Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, My Christmas Tree...

We finally got our tree up.

It's about time!

I took some artsy fartsy pictures of our tree.

Excuse the noise in this pic...was taken on high ISO.

How pretty is our big big tree!

An angel to watch over us

I'm loving the warm tingles and cozy feeling of this time of the year!



  1. your tree looks beautiful!
    your pixx came out amazing!
    what kind of camera do u have?

  2. I have the same gold boxes on my Christmas Tree

  3. I love your Christmas Tree it's so beautiful, I also just made a post with my tree and my holiday outfit.

    Happy Holidays :)

  4. Cool beans K, love the huge tree! We just got ours today, but we haven't put it up as yet. Although it's not nearly as gigantic as yours; Christmas trees in The Bahamas cost an arm-and-a-leg, but it's cute. Can't wait to post a photo of mine, enjoy the holidays!

  5. WTF?! I thought it was Kim Kardashian on your header. You look gorgeous.

  6. What a pretty Christmas tree! I wish we could have one... Our cat eats Christmas ornaments -- glass ones! U will have to live vicariously through you. LOL!


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