Thursday, September 24, 2009

Swatch - MAC Lipstick - "Fleshpot" Heatherette

I finally got my hands on Fleshpot from the MAC Heatherette collection that was launched in the Spring of 2008. This was one of the hottest collections MAC has launched, and how could it not be with that super cute hot pink packaging! I add "Fleshpot" to my small Heatherette collection which also consists of "Hollywood Nights". I have a swatch in my previous blog posts.

This color is now a permanent in the Pro line. You can find them at any MACPro store or MACPro online.

I love this color. It's a perfect beige...just a touch pinker than "Myth". The difference between these two is only noticable when you apply the lipstick to your lips. Both "Myth" and "Fleshpot" look almost identical in the tube. "Myth" is a bit more true to its beige base, as "Fleshpot" is a beige with pink undertones.

As a base, I used Avon Beyond Color Lip Conditioner.

If you want a Heatherette special packaging "Fleshpot", I am selling one in my Blog Sale. It is pricey since it was pretty expensive for me to get it in the first place. I am also selling a MACPro one in my Blog Sale. Check it out!



  1. love this color! great blog! Please check out my fashion and lifestyle blog please follow mine as I will yours! xo

  2. This looks fab on you! I tried and could not make this color work on me!

    Heatherette's packaging so pretty!

  3. SweetShuGu - Its my new HG! I also love this color! I love nudes...but then again pinks will always be #1! haha!

    Andee Layne - I checked out your blog, great job on it hun!

    Sara - haha I know isnt the packaging just the cutest? I dont believe you tho, I bet the color looks great on you and those sexy lips you have!!

  4. The Heatherette collection had colours that I probably wouldn't use, but I would buy something JUST for the packaging.

  5. HAHAHA Arezu! I am also a sucker for packaging! It's crazy! MAC has us under their spell!

  6. ewww I HATE BLOGGER!

    For days I'm like, wth katrina update your blog to find out that it hasn't been showing up on my dashboard. hella post i have to catch up too lol.

    great swatch!

  7. has anyone ever told u that u have the perfect lips??
    just curious....


  8. Gorgeous lippie! Also wanted to tell you that your good wishes may have worked! Found out a couple of days ago that my hubby and I are expecting baby #1!

  9. rego park!! im near queens center mall!
    i know that place where the u.s open used to be held if thats what ur talkin about, thats forest hills isnt it?
    and yes, western beef IS friggin COLD in the hot dog section!!
    im actually by that supermarket "silver barns" if you remember, everybody loves that place for some reason ive no idea why, i think it holds some sort of history for them.. its not even a big place or anything. i dig the stop and shop (its open 24 hours.)

  10. OH MY GOSH MARIA! REGO PARK REPRESENT!!! haha I want to visit NY so badly! I loved the Queens Center mall! Last time I visited they had an H&M! I need to go back and do some damage in there!

    THe US OPEN used to be in Forest hills...wayy back in the day tho. Now it's at Flushing Meadows...which is close to Corona.

    I love Western Beef...never been to Silver Barns tho. I miss all the NY little grocery marts they had! Those were the best. I'm so happy we found a Western Beef here! We go about once a week now! hahaha We love out food!


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