Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Hoe-Down

Jerrid and I took baby to a Halloween Hoe-Down! There was one in the neighborhood and all the cool kids were going.

Well my kid's the coolest, so he had to show face.

I look weird...

There was a pumpkin carving contest. I wish I would have known! I have some mean pumpkin carving skills! haha I love anything involving food!

Super Fan

My pumpkin ate my pumpkin

Ghoulish Ghost

Dracula Kitty Cool Cat


Alrighty, it's past my bed time and we have A LOT of Trick of Treating to do!
YES I can Trick or Treat again!



  1. waah!! how cute! your a mom already? wow! and your so pretty! i love your blog! can you help me make my blog better? cause i really need help. i have no idea on how to make it better. please help me. here's the link.. God bless you and your family.

  2. Oy! He is the cutest baby ever!! I want to just eat up his chubby cheeks! So freaking cute!

    Sorry about that nurse! Glad you let her have it... I know I would've done the same as you. ;)

    Have a happy and safe Halloween hun!

  3. I think i would have done the same thing if some lady was pricking my baby! who the hell does it in the hands or arm? I have never seen that!! thankfully he has a mommy like you to stand up for him.

    You son has such a little angelic face so so cute! and I love his costume!!

  4. I'm so glad to hear the baby is well...I remember those days when my little girl would get sick randomly so I know exactly how you feel! His cheeks are so juicy!!! LOL! Have a safe and fun Halloween!

  5. Awww, he's such a cutie I swear!!
    I worked in a hospital before and I can say first hand that those nurses are HORRIBLE and GROSS!!

    I would had freaked as well if he had a fever. My nephew caught one so bad and he had a seizure it was the scariest thing I've seen!!

    He looks so cute in his Tigger costume!

  6. You are my kind of momma! I would have been yellin' too at the idiot nurse!! I am so glad that your lil' man is doing better. Have a happy and safe Halloween!!

  7. omG cutest baby ever! those pics of him are adorable!

  8. TOo cute!! THe pics are super cute. Awesome costume.

  9. aww your baby is so adoorable and so cuuute! i love his little smile and chubby cheeks!!

  10. The pictures are so cute!!!! Your little boy is getting so big and is just as cute as he wants to be:) Love your blog


  11. awww your son is sooo super cute as tigger!!! aww poor baby ... teething is a hard time for babies. tylenol and a teething ring can help. also those numbing gum ointments. being a nurse in the NICU, I know how bad IV's, butterflies, and all that looks on a little baby! I feel the nurse did handle your situation wrong and dang she could have at least let you hold him and comfort him while she obtained a blood sample! crazy, well I'm glad he is going well! ahh u r so lucky ... i wish i was a mom already :P -ting

  12. That "mama's boy" pic is about the CUTEST thing EVER. So enduring! Your baby boy is a doll...

  13. Oh my, your little boy is so damn cute!!!! I usually go all awwww when I see a little baby girl, but I have to say your boy is a heartbreaker already ;-)


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