Saturday, December 26, 2009

Santa Came

Sitting back and digesting all of the festivities of yesterday, especially the yum dinner from last night. I'm still full, but the delicious left overs lured me into the kitchen, and piled themselves up on plates making the breakfast of this morning.

Christmas was beautiful, but no matter how many years I could spend Christmas in the sun, it never gets any less weird that it was 80 degrees and sunny out. You see that white Christmas on cards and TV, you get your mind set into that environment for the holidays, even if its not what you're used to.

I just love how the kids eye light up when they see that Santa did make his way through the sliding glass door from the patio (we don't have a chimney), and set the presents neatly under the tree, but not too neat, since he is in a rush to get to all the other millions of children on the nice list, and make sure their gifts are delivered in the same fashion.

Seems like getting your present is instinct...JJ knew exactly where to go.

Momma's best gift!

Coconut Macaroons at the table.

Jerrid got me some boots from Aldo I was on the hunt for. Aldo was always out of my size 8, since it's such a common size. I think everyone and their momma is a size 7.5 - 8, so the shoes I want are always sold out.

Aldo was having a 50% off sale and guess what this little sneaky lady found! The shoes I want right in the clearance section...marked at $49.95 down from $100. Thank you Jerrid, and now I'm glad I waited...saved me some money.

This wasn't under the tree, but it counts as a gift since it was purchased in the holiday spirit!

Also recieved the gift that keeps on giving!
Gunna have to go out again today and do some damage to the after Christmas sales.

I rekindled my flame for my all time favorite MAC lipstick in "Hue". Craving all those new colors made me forget about the classics, my perfect never let me down pout. If you have pigmented lips here is your cure. This is an absolute perfect pinkey nude with great coverage and color payoff. Don't get me started on how amazing this color makes you look. You know how some colors can wash your face out and make you look bland and discolored? This is the exact opposite of that, making you glow. I only wore mascara and Hue, and was set to go...never lets you down...I promise!

Look how little bit of Hue I have left and will you rest assured a back up with be purchased ASAP.

I can't see this baby hit pan...I need more!

I love this pic!
Hue on the lips, Nikon by the eye

While we're on the subject of love...

It's in the air!

Canon SD1100 IS & Nikon D3000 sittin' in a tree....
Making pictures foooooor ME!

After Christmas dinner, sitting around and watching Basketball was a choice option, but taking baby out for a walk in his stroller and soak in the hot sun was another...we did both, but one ended up being a nice way to sharpen my photographing skills in the outdoors and by the natural light of the sun.

puppy prints!

Pink flowers deserve macro

Walked across the grass to get a nice close up of this...

until I saw...


These fellas are so used to people feeding them, they start chasing them down.

Far focus

Near focus

What more can a girl as for...

I'm such a n00b.

If you are wondering...yes these pics are right out of the camera. No editing. This includes the previous post as well. Two photos were manipulated in this post - the one of my baby which was added with a link, and the one of the gift card which had the last digits pixelated. Other than that...what you see is what you get! I put down some money for this camera so it better do the job and so far...I am beyond satisfied. I LOVE IT!

I got my camera and the kit lens, and now I'm in the market for the next step up - 55-200mm Nikkor lens. Gotta step your equipment game up...can't get settle for the stock.

it's an early morning, and the day has just begun, so I'm off to get some of that early bird shopping down for the sales. I'll bring my camera along...looking like some kind of paparazzi, but only for myself! HA!



  1. Awww, he's getting so big!!

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas! :)

  2. I love the picture of the Macaroons well I love all the picture I am glad you enjoy your new camera my Fiancé has one and after years I always enjoy playing with it =) great investment !


  3. I'm hunting on that Nikon D3000!
    You looked so beautiful. Thta lipstick looks really beautiful.

  4. Ah! your christmas tree is simply gorgeous! looks like you had a great time with your near & dear ones:) best wishes fot the New Year, love xoxo

    p.s those macro shots are so good!

  5. Ah! your christmas tree is simply gorgeous! looks like you had a great time with your near & dear ones:) best wishes fot the New Year, love xoxo

    p.s those macro shots are so good!

  6. Your camera takes great pics! I was going to get those shoes the other day, but they didnt have my size :( they were on sale for $29.95 that would have been a steal.

  7. hey lady! i remember reading your blog way back when you started and pop in now and then to get caught up on your posts- congrats on such a successful blog! it's grown so much. and congrats on the cutie baby!!!!

    okay - now what i'm about to say are suggestions and it comes from really being into photography after I got my own nikon last christmas. (i even now, sometimes, take pics of people and get paid! it looks like you too are going to get into photography and you have a good eye!) okay, if i were you i'd wait on the 55-200. only because it seems that a lot of your pics are of people (yourself or your baby) and product shots. i think you should take a look at prime lenses...and i would recommend the 50/1.8 (affordable and a fantastic lens) or go one step up for the 50/1.4 (if you can budget it) OR the 35...I believe it's a 1.8 or 1.4 for nikon. These are excellent prime lenses for people shots and will also give you great products shots. Because they are prime you have to physically move in and out if you want to 'zoom' but the flip side is you get drool-worthy bokeh and can shoot better in low light situations.

    or play with your kit lens a bit - do you find yourself using the zoom a lot and getting in close or do you like wider shots? are you taking nature, action shots or intimate shots? this will help you determine what lens to get. its common knowledge that kit lenses usually aren't that great but a great lens that covers a wide scale is the 24-70mm but it's pricey...i think its like $1200!

    anywho chica - i'm just a photography nerd so when i see someone getting into it like me i like to help :) if you have any q's feel free to drop by my blog or send me an email and i'll try and help!

    merry christmas! (sorry for the LONG comment!)

  8. Happy holidays to you you are amzing to me

  9. I too love that camera, glad you're having fun with it! Love the shoes and the lippie! I just did a post on my new Aldo pumps ;-)

  10. Oooh honey the pictures look fantastic, I'm glad you and your family had a blessed day. Those boots are killah.

    happy holidays

  11. Your son look so adorable!!!! I love that pic with you & the camera your makeup is amazing, and I LOVE those ALDO boots!!! GORGEOUS!!!!

  12. love those boots..kute

  13. great pics. I came to your blog from your flickr photostream. Love it here and will certainly be back. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family and life with us internet lurkers. My kindest wishes for you!

  14. I love your beauty shot, the makeup is just soft and lovely ^_^ your eyes are sexyyyyyyyyyy!

  15. Happy Holidays to you and your family
    Nikon seems to be the camera of choice for most these days. We have a Nikon D80 and we're very happy with it. Love the boots as well and should be checking out the malls and stores next week too. Hugs Jen

  16. Ok, so your camera obsession is making me want a big girl camera!!

  17. First; that tree is humongous, baby JJ is gorge, those shoes are super hot, and that lips tick & your lips are the tops! Secondly; love the pics and I especially loved seeing one of our native flowers, the pink Hibiscus!

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