Thursday, December 17, 2009

Miami is a Fleshpot

I'm waiting for my next shoot with Dwayne. I love his eye for photography and he is someone I trust. He's a been a naught blogger lately, but so have I - apologies aside, here are some more pictures from my shoot with him, both from each set - the day time set on the bay, and the night set off the balcony of Dwayne's apartment right in the heart of downtown Miami. It was a gorgeous night with a beautiful sunset and an amazing lit up city in the background when the sun already went down. The city lights in the background made it look like stars example is in my blog header. How pretty!

I was asked to explain what makeup I used for the look I went for on the day of the shoot. Specifically I was asked to use the picture in the Beauty and Makeup section of my flash player.

I went for a typical smokey eye using MAC mineralize eyeshadow in "Cinderfella" - a Limited Edition item from the Style Black Collection. I love this eyeshadow because it really does give off that "smokey" look and has a beautiful shimer to it. Makes your eyes pop with a twinkle.

On my lips I used MAC all have got to know that this is one of my favorites by now! I like it so much more than Myth which for some reason gives me concealer lip. Fleshpot is more pink based, and Myth is more of a muted peach. Fleshpot is a pro it's not too hard to find.

Here is a list of all the products I used for my look:

Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation - #330 Classic Tan

Mark blush - After Glo

MAC Cinderfella all over eye
NARS eyeliner - Onyx
Mascara and falsies

MAC Lipstick - Fleshpot

Day Set

Night Set

Now me being a lazy person, I still haven't updated my blog sale yet or put up a link to my blog sale on the new layout yet. It's all coming soon, I just have to get off Twitter and stop researching cameras so much. By the way, I did make a decision between the two cameras, and it's on its way to me...and I will have it in my hands on Christmas. It's only right that I open my gift on Christmas day just like everyone's rules.

I brought my memory card when I went to test the cameras out at Best Buy and here is a test image from the camera I chose. This image is right out of the camera on automatic setting in horrible light. Just image what I will be able to do with it once I learn how to use the darn camera!

Love it!

I picked up some hair styling products from Target.

L'Oreal Elnet Sain hairspray, said to be so fine you can't even feel it in your hair and gives you flexible hold without the crunch. Run your fingers through your locks and don't loose the bounce. We'll see about that and if it's worth the $14.99 price tag. My hair is pretty pin straight and its hard to make those bouncy curls stay put especially without spraying my hair to about as hard as a helmet. Hopefully this is my miracle stuff.

The Tresemme heat protector is one of my favorites. It smells nice and does a good job at keeping my hair healthy and protected from those heating tools. I used to put my bare hair on those hot barrels, and its so terrible for your locks. I've been growing and caring for my hair way too long to burn it all into split ends, so this spray is pretty clutch for me.

It's FRIDAY!!!!

One more week 'til Christmas!



  1. Hey gorgeous! I am so obsessed with that heat spray...I go around to all the Targets near me and stock up haha!

  2. You look so pretty in these pictures! And your son is truly one of the cutest babies I've ever seen! You guys are one good lookin' family! :)

    I love TRESemme products. (I was actually just about to review them on my blog. Crazy! LOL!) I'll have to give the heat tamer spray a whirl!


  3. Thank you ladies!

    I really can't wait to try the hair stuff...I need something that can work miracles! haha

  4. LOL! I think your hair looks incredibly healthy. I saw your post about how you use the hair product made for horses... Your hair was SO shiny and pretty in your picture! (Speaking of horse products, I actually started using the Healthy Hoof Lacquer as a top coat for my nails. It makes my nails super shiny!)

    Let us know how your new product works out for you! :)

  5. OMG, You are really beautiful Katrina. I love these photos!!! and your little one is growing so fast ^_^

  6. Thank you so much for listing the products you used Katrina :)
    Im going to try it tonight!
    Your pics are stunning!!
    <3 Lucky

  7. Happy Weekend! :)

    I can't wait to try out Fleshpot lol, I've already read about it on your blog =P

  8. wow he's grown so much!!! soon he'll be walking, seems like just yesterday u were preggers!!!

  9. You look amazing & I love the makeup! :)

  10. You look uber fabulous in your pics!!! Thanks for the list of items you used :)

    Pic of your lil one is first of all adorable and second, looks amazing quality wise!

    I can't wait to hear about the hairspray, I read a blog a few days ago mentioning it just arrived in the states. I have my hair down to my bootie and I think it's time I buy a heat protector, thank goodness Target is behind me ;-)
    Can't wait to hear what camera you got, I am positive you'll love it, whether it be the Nikon or Canon (I love my Nikon D3000). I still have so much to learn!


  11. The Tresemme heat protector is one of my favs so much so I keep it in my hair kit and use it on my clients :)

    great pics and how adorable is JJ aww

  12. Great picks, lovely background shots too. Great looking makeup and you only used a few products, cool! And wow, Baby J is a gordo; too cute for words!

  13. I started using that Tresemme heat spray recently and really do like it. It's sticky at first but it gives my hair a pretty shine.


  14. it was a pleasure working on your piture even if to be honnest you don"t need me at all I think you are a natural beauty girl with a pretty face amazing body handsome man and ADORABLE baby =)



  15. You look gorgeous as always! I've been reading ur blog and I think u look like kim kardashian! Especially in the first picture... your smokey eyes and hair definitely look like kim..

    Don't u guys think?

  16. Oooo, thanks for the break-down. I have the same "Fleshpot" that you do, but it looks 1000x better on you. :)

    Hope you have a great holiday season, Katrina!

  17. Love, love, LOVE that look lady! So sexy, fresh and most importantly... YOU!

    As for hairsprays I have never tried the one you just got, but find that ones without water in the ingredients list (I sent you one) are the absolute best (no stick, still great natural hold!)

    JJ is looking super adorable and getting bigger! Already SUCH a heartbreaker!!!!

  18. You look super hawt! Love the top pic. Gotta try that smokey eye one day :-).

  19. The shot with the twinkling lights in the background looks great. The color of the lights go well with your cami.

  20. i love the pics ..pweety;D

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