Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Usual AVON Haul

I did my typical damage from AVON just buying a few of my favorite items and buying a new blush along with a case. Excuse my huge surge of haulage posts and lack of look posts and what not, I am a bit under the weather but I did try to do a look today which was a huge fail. Lesson of the day - never do your makeup when you don't feel well. I tried to do a sunset eye, but it looked more like the last sunset the earth would ever see.

Anyway, here's my haul from with my mom as my representative. You can shop with her HERE and contact me if you have any questions.

Had to buy 2! I love these!

I bought a new blush to go along with one of my favorites from mark.
I got Sun Kissed Glo which ia a matte-like peach shade.
Similar to MAC Fun & Games from the Hello Kitty collection.
I also go the clear compact to put both of my blushes into.

Haven' used this yet, but can't wait!


A great find...

Had a great find at Dollar General!!

E.L.F. brushes for $1 each!

Enjoy your Wednesday!



  1. i love the elf blending brush!

    that avon lipstick is really gorgeous

  2. I found $1 e.l.f. brushes at Target too! Check out my post on my blog...

  3. Swatch of the lippie please?! lol
    And that Mark blush. =D

    Nice haul! e.l.f. brushes are really good for the price.

  4. I have the ELF blending brush...It's super too..worth every penny..Enjoy! I also adore the Avon Skin So Soft Lotion...nothing beats this..

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  6. Ohh, nice! I need to put in my AVON order soon, it's been a while since I've stocked up. Nice haul hun!!

    I don't have ELF at my Dollar General :( and all the $3 and less items @ Target were sold out as of Sunday, I shall go back! I'll let you know when I rcv and review the ELF Studio line brushes that I ordered with a huge ELF haul yesterday.

    Have a great one, hun and feel better!! xoxo

  7. By the way, I own the two brushes you just bought, I will say, very little to NO shedding of the hairs :) Enjoy!

  8. Wow you could not have posted this at a better time! I just looked at the mark blushes in the catalog last night and wondered how that very blush would work with my skintone...i think i'll try them both now :) thanks!!! That lip conditioner, everytime i see it, i think it wud be the perfect nude but i'm sure it goes on like a regular chapstick right?

  9. Great haul Katrina, the Blush you got looks fabulous and I love lip balm/conditioner =)

    have a great day <3

  10. What are the quality of the Elf brushes like?

  11. You must do a collective swatch of your Mark blushes, love them! Love that you got those brushes for only a $1; I think that there's one store here which sells some e.l.f. stuff, but I've got to look into the brushes.

  12. What colour is the Avon lip conditioner/balm in??


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