Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Swatch - MAC Mattene - Midnight Media

Midnight Media is perfect for that new black lip trend that hit us this fall. It's more opaque than the lipstick that was released alongside it in the MAC Style Black collection, but it still doesn't come close to being as opaque as I would have liked. In fact, this color comes on with a bit of a wine hue.

If you're gunna go for a black lip, I say go all the way, and I feel like the Style Black lippies just brought us half way...a conservative half way. I guess their main focus with these black and dark colored lippies was to darken other colors rather than be a statement on it's own. Which is fine...we always have other options such as the Barry M lip paint in Black, which is said to be an amazing opaque creamy black that leaves your lips looking like you've been chewing on a pen.

As for the Mattene lipstick in Midnight Media, I like it, it's fun and great for darkening other lipsticks and glosses, and has that nice MAC vanilla scent to it. What sucks about it is that it is a limited edition, but it's alright, certainly is no where near being a must have.



  1. you have to be very bold & daring to pull off a black lip lol

  2. Errr, totally agree on everything you said, needs to be all the way if you're gonna do the black lip.

    Can't wait to see you blend it with another color :)


  3. Girl, I can't focus on the color for looking at your white teeth! I'm jealous :-). I need to lay off the coffee so I can get those sparkly, pearly whites!

  4. Good God... this is soooo sexy!! Go Girl.


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