is that people hardly read everything that you write. I can't even count how many times I've been asked questions I clearly answered in the post if only that person would have actually read it. It's even gone as far as someone e-mailing me asking me something that I could swear was answered and typed up in the first sentence of the post. People, I tell ya.

I don't think I will ever get tired of snapping ornament pics. Besides being a lil' bit of a pro at it, it makes me happy to see those little pieces of Christmas become wallpaper worthy.

I'm so proud of myself for this shot.
Gingey looks happy!

To keep you warm on those chilly nights.

No one said Christmas had to end on the 25th.

Woke up today to another sunny and warm day towards the end of the year. Makes me love living here so much more. I couldn't stand if it were cold and snowy for longer than a week. It's pretty too look at, that white snow, but once it gets in your shoes and makes your feet cold and your socks wet, it's no fun anymore. When I was in college in Ohio, I would skip classes if it were too cold out...screw the A, I'm stayin under the covers. Typical me and my cushy ways...Jerrid never skipped unless it was necessary. He's such a goody goody.

We took a walk out to the tagged rubber tree again today. Since laying out isn't an option right about is in the 70's which is still a little too cool for me, so I wore a belly shirt in hopes of getting the slightest bit of a tan while the sun was out and beaming.

I didn't fix the resolution size on the camera, so the pictures were set to a very small size...which is not good. The smaller the pic, the less clear it will be once it's uploaded to the my pictures weren't as great as they could have been, but I learned, so it's a positive.

The grass is greener on my side

I got up there easy, but Jerrid had to carry me down.
I'm such a chicken with heights, even if its 2 feet off the ground.

Tonight was our Avatar date. Everyone keeps raving about it, and we are that curious breed that needs to check it out. Having a big group come along, it was a pretty big deal to save a few bucks on concessions and pick up some of our own from Walgreens. Why spend close to 3 bucks for a pack of Sour Patch Kids when you could get 4 packs for that price elsewhere and sneak it in with a big bag. Don't go telling on me's a recession. I'd sneak the popcorn in for the whole group too if I could. I don't own a bag big enough, or else nothing else would stand in my way. I'd wheel in a suit case if I could.

I wonder...are these hot dog flavored, or just shaped?
They look more like baby carrots to me.

Jerrid got a new phone.

Welcome home HTC TouchPro 2.

Man and machine

Now to figure it out...

On to the theater after all the stalling while playing with the new phone. We thought we were in luck by getting a spot first row in the parking lot and seeing that the ticket line was pretty empty, but to find out that we were too late to get the last tickets. The line was empty because everyone was already inside, in the cool A/C and licking their buttery fingers.

We were in a group of 6, and there were no tickets left for us at the 7:10 showing, and since Melissa had an early event the next morning, any later of a showing was not an option.

I refuse to this this movie in anything but 3D.

Ticked off and sleepy we were ready to...


What else is there to do in this situation?
Eat your feelings!

Kimura Japanese Hibachi Steak & Sushi
545 N Congress Ave
Boynton Beach, FL 33426
(954) 704-2500

Meet our chef - Jennifer.

Jennifer had a wacky sense of humor, decided to be called Jennifer for laughs sake, but never gave us his real name even though we asked about 10 times. Instead he told us to call him Jenn for short.

It just got wackier over time. "Jenn" brought out who he liked to call "Britney Spears", a doll that squired water out at the unsuspecting hungry customer.

If you're confused, it's totally okay...we were confused as hell!

Where do you find a doll like this? It looks like a drag queen baby doll and it has a pee pee hole to squirt out water. Oh, and a very strange alligator mask...or Godzilla, since he or she is Japanese after all.


The boys. Always sitting together and gossiping.

I was stuck in the corner!

Onion volcano. Jerrid's favorite part.

We were too stuffed for sushi, one of the main reasons we came in there.

Jerrid has never been to a hibachi restaurant, so he finally lost his hibachi v-card.

Jennifer might have been a tad strange, but the food was delicious.
He threw it down on that hibachi!

Chowin' all that down gave me a severe case of the itis, so I'm off to bed.

Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday!



  1. The last time I went to a hibachi restaurant I got squirt right in the eye and since I saw it coming I tried to move and slammed my shoulder into a corner...I was not a happy camper, these are all over FL but since I've moved I haven't seen them anywhere...

  2. I love Hibatchi!! If it wasn't so fatty I would try to eat it every

    The place I go to has the same dolls to put out the onion volcano fire..

  3. Pahahaha, Jen, what the heck are you and who made you!?

    I took all the same pics of my tree's ornaments, I'll post them soon! I take my pics in the largest size possible, I am getting an external hard drive to keep them all!

    I too am in love with the Nikon, my hubby thinks I'm crazy to take it with me everywhere, thank goodness he got me an awesome case! (

    I read all your words btw ;-) It happens on my blog too, though!

    I've made the mistake of not getting to a theatre early enough and driving to 2 theaters to only come back and wait an hour for another movie, grrrr. Def order them online, chica!

    Boy oh boy, I hated getting up to go to school in the cold, but I guess I have to get used to it again, I go back as soon as I can sign up.

    Congrats on the new phone, Jerrid! I got the new HTC Hero, so far I like it (not sure I love it...I may switch it for a BB touch...I miss my BB)

    Never heard of Hibachi, I guess I'll google it and see if it's in the DC area.

  4. Girly, can you please tell us what settings you use to get these incredible shots?? I have tried reading my manual for my Canon DSLR, but it seems to be in a foreign language - ha!
    Glad you had a great Christmas!! :o)

  5. I LOVE your posts! they are always so fun with awesome pictures. And I wanted to tell you that you're gorgeous! you look like kim kardashian! :)

  6. Haha some of your comments are too funny! lol

    April, I just try out all the different settings and manual and auto focus. I dunno...I get funky with it, but most of the pics are on Auto.

  7. and thank you all for the compliments on the pics! I love being able to save my memories in great qual.

  8. Yaaaay! You got your camera :D. Congrats! The Nikons are super badass. xoxo

    btw..beautiful pics!

  9. its so cute to see you with your camera, it's like a new love!!! so exciting. lol I bet when you go to some places, especially a kids party, people will as if you're the photographer.

    your pictures are so beautiful!! even Jerrid did a good job taking pics of u

  10. Cool photos, love the makeup you had on while climbing the tree! And yes, I did enjoy my Sunday. I try to read most blogger's written entries too, it's hard though, but you're interesting enough!

  11. beautiful photographs. Can you do a postshowing us how you chose your camera and what settings you use? it would be most informative thank you

  12. Thank you Angela! You helped big time, after I saw how your awesome Nikon pSLR ics came out, I needed a Nikon SLR! haha

  13. Camaran, I am planning to do a post, because I have sample pics form the different cameras I went to test out. I'll do a post to help out anyone else who is in the market for an SLR

  14. how does Jerrid like the touch pro2? I want to get one but wanna know if its the worth the money first, its damn expensive!

  15. Jennifer sounds... interesting? LOL!

    Your pictures look awesome! I love the photo of the gingerbread man in your tree! And naturally, being a Seattle-ite, I love your Starbucks ornament. :)


  17. love your pics. I'm also wondering how you take them. They seem to come out perfect. You always took great pictures even before you got your new camera. Can you give some pointers?

    -Your reader from Ontario

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