Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Mini-Haul and New Moon Inspiration

If this isn't helping the economy, I don't know what is. This my last haul post for a while, I promise. A while meaning...about a week or whenever my piggy bank gets it's jingle back. It's gotten to the point where buying something from MAC isn't even like shopping, its just...necessary. It's getting close to the point where nothing will be left.

Jerrid had an appointment to see the doctor who had performed his surgery, so we all gathered up into the car and headed over to Naples, where Jerrid and I used to live, to see his doctor and do some shopping. Jerrid's doctor was so impressed with his progression! He's almost at 100%! Just a little more time to go! You can't rush these kinds of things.

We stopped by the mall, because my mom's shopping addiction is just about as bad as mine. The thing about me is I do my damage little by little. I'll buy one thing here, one thing if it's any better to spread out the days. I should just go to town in one day, but I'm saving the guilt trip for later.

Meet the noobs to my makeup collection.

MAC Pigment in "Melon" and Creamsheen Lipglass in "Boy Bait".

What a pretty color! I love golds and warm neutrals, and this is a peachy gold.

Love nudes. Love gloss. Both together = perfection.
These lipglasses are quite sheer, but it'll do for those supple shiny lips over any lipstick.

Tomorrow is my big day to finally go see New Moon. I'm thinking of doing a red lip and grey smokey eye for my look. I want to be festive for the occasion.

I may go for a look similar to this one.

Now I have to figure out what to do with my hair...

Yes, it's THAT serious!

Enjoy your Saturday!



  1. that would be a pretty look to try ^^

    tehe im trying to not go for the same hair style for 30days and I'm doing a diary about it on my fashion blog (

    hopes ive helped

  2. I love how you're themeing up to see New Moon. It makes life so much more fun, doesn't it?!

  3. I totally agree with is THAT serious! The red lips are great!

  4. lol cant wait to see your New Moon look! =]

  5. What a gorgeous colour eye shadow, it's perfection! Can you please include more swatches and posts with you wearing the makeup?
    p.s. I was so bummed last night when we went to the theater and all the late showings of Twilight were sold out! Crushed my heart, but I saw 'The Blindside' instead, which was awesome! So I'll probably catch it tonight since we reserved tickets.

  6. Love the look! Beautiful! Can't wait to see the movie as well..

  7. you will adore melon pigment!! I love it =) you should wear reds more often!

  8. Ooooo, I love the look! The melon looks so incredibly fabulous!!!!! The Cremesheen Glass looks even BETTER, love love love!

  9. Love the look
    you look so cute and pretty
    Great blog

  10. you look fantastic,hun!

    love the haul

  11. I'm dying to get Boy Bait Cremesheen!! Love ur New Moon look! :)


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