Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lipstick Army - it's an addiction

A lot of you wanted to see my makeup collection.

I wanted to start out with my little lipstick army!

These are just my MAC lipsticks along with some everyday lippies from other brands that I keep on my dresses in the lipstick holder. I have many more tucked away in my makeup drawer. The lipsticks that are from another brand other than MAC, they will be listed with the brand name.

If you have any swatch requests let me know! I will be doing a swatch of them all together and you could find some of the individual swatch posts in the swatch category!

Sound the alarms!!

Here they come a marchin' in!

First row, from left to right:

Pleasureseeker / Fashion Mews / Cute-ster / Brave New Bronze / Lollipop Loving / Melrose Mood / Fleshpot / Hollywood Nights

Second Row , from left to right:

Creme d'Nude / California Dreamin' / Color Crafted / Creme Cup / Lavender Whip / Bubbles / A Rose Romance / Close To Real

Third row , from left to right:

YSL Peach Passion / NYX Strawberry Milk / Lorac Baby Doll / Way to Love / Saint Germain / Angel / Hue / Myth

Some of you may find my Creme D'Nude quite familiar since it was the same lipstick from my "Fix Your Broken Lipsticks" Post! Poor thing has been through a lot, but it's holdin' up!


I was looking through the things I had up for my blog sale, and noticed these solar bits. I never looked at them before, they were just lying around in my little stash. I opened one box up to look at it and I fell in love with the color! I decided to keep a Solar Bits jar in Bronzescape for myself! The bronze color is perfect and when you put it on, the swatch looks like metal! I love those kinds of pigments. I can't wait to wear it! You know I love my earth tones!



  1. Hey, I really love your blog and I have so much fun reading it. I loved all those goodies you got from Lush! I do have one little piece of criticism, although I'm sure you hear it a lot... I've gotta say, the way your look, style, and well, everything down to your Halloween costume pretty much imitates Kim Kardashian, it's just not flattering for you girl! Come on, I mean, you would know better than anyone that a knock off is never as hot as the authentic original :-| You're obviously really creative and stylish, and I think you can do so much better than being known as a Kim K poser. Change it up girl! I'd love to see you come up with your OWN signature style :-) Anyhow, keep up the great work! The new blog is rockin'!

  2. I know what you mean, I am sick and tired of hearing it. I really wanted to be Jasmine for a while and people have ruined it for me by comparing me to her because she was the same thing. She hasn't trademarked the damn costume, that's a Disney costume, a character that was made for the PUBLIC eye. The Princess Jasmine costume wasn't made for HER. It was made for ANYONE. Why is it such a big deal? Its not the same costume and I could care less! I had fun and I loved it. I spent time on doing my damn hair like Jasmine, and trying to do my makeup to show how I did it so maybe someone else who wanted to be Jasmine could get an idea on how to do the makeup, but some people can't see past all that. I really don't care what other people think, I am me, I can't change who I am. It's such a shame that some people's worlds are so small and shallow and revolve around celebrities!

  3. o wow these are really nice lipsticks. I really love the container. May be i should get one for my lipsticks too cuz right now they are just all over the place in my drawers.

  4. Wow your lippie collection is awesome! Can I come over to play with them!?! haha

    As for your dumbass Anonymous comment you got, Katrina, I'm sorry that some people can't get over the fact that celebrities are just people too. It's not like Kim is some kind of Queen! She's just a girl, just like the rest of us girls. I want to be Jasmine next year, does that mean I am copying you and Kim? Sheesh, get over yourselves!

    Katrina, you looked amazing and THANK YOU for telling us how to do the makeup like Jasmine, you look JUST like her its kind of scary! haha Can you also do a tutorial or give us some tips on how you got your hair like that? I seriously can't believe the resemblance! Its so crazy! haha

  5. Oh and by the way...both you and Kim were trying to be JASMINE! You were being JASMINEEEEEE not Kim! WTF? Sorry to say, but both of you were trying to be someone else! hahaha Has this person forgotten this point of the costume? I guess you guys want to be like Jasmine! haha cartoons who have tigers for pets and a short ass stubby dad! hahahaha I'm pulling your leg honey, you know I love you! Kisses! From your loyal reader!

  6. hahaha maybe you shouldn't breathe air anymore because fucking Kim Kardashian breathes air! That Anonymous comment(er) is STUPID, and by stupid I mean brain dead.

