Sunday, September 6, 2009

OCC - Eyeshadow Pigments

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is one of my favorite makeup brands. They carry such incredible quality products such as their lip tars, eye shadow pigments, nail polishes and so much more. You can check out their selection of products on their website at

OCC eyeshadow pigments have incredible color payoff, I was very impressed with them. They also offer a great selection of pigments and loose shimmers. The loose shimmers actually stay on your skin and are more finely milled than other loose shimmers.

I got 3 pigments (Spectra / Titania / Oberon ) which all look very similar in the package...they are seemingly white powders. It is quite difficult to tell them apart until you see the flickers of color hues in the light. Each of these pigments give off a beautiful and different pearlized color! The colors are really so impressive!

Spectra - Spectra gives of a lavender blueish hue. These lighter shades of pigments are great to use all over the eye as well as a perfect highlighter to bring out that brow bone when worn with deeper versions of the color. It's very similar to MAC pigment in "Translucent Teal", but this pigment is much more finely milled, therefore the color payoff is greater and the color lasts much longer.

Titania - This pigment is also part of the seemingly "white" pigment family but the payoff is a beautiful light and shimmery pearlized gold. Also great all over the eye or used a highlight.

Oberon - Another pigment from the seemingly "white" category. It's difficult to tell much of a difference between the three of these very light pigments, but they truly give off a very pigmented different hue. Oberon gives off a pearlized yogurt pink. Also wonderful to use all over the eye or as a highlight. The pearlized color really makes the color pop.

- A gorgeous light blue color with shimmer. This is more of a loose shimmer, but milled finely enough to achieve a great deep color payoff.

Authentic - These 2 are my favorite everyday colors. Authentic is a gorgeous reddish copper. The pigment gives off that liquid effect. The powder is milled so finely it feels as though you are putting liquid copper onto your eyelid. The color payoff is spectacular and the color does not crease into your eye. These pigments are amazing!

Glazed - My favorite bronze eye color. Also gives off that liquid bronze effect. I used this color for my DSK model search entry.



  1. Those are impressive. I'm really diggin Titania.

  2. Nothing like waking up to a daily dosage of your blog :) I really like the color swatches of Authentic & Glazed. They look like a great alternative to MAC pigments!

  3. wow these look fabulous. I love all the colors and your swatches are amazing. Thanks for posting!

  4. Great swatches!! I still havent tried anything from OCC, I'm dying to get my hands on those lip tars tho!! I like the glazed color very pretty! :)

  5. Those look gorgeous. Titania looks like an amazing highlight color...I love the gold shimmer in it.

  6. Now I really wanna try OCC products. I've heard their lip tars were really good!

  7. you are right, they do look pretty similar in the jar.. :P but the swatches are really different! <3
    such pretty colors! <3

  8. Oh love Spectra, it looks so different. :)


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