Sunday, December 27, 2009


The post title basically sums it up. I'm totally spaced out right now, wandering inside my mind and lost in the television. I guess this is what is going to make up for the fact that I wasn't really planning on posting today at all, but this will do in the case. Better to leave something than nothing.

Lack of beauty posts much?

I'll have a little something lined up in that category for the beauty crazed to lurk at in the next few days.

Now since I'm a n00b photographer with a growing little passion for all things artsy fartsy, I took some pictures of J.J. in his car seat on our way to the mall today.

JJ in monochrome

I never knew the after Christmas sales could transform regular people into angry crowd tacklers. Don't get me started on the parking lot.

While on the hiatus for a spot, we saw about 20 kids wearing their shiny new Space Jam Jordans...2 of which were girls. Jerrid poitned out the fact that the girls shoes looked so tiny. In fact her shoes did look extremely tiny and you could clearly see her uncomfort in them. She probably got them tiny since it's presumed to be "cute", especially in those middle school/high school ages. I think comfort is cuter than walking pigeon toed like a bear in discomfort and enhancing the chances to get ingrown toe nails. Maybe she was a little late to the line to buy them and settled for a smaller size to fit into the crowd. You live and you learn.

I'm just sayin'...

Anyway, back to the mall...all I really wanted was a bag for my camera. My mom had given me one, and it does the whole bulky camera protection thing...but I wanted something cute to throw my camera in and get going.

Aldo's 30% off accessories sale lured me in - when does it not? I found this studded little satchel with an over the shoulder strap. Not much for protection, but you can never be too careful with anything, so it will do for a nice easy day without much travel.

I like the worn rocker look and genuine leather never hurts, especially for $18.

Forever 21 finally has the pink face brushes back! I just wanted it just to have it.

It's pink = it's mine.

Bad habits are hard to break...

but it's cute!! It's freakin' pink and much less expensive than a Guerlain.

Using your lens cap as a prop is very artsy

JJ at the Rainforest Cafe

Looks tasty...

I' trying out all the effects that the camera can do to the pictures. Look at this cool twinkle effect it can place onto the light sources.

I used it on my ceiling fan light...helped me realize that one of my bulbs was out.

Artsy - Fartsy

I'm off to bed...the exhaustion has set in.



  1. I love that you are getting to know your new camera - isn't it fun to play around and see the different effects you can achieve? I'm still lost with mine - it's my bf who seems to be the pro :) Nonetheless J.J. is looking quite adorable (and now you will have some great quality moments captured on film of him growing up)

    Boxing day is madness is it not? I ventured out today myself and it was nuts! People going absolutely apeshit for stuff they don't even really want - just cause it's 10% off... lol... crazies...

    Anyways, glad to see from the last few posts that you are having an absolutely beautiful xmas with the fam :)

  2. awww your already so great witht he camera!!!! love the pictures, ur baby is soooo adorable!!

    i still dont think i know how to work the b&w on any camera compact or dslr, lol thank heavens for computer applications

  3. kATRINA the second picture of your son is AMAZING I love it it speaks so much ( am I crazy ? lol) you should print it and frame it it's so cute as you can see (read) I love it =)

  4. You are so pretty

  5. Awww honey that second picture of J.J. is lovely, thats a picture to blow up and frame. Your getting to know your camera very well..can't wait for more pictures.

    I'm skipping the sales this year, I had enough at the airport of angry people skipping the arguements

  6. Aww, your little boy has gotten so big! I'm sure I mentioned this before, but I swear it seems like he was born yesterday! Time really does fly!

    I know what you mean about the Space Jams, where I work, you had to preorder them, and they were all sold out before they were even launched, I had SO many people call the store asking if we had them, or if I could check if another store had them! Lucky for those who preordered them though. That girl probably did get a small size cause they were sold out, but I still wouldn't wear them! Did you hear about what happened at the Foot Locker in Atlanta on the day of the launch? Google it!

    Haha, sorry, I'm rambling!

  7. I tagged you:

  8. Cool pics of baby jj! Nice trick with the lights.

  9. Pretty pictures! Your little baby looks so cute. Nice photography.

  10. The first pic I took of my Nikon was the lens cap, pahahahah (I'm posting it soon)

    Great pics!

    Gotta love Aldo! JJ is too cute!!

  11. JJ is really very beautiful I like so much!.


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