Sunday, December 13, 2009

Summer Crop

The Three Musketeers (Jerrid, Melissa, and I) headed off to the mall today to do some damage within the halls of Sawgrass Mills, but to my surprise...nothing popped out at me screaming to be purchased. Again...the only thing I could think of was my camera, which I cannot buy until the 16th since will be stocking up with it then.

We stopped by the CCO there and I finally spotted the MAC Summer Crop lip set from the Graphic Garden collection which was a Nordstrom exclusive. A couple of weeks ago, Melissa and I were at the same CCO looking around, picking out items to take home, and we did notice the little display with the lip sets atop the shelves, and we did want to buy it...but though we would think about it. "Let's pay first and then we'll decide". There were like 10 boxes left, so we thought nothing of rush!

As soon as we paid and both decided it was going to be a go for it...THEY WERE ALL GONE! We looked back at the line and every single lady waiting in line had them in their hands! That just made us want it even more! It's a wanted item! The white box (Summer Crop) was the one we wanted...and that was the one that was gone. The black ones stayed put...

The Summer Crop lip set comes with 2 lipsticks and a gloss. The 2 lipsticks are a variant of 2 nude shades...

Semi-Annual is a gorgeous light shimmery nude.

Garden Bed is a darker bronzed nude.

Both have golden shimmers, they just light up your lips!
Totally wearable!

The gloss is also a nude with golden shimmer...a lot of golden hues in the gloss, it basically makes the lipsticks look more golden and shiney. Super pretty...

You also get a little pretty graphic garden pouch!

I love it and it was only $25 bucks...half the price that it was when it was out!

I am loving all the compliments I am getting on my new blog header! I love the picture and I absolutely love the background! Some of you have been asking me whan that is in the background...and it's downtown Miami! Dwayne, the photographer, got a great shot of my face with the lights of the city in the background...they look like stars!

This is the scene before it got dark like it is in my header...



  1. i love semi annual ..!!

  2. Loving ur layout! looks so good! That flashing banner looks awesome! x

  3. awww Katrina tempt me to wanna get more lippies!! awesome picks and swatches!!

  4. I am totally into those nude lippies, so sheer and wearable! Great photo of the sunset and city lights, gorgeous!


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