Saturday, November 7, 2009

Costuming up for some laughs

Halloween is over! It flew by like the wind. Another reminder that everyday is a blessing and can wizz right by you in the blink of an eye. It's time to get our tummies and our hearts ready for all the festivities of Thanksgiving!

Before we do so, I asked some of my Twitter and Facebook friends to submit some funny pictures of their costumes from Halloween, and I got some great photos I would love to share with you all!

Taylor Swift and the infamous Kanye West interruption.
My friend Chrissy Ormond and a friend.

Quail Man and Patty Mayonaise from the Nickelodeon cartoon Doug!
These are the friends of the beautiful Katie over at - pay her a visit!

Michael Vick with his beloved pup.
Greg Davis Jr. submitted this picture of his brother.

From the movie "The Hangover"

How great are these costumes!

I love seeing people put time and creativity into their costumes!


On the subject of costumes, I wanted to share the inspiration behind my Princess Jasmine costume!

Photo credit - RyPhoto photography

The photographer who came up with the idea for this photo is Ryan Astamendi, founder of RyPhoto. He also has a blog powdered by blogger! His link is He has many more Disney inspired photos! You should see his Pocahontas! It's as if the cartoon jumped out of the television screen!

The costume designer for this photo is incredible and the model is gorgeous!

I tried my best to get a costume as close to this likeness as I could, but you are always limited buying a costume from a shop or online. Next time I'm looking for a costume that I want a particular way, I may have it specially made for me! In my eyes, it's worth it, and with the prices of costumes now-a-days, it probably won't be much more expensive.



  1. H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S ... i loved all the pix ur readers sent u of their costumes! so awesome =D

  2. LOL! That's so funny! Where can we see more of this?

  3. You need to make a YouTube channel for yourself and do makeup tutorials! Also, skin care regimen, diet/exercise tips, hair, shopping tips, etc would be cool.

  4. too funny, Kanye and Vick got me lol

  5. DOUG!! I remmeber that show! wow look at jasmin's hair lol! I;d love to trade =p

  6. Kanye and Tayor=HILARIOUS!!

    And you looked absolutely amazing, of course been meaning to tell you my love!!!!

  7. I agree with the youtube comment. You should do tutorials!

    Loved the hangover costume! So funny... and cute!

  8. It's too funny!... absolutely amazing!!

  9. That is hilarious I love the first pic of the kanye and taylor swift interruption. Your friends are funny.

  10. Did you know that Kim K was also princess jasmine? I think she had 2 different costumes but I liked her other one better than the princess j. I think you pulled that one off much better and without a team of makeup artists and assistants!

  11. where did you buy the jasmine costume ?


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