Friday, November 6, 2009

Lipstick Swatches

As requested, here are the swatches of the lipsticks on my hand. I have swatches of these on my lips each in their own individual post throughout my blog. You can find them simply by clicking the Swatches: Lipstick link in the Categories section in my left hand sidebar.

Most of these lipsticks are limited edition, so they may not be available to you in MAC stores, but at times it's hard to shop for these items online since you only have other online swatches to reference to. I hope this can help you in your choices!

In the photo of the swatches the Lorac Baby Doll lipstick is to the left of Strawberry Milk, but in the photo of the lipstick, Baby Doll is to the right. I got it mixed up while taking the swatches.

1st row - from left to right
Pleasureseeker - a shimmery golden peach.
Fashion Mews - a pearlescent lilac shade with soft shimmer
Cute-ster - a sheer shimmery pinkey nude
Brave New Bronze - an opaque deep nude
Lollipop Loving - a gorgeous coral pink with golden & green shimmer
Melrose Mood - an opaque cotton candy pink
Fleshpot - a beautiful true beige nude
Hollywood Nights - a deep hot pink

2nd row - from left to right
Creme D'Nude - a creamy peachy nude
California Dreamin' - a sheer shiny baby pink
Color Crafted - a warm toned bubblegum pink
Creme Cup - a nude based pink
Lavender Whip - a creamy lavender
Bubbles - subtle grey shimmer. Great on top of other lipsticks for shimmer.
A Rose Romance - a rosey pink
Close to Real - a creamy shiny sheer peachy nude

3rd row - from left to right
YSL Peach Passion - an opaque deep peach
NYX Strawberry Milk - a pale milky bubble gum pink with shimmer
Lorac Baby Doll - a pale peachy pink
Way to Love - a beige based pink
Saint Germain - an opaque cotton candy pink - similar to Melrose Mood
Angel - baby pink
Hue - a sheer pinkey nude
Myth - an opaque muted peachy nude

Enjoy and I hope this helps you decide whether the color you want is exactly what you are looking for!



  1. omg so cute and thx for all the swatches. has anyone ever told you you r just like kim and kourtney kardashian?

  2. Love your collection, so jealous. And what a great storage way for your lipsticks. Your swatches def helped me choose between Hue and Creme d'nude. Thanks!

  3. Katrina Thank you so much those swatches are SO helpful !!!! + 3 to my wishlist now =)

  4. the first thing that caught my eye was your're gorgeous girl! And the picture of the it, cause I LOVE colors!

  5. WOW, the swatches totally help!!! LOVE IT!! Thank you so much, doll!!!

  6. thnx for swatches... Melrose mood = love...But I don;t have it :(

  7. you've been awarded!

  8. thanks for the swatches! loving the collection

  9. I love ur lippie collection!!

  10. Come visit me :( Bring your lippies!

  11. I love your taste of lippies. I love every single lipstick that you own ^.^

  12. So envious right now, I don't own a lot of lipsticks, but if I did I would have yours.


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