Saturday, November 28, 2009

Puttin' a little pink into Black Friday

Jerrid kept naggin' me about going to the mall to experience the whole Black Friday fiasco, but I was doubting it since I hate walking through crowded places since I need to fly through the isles, I just can't stand that inch floating that people do through the mall. I did have a huge change of mind after I heard that the malls open at Midnight. That's like a dream come true of mine and probably any other insomniac! I always had fantasies about mall shopping after hours...wht girl doesnt. It was enough to convince me to go. Something new and something worth my time, so we headed on over to the mall at 11:30 pm.

I was going to do a look of the day, so instead it basically turned into my look of the night for Black Friday. I wore a purple shirt, so to match with it, I wore purple eyeshadow and went for a deep smokey look.

Used my Coastal Scents palette purple shade and MAC Black tied e/s.

I'm so loving my camera lately. I love taking pics on digital macro. You know, that little flower button - it's amazing!

We show up to the mall to see this coming into the parking lot. I already knew I was in for it.

Line into the parking lot.
We barely found a spot somewhere in the lot without any lights!

We already marked Best Buy off our lists after we saw the line while driving by. It was crazy and definitly isn't my style to wait in a line that long outside in the cold - or what we consider cold here in Florida. It was in the 60's, that's cold as heck for us. Everyone was going nuts over some Nikon camera, that was cheaper at Wal-Mart anyway.

We marked off Coach as well after we saw this...

No thanks.

This picture was about 15 after midnight. I had no idea that many people would show up and literally right on time. Little did I know that this crowd was nothing compared to what we were in for a in an hour or so.

Not fun to walk through.

People still buy Tommy?

I met up with a friend and met a new one she brought along!

We had to pose for a pic! You know me and my photos!

We finally left the mall at around 4am. We wanted to hit up the sale at Wal-Mart which was starting at 5am.

I didn't leave the mall empty handed! I stopped by a show store by the exit and picked up two pairs of shoes for their sale, which was Buy one pair, get the second 20% off - basically no sale! I just wanted these shoes anyway, they were cute and didn't hurt my pockets.

Wild Diva - Rayna - in Cognac
These shoes were $30. The Steve Madden version of these is $140.

Michael Antonio - Stormy - in Black

Trina's Trends

Tahari tan sweater cardigan
Long stretchy white tee from TJ Maxx
Jeggings from Forever 21
Shoes - Wild Diva

Sleeveless long cardigan from Forever 21
Long stretchy white tee from TJ Maxx
Jeggings from Forever 21
Shoes - Michael Antonio

How was your Black Friday?




  1. Like you i hate crowds, but my mom ended up dragging me, luckily i went later in the day! Love the shoes you got! They look great with the outfits you picked out for the pics!

  2. I love that look..what blush are you wearing??
    I didnt do the whole black friday thing..I was too lazy to go :(

  3. wOOOOOOOOw that's crowded!! a lot of after midnight shoppers!!

    for my black friday i went to kohls and it was just normal.

    Nice shoes, i like the michael antonios!!!

  4. loveee the make up you did, your skin is flawless!

  5. love the look...haha i wish it had a black friday sale down here lol

    i have those Micheal Antonio shoes in the triple colour (grey,black and i think it's a lighter grey) i have yet to wear them

    p.s..the baby looks so cute on ur phone

  6. whoa tht is crowded
    u look so great especially sinceit was midnight XD

  7. I love your outfits girl!! So simple yet so pretty!! :)

  8. I love those boots. I was really wanting to buy the Steve Madden jessii's but yeah $140 is a lot to spend and theyre on sale for $105 or something and thats still a lot when I can get the same thing for $30? I'm looking for the Wild Diva ones now! They are too cute. You look great, but then again, do you ever look bad? not that ive seen, you're allways just such a beauty. Love your blog

  9. wow this was a great post. I always hear about the crowds but you actually break it down. Your wallpaper is too cute!!!!♥♥♥

  10. I tweeted you about this but I *thought* I had the same ankle booties in black but I actually have the steve madden ones. I got them for $50 though this was like a month ago. Go super sale shopping!

    Love the second outfit and your hair always looks sooo luxe. <3

  11. Girl - I l.o.v.e your purple smoky eye (and the blue one you recently did, too)!!

  12. love the looks!! and the shoes are sexy! I really love how purple looks on you.
    Wow I went to the mall too and it was horrible!!! i have crowded places too. I can't shop like that.
    great post!

  13. I'm loving that last outfit look. Super hot!

  14. You're too cute mama, I too wrestled the crowds, outlet mall today and yesterday and my favorite mall of all Tysons Corner yesterday :)

    I agree, I can't stand the people who move one inch at a time!!!

    Love your outfits/LOTD and your bebe is so adorable!!!!

  15. BTW - Coach truly had some AMAZING DEALS!

  16. Hey. First of all, I LOVE UR OUTfit and ur make up. Gorgeous and Flawless. U really do remind me of Kim Kardashian (ehe im sure u get that a lot).

    Do u teach how to make up? Would love to c u on utube =)

    mucho love,

    Hane (all the way from Brunei)

  17. omgooness thats a lot of people. Its crazy!!

    I love what you did with your makeup tooo. Its soo pretty ^_^

    also, your baby boy is gwrowing up to be so handsome.

  18. Hahaha! I went to Old Navy after the club Thursday night, lol.... It opened at 3am and we got there at 3:15, ditched our heels and went in and the line to get in was full of club rats too!! ALL BAREFOOT!!!!!!!! My mother would be ashamed of me for 1. Going to the club after Thanksgiving and 2. walking around Old Navy with no shoes on. (I had socks on, my boots were killing me).
    I didn't know you had a BB!! We have to exchange PINS so we can BBM

  19. ur kim k. twin gorgeous get it girl!~!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I've never seen Sawgrass so crowded...I actually just stopped working there about 2 weeks ago. Thank goodness I didn't have to work Black Friday but glad you scored some amazing finds :)

  21. looking gorgeous as always! we dont have black friday sales here.... we have boxing day though, its the day after xmas... I dont know if I wanna go out. It gets crazy!

  22. I loveeeee those Michael Antonio heels!! They look amazing on you!!! I need a pair!!!!


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