Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Swimming in 88 colors!

Just when I thought I was in the clear, it hit me again. It's the season for the ailments, and I've been hit way too many times! This explains my lack of look of the day posts, or anything with much time put into it, but these reviews and haul posts will do for now until I'm 100% better!

Anyway, here is another haul post filled with 88 amazingly bright colors and some clothes I picked up during my retail therapy, which I still believe helps cure some cold and flu symptoms - at least for me. *wink*

How long have I been crying around about the Coastal Scents 88 palette?

Very long!

I finally *remembered* to buy it! Procrastination is my biggest enemy, and I literally put off buying this face rainbow for about a whole year. I really regret waiting so long, but then again, it would have all been gone by now, and I would have been expecting my second one, so I basically put the situation in this scenario.

It's only $19!

Where to buy: www.coastalscents.com

Shipping was lightning fast. I placed my order on Friday night and received my palette today, on Monday! The palette came in perfect condition, packaged extremely well with tons of huge bubble wrap, which I had lots of fun popping!

Such great quality for such a cheap price!

88 Amazing colors! So bright and pigmented!

I got the original palette, but it has plenty of shimmer colors.
I don't think there is a need for the shimmer palette.
Besides, you can always put more shimmer on top if you want.

Look how pigmented!

Great buy - great deal! I love it!



  1. wow. i love the colors. it completes the whole range of colors i think. there are so many that they are hard to decide.

    I use alot of dark colors. thanks for sharing.


  2. Beautiful! Your camera work is amazing. x

  3. I love your photos!
    I have this palette but I'm not a big fan, hopefully you get a lot of use out of yours!

  4. Amazing pictures ..it's super clear!

    I ♥ coastal scents palette ..wooot!

  5. Great photos! Looks like a great buy!

  6. i love how clear your pics always come out! the colors are gorgeous.. this makes me wanna buy another eyeshadow palette!

  7. i love all the colour ^^
    i love the photos ^^

  8. I've been wanting to buy that palette forever! I keep putting it off because I already have millions of eyeshadows lol :)

  9. mmmm so many colors! i bought one during imats but ended up giving it to my sis instead. i think i regret it now! hahaha well can't wait to see that looks u do w/it!

  10. yay ..i have this pallete also and today i also got the 26 blush and eyeshadow pallete

  11. That was one of my 1st palettes!! It's so much fun to just open it up and think of all of the creations you can make!

  12. I have the 88 warm palette and I absolutely love it!! I'm thinking of getting their original palette with all the bright colors as well. I'm excited to see how the colors look on you! Hope you feel better hun!

  13. Awww, I hope you feel better!!!! Thanks for the uber fast shipping on the items I bought on your blog, I love em :)

    I too have wanted to order this palette, but for too long, few years now, I'll have to put this on my rolling wish list (which seems to get larger rather shorter with time), lol. The colors are amazing, can't wait to see it used on you!!!


  14. i have this and love it. i actually got it at a student hair show. but what im wondering is how you get such awesome pics? what kind of camera do you use? my up close pics suck!

  15. Your photos look great! It makes me want to bust out my old school version of the 88 palette : )

  16. I love your photos!
    I have this palette but I'm not a big fan, hopefully you get a lot of use out of yours!

  17. I love the 88 palette! I got mine few months ago!

    You should post pictures of different looks that you come up with! I'd love to see your gorgeous face! :D

  18. LOVE the 88 Palette! I want the Warm Palette so bad! (; They are so cheap.

    Love your blog girl!

    xoxo, Michellee

  19. your photgraphy skills are no joke. u make cs look like premium br

  20. I was totally thinking of getting an 88 palette for Christmas, but I can't decide between the matte/shimmer. Which do you think is better; does the matte palette have enough shimmer in it to appease me? And are the matte shadows blendable or powdery?
    Whatever happened to that pot about how you take your photos; still waiting on that one. You do a great job!


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