Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rare & Discontiued MAC for sale!

If you haven't checked out my blog sale yet,
don't forget to!

It is open to US residents only.
Shipping worldwide is very expensive, unless you are willing to pay.

I updated my stock of rare and discontinued MAC products!

Here are the 4 rare and discontinued MAC lipsticks that are being sold as of now!

clockwise from top...
Hello Kitty - "Cute-ster" - (2 in stock)
Pro and previously Heatherette - "Fleshpot" (1 in stock)
Neo Sci-Fi - "Pleasurseeker" (1 in stock)
Heatherette "Hollywood Nights" - (1 in stock)

These are all BRAND NEW and in their boxes as shown.

Send all requests to LOMIDZK@GMAIL.COM



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