Friday, September 4, 2009

Yves Saint Laurent - Rouge Pur Shine Lipstick #32

According to the website:

"This shiny lipstick with exceptional gliding properties illuminates the lips with sparkling, transparent colours. The exclusive long golden cap opens in a "click" to reveal a delightful, hydrating texture that reshapes the lips while ensuring comfort and protection.

Now available in 2 of summer's hottest shades: #32 Frozen Mango and #33 Wild Blackberry.

Allure Best of Beauty Editors’ Choice Award Winner, Best Nude Lipstick for Fair Skin, Rouge Pure Shine Sheer Lipstick SPF 15 in Natural Pink #24"

When I heard about the summer launches for the Yves Saint Laurent Pur Shine Summer collection which consisted of #32, and #33, I had to have #32 Frozen Mango, and there wasn't much that was going to stop me. The price tag on YSL makeup is a bit steep, but I was sure this would be a great investment since it was the perfect color that I was looking for.

To my disappointment, I was just not as pleased with the lipstick as I would have thought. The Pur Shine collection lipsticks are sheer, which is fine, but the moisturizing part was not very true for me. I felt as thought my lips felt very dry and slippery with this. It's strange because everyone claims that these lippies are so moisturizing, but I really don't like that waxy feeling some sheer lipsticks give off, and this lipstick gives off the ultimate waxy feeling. It does smell good though...

As for color, it is sheer, and as it looks like a perfect orangey-pink nude color, once on the lips, it's just as much of a nude as any other shade. Nothing special.

Overall, I don't feel as thought my $30 was spent to my complete satisfaction. It does come with beautiful typical YSL style packaging, very posh.

It's difficult to get these confused with the beloved Rouge Vulpte lipsticks from YSL, since those lipsticks are superb beyond comparison to most other lipsticks and totally worth the $30 price tag, but the Pur Shine line of lipsticks is kind of a downfall for their high price. It's more of a balm and should be priced like a balm.

Overall Rating - 3.5 out of 5



  1. I've been curious about YSL lipsticks, and if I'm honest with myself, only because of the GORGEOUS packaging. Now I know that the Rouge Volupte line is much more suited to my tastes. As always, thanks for the great review!

  2. OMG! Loving that color.

  3. I love how you referred to it as an "investment"!!!!! I call my "stash" as an investment too!!!
    Sorry you don't "love" it! Maybe you can mix it with another lippie or some gloss.

  4. hey what a coincidence, this shade was on my "want" list! just loving peachy shades, though too bad b/'c its really amazing on tanned summer skin and summers almost over. its really shame these arent as good at the RVs.
    thank you for reviewing!

  5. 30 bucks?? Wow I can buy how many yogurtland with that money.

    On a serious note, this is an awesome post. That sucks that its not as good as you wanted it to be. The name Frozen mango sounds very delicious though.

  6. That is such a gorgeous color! Too bad it's sheer and not up to par for the $30 price tag. I just bought a similar color lipgloss from YSL for about the same price and was not satisfied, either so I went to return it.

  7. It's sad when you pay that much money PLUS you re not satisfied! But hey, it's lipstick, it will go down soon! ;)

  8. oh no, i'm sorry its so sheer for you, just return it lol

  9. I KNOW! I want to return it...but it looks so pretty on the outside that I dont want to...isnt that just silly!?!?! haha Thats how they get you! lol


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