Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Spoiled and Sparkles

Hello Mr. Postman bring me the mail.

Checked the mail...turned the key, and a little piece of DSK slipped out into my hands. That sneaky Stephanie sent me some holiday cheer! I'm going to sparkle like the North star!


2 charms and a pair of earrings!
I'm a lucky chick!

Thank you Stephanie!

If you want your own DSK charm necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and so much more check our the DSK blog - They make great gifts and Steph delivers them quickly so you will have them in perfect time for Christmas!

I figured out how these Asian chicks keep their skin so smooth and youthful. You can only imagine the miracle products they have! I won a giveaway a while back and I was sent this awesome face mask. I haven't used it yet until tonight! I'm glad that I didn't because using it today was great! It's a whole face mask inside this little package that you tear open. You take out the mask and align the holes onto your face to match with your eyes and mouth. Smooth it out onto your face and leave it on for 20-30 minutes. After which you take it off and go on your way. My skin feels so revived and fresh!

The mask I had was collaged infused. You can't ever have enough collagen...ask anyone over 30 in California.

I need to find an Asian mart somewhere by me so I can get these by the dozen. Just using it once made a huge difference...I need to get more! My addictive personality is kicking in...urges, cravings, shaking!! Ok, no's not that serious.

Capturing moments in the blink of an eye...
or the shutter of a lens.

I'm in the market for a new camera - a DSLR.
My baby pink Canon SD1100 IS is getting a boyfriend!


After going on and on on Twitter about getting a Panasonic Lumix LX3...which is a semi-pro point and shoot camera with an incredible Leica lens...and if you know anything about lenses you know about Leica lenses - just sheer perfection. If I had 22 grand to drop on a Leica DSRL I would...okay maybe I wouldn't...thats just too much! Panasonics make their DSLR's with Leica lenses but they're not in my price range either.

After giving it much thought, I figured I would just go all out and go for an SLR camera. I have 20 zillion point and shoots sitting here and I don't want to hope from one to the other...when I really am happy with my Canon SD. She has been there for me through so much! Dropped so many times and still chuggin' along! The macro on that camera is one of the best I have ever seen on a point and shoot either on macro mode or even on Manual!

Now I'm gunna have a sexy bulky camera hanging from my neck on those thick straps, chucked into my big ol' bag...or even better....hang it on Jerrid like a Christmas tree.

I'm crossing over into the DSLR world...with a budget on deck of course.

I've narrowed it down to two cameras.

Nikon D3000 - Canon EOS Rebel XSi

Both fit perfectly into my price range and have outstanding image quality to what I am looking for, but I just can't make the never ending decision when it comes to SLR...Nikon or Canon?

I don't care about video - both of these cameras don't have video. I'm on the fence about the live view that the Canon has...I'm not sure if it's truly necessary. I just want clear pictures with vivid color and affordable lenses. I also want a camera that takes great night shots with minimal noise, but I don't want sharpness of the images to suffer for the noise reduction. I've researched the specs, I know the advantages of both...but I just can't decide.

I know I can't lose with either one...but you get my drift.

(I will say this...Nikon point and shoots are crap. I've hated every single one I've ever touched...but they're SLR's are fantastic. Before you go on and give me your Canon vote...please make sure you know what you're talking about since Canon point and shoots are superior, but I'm not in the markey for a point and shoot. Different brands specialize in different aspects. I just want a camera that suits ME to a T. I need to get my hands on these to test, but if you have had an experience between the two...please gimme some insight!!)



  1. The DSK heart crystals look so pretty!

    I didn't know there were collagen infused masks! That's awesome! I'm getting close to the big 3-0 and am noticing fine lines around and between my eyes. I'm Asian... I thought I was supposed to age gracefully! LOL!!!!

    Good luck with your camera situation!


