Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Swatch - MAC Heatherette Lipstick - Melrose Mood

My birthday is coming up on Thrusday (the 22nd), and I think I've been struck with the lucky stick! I've been getting really lucky with finding the LE lippies I've been lemming for! I finally got my paws on "Melrose Mood" to complete my MAC Heatherette collection.

I love bright pinks! No matter how bright the pink is, the color can always be toned down and manipulated with different shades of lipgloss. This is the reason I obsess over pinks and nudes.

I even picked up an extra for my blog sale and it sold within a matter of seconds! I wasn't shocked at all. I probably got about 15 e-mails asking if I would be able to get a hold of another one...and most likely, I cannot since it was so hard for me to get my hands on 2 for this certain price in the first place.

I can tell you this though; it's nice to have the adorable pink Heatherette packaging, but in all honesty, the difference between Melrose Mood and Saint Germain is absolutely unrecognizable. Both of them are Amplified Cream finishes so they come on with incredible color payoff and a nice creamy finish.

Saint Germain may infact be a bit more wearable of a version. Swatch wise you may spot the tiny difference between the two being that Saint Germain is a touch darker, but truly this makes no difference once on the lips. Luckily for all of us, Saint Germain is now a permanent in the MAC line of lipsticks, so you can go pick it up anytime!

No difference in the two swatches.

Both are cool toned bubble gum pink shades.



  1. Thanks for this post!
    I love Melrose Mood and I get scared to use a lot of it as I can't find a dupe.
    Now I cannot believe the likeness of Saint Germian. I'm going to have to get this! x

  2. Wow St. Germain & Melrose Mood are absolutley the same....well almost. This color suits you so well Katrina! Very nice when paired with sultry smokey eye!

  3. awesome swatch ms. katrina. Its sooo pretty too.

  4. I love bubble gum pink, it's so fresh and girly. Thanks for the swatches xoxo

  5. this is soo pretty :) it reminds me of NYX narcissus, which i had and gave away and now want again because of this post :)

  6. they look so alike...both look HOT!!

  7. I went to the CCO w/ Jaimie the other day and we both picked up a really pretty pinky gloss and we both said "this is soo Katrina"!!! I shoulda got it for you, but you probably have it already, I can't remember the name.

  8. Cool beans, good for yo that you were able to get your product wishes! Also, I wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday, do enjoy!*_*!

  9. I have melrose mood and I love it. I was SO glad I got my hands on it as well. They had it at my local CCO. :)

    It's nice to know that Saint Germain is Melrose Mood's twin sister. I'll pick it up if I ever run out of mine!


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