    He or she, actually the NOBODY who they are basically try to put you down, and then make up for it with a compliment? This is good stuff, very entertaining, yet sad and pathetic all at the same time! It's amazing to me how much time people have on their hands to spend putting those they wish to be like down...if those people would dedicate that much time to do sometime more productive, our world would be such a beautiful place to live!

    Sorry to rant over here, just found your blog from your Facebook prof. and came across this comment since it's the first one on the first post.

    Great blog by the way! Looks like you took a lot of time on it.

    And by the way, the way you responded to that nobody comment was very kind and professional. I commend you on that, I would have ripped them a new asshole!

  7. Your lipstick collection is to die for... i'm lusting it as we speak. I'm picking up Hue the next time I'm in MAC! You have such great taste.

    And by the way, you ARE your own person. Hense this blog and hense your own ideas and opinions. You aren't trying to be "KIM K" or anyone else but yourself. The person obviously doesn't read your blog to leave a comment like that. ♥ loveee

  8. wow! luvin ur lipstick army! :D

    and bronzescape looks greeeaaat!

  9. Wow!!! Awesome post. Love the lippie collection.

  10. Ahhh well, let's not waste time for ppl who aren't even brave enough to speak except anonymously!

    I love ur lippie collection and ur damn right, its a frickin addiction! GEEZ....I'm trying to force myself to stop buying lippies for at least two weeks.

  11. Love your collection! The colors are all gorgeous! And what happened to your Cream D'Nude? It looks like it's melting, poor thing! LOL

    And ignore that dumb anonymous person. I'm pretty sure that celebs are an inspiration to people! They're role models, who cares if someone dresses like them? Miley Cyrus looks up to Ashlee Simpson for styles too!

  12. Wow so many hateful comments! It would help K.Lo's case as far as the Kim K thing if when you search her name in google, as I had to recently, there weren't a bunch of results leading to her comments on Kim K's fansite lol... sorry but it's true, try it.

  13. hahaa Lisa, I know my poor Creme d'Nude has been through a lot! I had to mend it back together! I did a post on it here -->

  14. You are so pretty and give great tips, IGNORE the haters :) I just discovered your site today and love it!

    Best Wishes
    -Your new fan! xo

  15. Wow, how I heart your lippie collection!!! Thanks for sharing :)

    (forget the first comment chica, you ARE original)

  16. Ohhh Dearest ABC!!! You know I love you!!! If you looked like Khole or Kourt I'd still love you the same!
    You don't play when it comes to your lippie stash!! I only own like two or 3 and Jaimie FORCED me to buy Naked Paris when I was here in July! I think I have a hard time with lippies b/c I'm on the darker side of the spectrum and I have trouble finding good colors for myself so I stick to glossies!
    P.S. Give JJ double Auntie Kendall kisses for me!

  17. Wait, did you say "little" lipstick army? haha I WISH I had that many MAC lippies, and I saw the other lipsticks and glosses you had in your stash! hahaha you're freaking loaded with lip potions! I wanna come over to play! Great collection by the way!

  18. Katrina is Katrina.
    Can she help she resembles kim kardashian? No.
    Should everyone who resembles kim change their look? Did she patent dark skin dark hair and a jasmine costume? no.
    Leave Her Alone.
    I read all these hate messages when she was one of the winners of the kardashian costume thing.
    get a life. stop hating. Check your negativity at the door. Good people don't have time for negative energy. Keep doing what you do Katrina! Your a beautiful girl!

  19. *slaps the anonymous douche* anyone anonymous isn't even worth hearing. you dont have enough pride in your words to even claim them? pshhh.

    anyway, love you! you were a rockin jasmine and i love lippies!

  20. NO you are not trying to be Kim Kardashian.. her boobies are fake LOL..
    oh @0@! such a nice lipstick collection -envy mode-

  21. Hey Katrina, don't study them chick, you just be you.

    I love this 'army'. I want one too.

    I've nominated you for a blog award. Check it out on my blog@

  22. hey :)

    can you please please PLEASE post swatches of the second and third row, i would really appriciate it :D

    thanks soooooo much :)

  23. Sure thing, you can expect that post tonite :)

  24. You have such beautiful colors of those lipsticks! I also love MAC! It's great. =) And you are so gorgeous! :]

  25. Hello,

    Can you tell me what size costume you bought in the Princess Jasmine!




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