  2. Either camera is a good choice...Thats a tough one. Both of them are great.

  3. Those crystals look amazing! Love it!

  4. Hi Babe!
    aww I have the exact same point and shoot same color and model:D
    when deciding a Dslr its never ending competition with Nikon and canon Huh.. LOL

    I Loved my canon point and shoot it take amazing quality shots for a point and shoot and this year I have upgraded to semipro Dslr and I was in the same situation as you, I spend countless hours researching and going to Ritz camera like numerous times testing out the cameras to see what felt right in my hands and to see what setting and features I liked more,, In the end I ended up getting Nikon D90 because it felt great in my hands also felt more well built compared to the canons. Granted the Nikon are heavier than the canons but I like the fact that it didnt feel cheap, also the Nikkor lenses are one of the best lens out there so that was the major factor of me in getting an Nikon. Also they are rated best customer service and won the JB power award for most out standing customer satisfaction on Dslr so that was a plus to know that they are rated so high amongst people that owns a dslr.

    Another thing that made me choose Nikon instead of the canon is that noise reduction on the Nikon are better when taking in low light areas when I tested out the two.

    I will say that EOS will take more vibrant and vivid photos that are higher contrast than the Nikon while the Nikon take more like an 35MM film feel photos so canon will take more of an digital feel photos and Nikon take more of an real film feel photos so that is the difference to me with the Canon and the Nikon. Both takes amazing quality photos while the canon lenses are alot cheaper than the Nikkor lens but you can always settle for alternative lenses like the Sigma lenses and they are also made in Japan.

    So far I love my Nikon and I dont really see much Nikon dslr user now days since the canon have release so many great new entry level Dslr for great price so people assume they are better than any other dslr's out there but the truth is it is user preference and you should really go out and feel them and see what feels the best to you and not make a judgment just on what everyone else have since all of the Dslr are pretty amazing. :)

    sorry its so long I hope my sight helps <3 Goodluck finding the right Dslr for you!

  5. You should get the Nikon. I use the Canon Powershot SD780 IS and I have the Nikon D90 with the 18-105mm DX Nikkor Lens and let me tell you that it is the most amazing and comfortable camera I have ever used. I've had no problems with it and I just recently purchased a Tripod from Costco for it and it holds up very well. I have used my friends Canon SLR and it's a great camera too but for me the Nikon was just better as in comfort and image quality (for me). Anyways, I suck at trying to give someone a review but from my experience with my lovely Nikon I wouldn't get anything else. I also have the Nikon SLR Film camera but not sure what the model number is on that one but it too is an amazing camera :D. Well good luck on your camera hunt and take care. xoxo

  6. DSK!! Aren't sheet masks the business!!!!
    I'm still looking for flights to MIA! I'm just gonna show up on your doorstep one day!!! It's soo cold in ATL!!!! >_<

  7. I had to decided between the Nikon D60 & Canon Rebel XSI last Christmas.... I went with the Canon. It's much heavier though and the shutter speed IMO is slower. I like canon quality better though personally and don't regret my decision at all! My friend has a D60 and.. honestly after using it I realize I'm just a Canon person at heart. I have a small SD1000 and I was used to to the settings and such.

    Good Luck On Your Hunt!

  8. i keep hearing that panasonic is a good camera. you should ask your photographer friend. and ps im 31 from california and its true..collagen is your friend. lol

    2-OMG your baby boy is getting sooo big and handsome!
    3-Get the Canon it's fabuous!!! HD <3333 It's what I have, and it's perfect, trust me.

    You look amazing!

  10. Hey Katrina -

    Totally go for the Nikon camera. My sister bought one last October and it's amazing. She gave it to one of her friends to use to take pictures during my wedding and they turned out amazing. The guy had never even used it before! Nikons are supposed to have a much better lens than Cannons... and less problems :) Hope that helps you in your decision!

  11. get the cannon girl!
    oh and when u get a chance take our 09 survey pls!

  12. Sheet masks are amazing!! You can buy some from (skin food & my beauty diary) or from

  13. Thanks everyone for your amazing insight! I went with the Nikon...tested it out and it was the perfect cam for me!

  14. and yes...DSK crystals are so damn pretty! I love his twinkly they are!

  15. Lovely jewelery. You look like a different person with the mask on, K; like a pretty Jason or something, lol.
    I don't know much about cameras, but I see you already chose the winner. Enjoy it!

  16. If you need a solid, reliable, and stylish point-and-shoot ultracompact digital camera that produces high-quality images, then the new Canon PowerShot SD1100IS may be right for you.


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