Monday, October 19, 2009

How To: Fix Your Broken Lipstick

For those of us who prefer not to put our lipsticks into jars and apply them with lip brushes, the breakage of our precious lipsticks is about as bad as it gets.

Perhaps you forgot your favorite lipstick in the car on a hot summer day to come back and find it melted, leaning over to one side, and on it's last leg.

Or maybe you rolled it up all the way to take a picture, just to watch it topple over in what seems like slow motion, to it's untimely demise.

Once you're done screaming profanities and tearing up your room in's time to find a solution!

You can save your broken lipstick.

There is no need to put it in a jar, if you don't want to, because you can easily mend your lippie back into it's case!

What you will need:
1) A lighter or matches
2) A paper towel to lay over your work place
3) Your broken lipstick & it's empty casing

Let's do this!

I am going to mend my broken MAC Creme D'Nude back to life!

Step 1: Take your poor empty lipstick casing, and rotate it all the way to the top, until the entire base has come to the top.

Step 2: Pick up a match or lighter. Bring it to a flame.

Step 3: Bring your empty lipstick casing to the flame. Be careful not to melt your lipstick too much. Once it becomes shiny, you have enough meltage.

Step 4: Quickly do the same to the bottom of the lipstick that fell off. Bring it to a nice sheen without melting too much of the lipstick off. You don't want to waste product.

Step 5: Quickly place the melted bottom of the lipstick to the melted part of the lipstick casing. Push the two together gently. (Use a paper towel to hold the piece of the lipstick that broke off. I hadn't done this and noticed that the heat from my fingers was melting the side of the lipstick)

Step 6: Once the two are together, go around the edges of the lipstick with the other end of the match or something like a match. Then go around the line with a flame to seal the edges of the lipstick together.

Step 7: Stick that baby in the fridge. Wait for an hour and it's as good as new! (Well, not really, but it's good enough!)

It might not be pretty...
but it's useable!

Footnotes - I went around the edges with a flame one too many times. You can see how the sides started to melt. You can also see the side that melted due to the heat from my finger when I was holding it. Use a paper towel for steps 5 & 6.

It's very easy and takes about a total of 5 minutes.

I hope this was helpful!



  1. Definately not pretty. But very practical. Awesome tip!

  2. haha thanks! That lippie's been through a lot!!! lol

  3. Thank you! I needed this! My favorite LE lippie just broke and I literally cried! I will try to fix it now, I've just been using it in the tube broken, just not winding it up much. Hopefully I don't ruin it with my clumsiness.

  4. Your so smart!!! I'm not a lippie fiend.... yet!!! Sorry that I've been MIA! I'm still setting in and getting used to my new state.
    Are you coming up for Nuit De La Mort? I don't have my own apt. yet but your more than welcome to crash here at my cousins house. She's my age and like never here.

  5. OMG I want to come SOOOOOOOOOOO bad, but it's my birthday weekend and my family & friends made plans 4 me. I can't make it now :(

  6. This is hella helpful hun! Thank you soooo much! Now I know what to do with my broken lippies!

  7. wow this is really nice. I have a few broke lipsticks that needed to be fixed. THanks

  8. Looks good enough to me! :P nobody will see how the sides look if you don't wind it up all the way ;)
    awesome tutorial! thanks for the tips! :)

  9. haha u r too cute !lol
    tho i'd just put my broken lippie in 5 gram jar and let my finger n lip brush do the rest

  10. Great tip! Thanks for sharing! Who cares if it's pretty or not, as long as it works (=

  11. this is one of the best how-to's i have read in a long time! i recently broke a lipstick (i was at a club, had too many drinks, went to reapply - pushed to hard and snap!)

    It just sorta sits with my other lipsticks, broken and neglected, but now... I will fix it!

    Thank you! Thank you!

    Liz @

  12. good idea! I got lazy and just stuck it back in.. it seemed to have stayed though lol I must have been lucky

  13. Just did this! Saved my favorite lippie! THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUU 1,000 x!

  14. amazing sure I can't do it as I fear of fire.

  15. Oooh thanks for sharing. I left my MAC Ravishing lipstick in the car and it's leaning, I'm hoping it doesn't break but if it does I can do this.

  16. Great tip K, thanks!

  17. Oh Katrina, I have been searching your site for an hour trying to find what lipstick you're wearing in one of the pictures on the top of your page. It's the picture where you're in the grey, red, and orange striped shirt and that lipstick you have on just looks gorgeous! Thanks! -Chelsey

    1. Hey Chelsea! Oh I'm so sorry, I must not have listed it in the post. It was a long time ago, so I'm not sure of what color I was wearing, but it was probably Mac Hue lipstick with Flourabundance lipgloss over it. That is my all time favorite combination. I will go and look at the photos up close and see if I could jog my memory a bit more :)

  18. i broke my one day old limited edition riri woo :( now it has been in the fridge for about an hour.. too afraid to take it out :( also, im afraid that it might break again while using it, did yours ever break off? im afraid i might not have melted enough? i hestant of melting away the signature :(


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