Saturday, September 19, 2009

Swatch - NYX Lipstick - Orange Soda

After weeks of crying around about this lippie, I finally bought it. I'm the instand gratification type of waiting for packages to come in the mail is such a hassle for me and shipping charges are just the worst, but after driving to numerous Ulta stores with no success, I finally ordered it online and did so during the free shipping sale on I think there was a 20% off sale going on as well...I'm not sure, but the total price for this lipstick was $1.75!

I love the creaminess of NYX lipsticks. They are very velvety and cream like without that waxy feeling, which I hate! They also don't dry out your lips like most lipsticks do, so there is really no need for lipgloss over these bad boys.

Orange Soda sounds like such a scary name for a lip color but in reality its the perfect peachy nude! You know the type of nude that is sort of orangey...but not really orangey at all? (I know women who read this will know exactly what I mean). This is the perfect lipstick for that certain shade of mango nude and has been a very hot color this past summer! A lot of sites have previously been out of stock of Orange Soda last time I got the urge to pick it up online.

Overall...I love it! Great creamy texture, wonderful color payoff, and the color reacts beautifully to glosses if you choose to mix it up with a little bit of pink or looks amazing!



  1. I just recently got this in the mail from Cherry Culture as well and I'm in love with it. It looks great with your skin tone!

  2. That's a really pretty nude! For some reason Orange Soda reminds me of Kenan & Kel lol. :D

  3. very pretty lippie...I had been wanting this for a while I have yet to get it!!

  4. Btw have u heard of ms cuppycakes website she has the lippies for much cheaper @ $1.25 Ive been tempted to order from there,
    if u want to check it out here is the link

  5. I have this.. I think its really pretty. I only wear it when I'm really tan though, since it doesn't look too good on me otherwise.

  6. Oooo I love this lippie!!! Must get, I have been looking for a peach color that doesn't look to orangy (knew exactly what u meant)


  7. thank you for this swatch! I am just loving peachy colours right now!

  8. really does look very creamy <3
    looks great on you! <3 thanks for the swatch!

  9. That shade looks nice on you, I don't know if I could wear such a shade though. Cool and interesting pick!

  10. @Cheryl - I love this color! I bet it looks soooo good on you!

    @VampiressDoll - hahahahahahahaha I was thinking the same thing! I miss that show!!

    @Sofee - thanks for the link to ms Cuppycakes! $1.25 for those is amazing! only bad thing is now Im going to go buy like 10000 lipsticks! hahaha

    @Petrichor - I totally agree. I bet without a tan that lipstick would make me look dead...but with a tan it looks really nice. I feel like that with anything tho...I hate when I am not tan...I just look and feel gross haha

    @Katie - Its totally worth it!

    @Sher - I am too...I am so into the peach shades!

    @Kay - NYX lippies are always so creamy...they are amazing! I wonder how they do it, and why they are so cheap!

    @Krystia - Thanks hun!

  11. I picked up NYX lipsticks the other day and they're really nice & creamy, which I love also. Orange soda is pretty, but I'm not sure if I could pull that one off.


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